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Car Shades are tailored fit vehicle sunblinds designed specifically to fit quickly and easily to your BMW 3 Series E92 05-12..Our shades give 100% window coverage of rear side windows, load area windows (where applicable) and tailgate windows adding both privacy and style to your car as well as protection from bright sunlight and UV rays.Car Shades can be installed within your BMW in a just a few minutes and can be removed just as easily giving you the flexibility that you just don't get with tinted windows. Each set of Car Shades is supplied with an installation instruction, fixing clips and a handy storage bag.As well as acting as a sunshade to make for a more pleasant and comfortable journey for children, pets and other rear seat passengers the tailored nature of the shades makes them a fantastic styling accessory, too. Not only that, but the tinted appearance of Car Shades also increases the security of your vehicle hiding any items you may have left on the rear seats be it any items you are transporting to your place of work such as a laptop or whether is your new purchase from the supermarket!The rear windows on your BMW can still be opened whilst the shades are installed allowing you to get extra ventilation into your vehicle whilst still keeping sunlight out of the eyes of rear seat passengers. With the windows up however, the cabin temperature remains lower than with an unshaded car, allowing the vehicle's cabin ventilation or air-con system to work at a lower rate, saving you fuel and lowering your emissions.Car Shades are proudly manufactured in the UK and are approved by a number of leading vehicle manufacturers.A must have car accessory for you and your family.

£61.20 Including VAT available online

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Product Tested By Natalie O’Neill – Isabella 5 Months

Natalie Awarded The Car Shades 5/5

Very comprehensive (covers all rear windows), smart and well made. The packaging is plain and would possibly benefit from more pictures demonstrating the shades in place within a vehicle. Fitting these was easy, straight into the car with no problems or snags. The shades provide the maximum coverage, edge to edge on the windows. Really good quality – the blinds did not have any snags or areas that didn’t look secure enough. Each blind was uniform to the others. I would happily pay £51.00 plus VAT (currently shown on the website) for the shades – I think they are really good value for money. I would certainly purchase these, would absolutely recommend they are fantastic. The shades provided brilliant shade from the sun for our little one, who has very sensitive eyes. The best thing about them is that they cover the windows edge to edge and there are no random rays of light shining through to catch her eyes. We used the blinds on a long journey and they kept the back of the car cool and calm which helped immensely with the journey. Thank you – we love them! Natalie O’Neill – Isabella 5 Months

Product Tested By Natalie Jones – Anwen 2 Years

Natalie Awarded The Car Shades 4.9/5

Great quality and you get a lot for the cost. I only expected one shade to fit the window on my child’s door. But the kit includes shades for the whole rear of the car. The carry bag is a brilliant idea and easy to store in the boot. Some of the blinds in the boot space where quite tight to fit. This is a brilliant product. I don’t have to faff about with suckers on the windows and worry about my little one pulling them off. Superbly made and as close a fit to the model of the car as you can get. Definitely fantastic value. The pack included eight shades! I only expected enough for the back seats so well worth the money. I would definitely purchase and highly recommend. The product is excellent. It provides a good coverage of shade but does not impede visibility. They are a near perfect fit for my car and the instructions were easy to follow. I don’t have to faff about anymore taking shades on and off the windows as they can stay in place all year round and I feel confident that they will stay in place. Natalie Jones – Anwen 2 Years

Product Tested By Kelly Campbell – Eva, Albie, Lexie & Laif – 14, 13, 4 & 1 Year

Kelly Awarded The Car Shades 3.8/5

Great idea & concept. Looked really big & couldn't quite work out how they would fit. Packaging is plain but practical. The back panels were easy to fit but I needed to call the helpline to help with the side windows. The instructions were not clear at all. Not only in explanation but the pictures provided were so dark I could not see anything. Once I was explained how to, the fitting was simple enough. Really good coverage. However the back one is split into two panels & my husband didn't like the fact it restricts his visibility out the rear window. Also as we use the boot to access the rear seats & one of the clips came off & has been lost, as no spares were included we have had to remove both panels. Good quality panels & fabric. Well-made but clips are fiddly. Unless you really don't want any sun coming in car then I would not spend this amount out on car shades. I have built in ones in the car but there are gaps. The fact the rear of the car was blacked out also didn't help my youngest daughters travel sickness! I would definitely recommend if their specifications matched it. A great product for total sun/glare coverage. Storage bag useful but quite big. Spare clips could be useful as now I've lost just one, whole back panel unusable. Kelly Campbell – Eva, Albie, Lexie & Laif – 14, 13, 4 & 1 Year


BizzieBaby 2015-16 SILVER Award Natalie Awarded The Car Shades 5/5

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