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Peppermint Foot Soak & Scrub

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Our foot scrub and soak is made with natural salts and oils, fragranced with a refreshing peppermint and oil blend.  It will cool feet, gently exfoliate and moisturise leaving your feet feeling refreshed.  

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Product Tested By Simone Griffin

Simone Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Scrub 4.7/5

When the product first arrived I thought that the packaging was lovely, the jar the scrub came in was the right shape and size and I thought that it looked expensive. Really easy instructions to follow, no problems at all. It was so easy to use, smelt good enough to eat and the results were brilliant. Nothing I disliked about this product art all. The product was very good quality and something that I would expect to find in a high-end department store. This is very good value for money. As a working mum with a toddler I spend a lot of time on my feet and using this peppermint foot scrub was absolute bliss at the end of a hard day – I will definitely be buying it again. Most of my friends are busy working mums and I will definitely recommend it to them. Gorgeous product smells amazing and you get brilliant results from it. I think this product is great – I have tried foot scrubs in the past but have given up using them as I didn’t feel that they showed any results. This foot scrub makes you feel like you’ve been for an expensive pedicure and definitely helped my feet after a hard day on them. I love this product. Simone Griffin

Product Tested By Sophie Jacklin

Sophie Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Scrub 5/5

It comes in a nice tub, which you can see the product, once open it smells wonderful. Very straight forward instructions, they are on a leaflet with in the package, it also has a you tube link with visual instructions on how to use which is really good. I loved the smell of this item as it is really pepperminty, it’s strong but it really is lovely it has oils in to and your feet feel really soft after the first use. I can’t find anything I dislike about it. The product is great quality; I think the use of fresh peppermint and the other oils makes it look expensive. I think its value for money as it’s really softened my feet and smells really lovely. I think using fresh products do help with this item make it more special. I would defiantly buy this item for myself. I would recommend this to my friends and family – I have already told my mum about this product. Its smells lovely the tub is see through so you can see the product, and the product works I have lovely soft feet and they smell lovely too. The balm is very good to help soften your skin too. Smells lovely, looks great in the tub, and instructions are plain and simple to use, I will be buying more as being on my feet a lot this my job it will help with tired painful feet, I would recommend to everyone, if you like oils and massaging your feet. They smell great for ages after. I also do put the balm on at bedtime which I also thinks helps. I have used many products and I think this comes out as one at the top personally for me. Sophie Jacklin

Product Tested By Katharine Wright

Katharine Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Scrub 4.8/5

This arrived in a lovely jar and when you took the lid off the smell was just gorgeous. Packaging and presentation really lovely. Looked a high quality item. The instructions are very easy to follow and well written. The smell was amazing and had fantastic results. I really loved this foot scrub and could not find anything I disliked about it. Really gave my feet a well-earned makeover, and they feel great. This is a superb product and definitely good value for money. I felt really luck to be able to review this and will definitely be purchasing more. I have already recommended to friends and family. This is fantastic, had made my feet feel wonderful and given them the care they needed. I have tried many foot scrubs in the past but this one is the best yet. Katharine Wright


BizzieBaby 2013-14 GOLD Flower Award Simone Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Scrub 4.7/5

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