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Peppermint Foot Balm

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Our super rich foot balm will soften, moisturise and rejuvenate rough, dry feet.Fragranced with a combination of essential oils including peppermint, rosemary & eucalyptus to refresh and rejuvenate tired feet.Beauty Tip – Massage balm into feet before bed and cover cotton socks overnight to soften and seal in moisture.Suitable for all skin types. 

Not suitable for children under 3

£10 for 100g Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Amanda Renirie

Amanda Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Balm 4.5/5

Packaging looks attractive, smells lovely. The instructions are clearly labelled and easy to follow. The smell of this product is amazing; it hits you as soon as you open it. Although the packaging looks attractive, it also makes it look inexpensive and more like something you would make at home. The product itself is great, it smells lovely and it feels smooth and silky. The ingredients used are good quality and it really does help your feet. You don't get a great deal of product, but you only need a little at a time so it will last you a while. I think it's definitely worth the money. I would buy it as my feet feel a lot softer since I have started using this product. I think this product will help a lot of women, especially if they have tired feet after wearing heels all day. It definitely soothes them. All in all I really liked this product, it does exactly what it said it would, which is to nourish, invigorate and rejuvenate dry, tired and overworked feet. It's easy to apply and when you take your socks of in the morning you feel your feet are definitely softer than they were the night before. They smell lovely and the product seems to neutralize any bad smells. I would continue using this product purely because my feet have never felt better! Amanda Renirie

Product Tested by Samantha Bresnahan

Samantha Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Balm 5/5

I really liked the tub it came in, looked nice and easy to open, scent is delicious! Instructions very easy to understand clear and do not create any questions. I loved how soft my feet were after use, they felt absolutely amazing! The dryness was gone after a week of use. Also loved the texture and scent. Not a strong peppermint scent at all, it’s quite soothing. The texture is quite oily but absorbs really well Nothing I disliked about this product. Quality is fabulous; it feels very luxurious and works better than products I have spent 3x the amount on. Very good value for money you don’t need a lot to cover both feet so the tub will last a very long time. Once I run out, I am buying another in the range, trying out a couple of other things I have my eye on too! I have already told friends and family about it, I have decided to buy a few for Christmas presents as a little treat. The best foot product I have ever used. When first opening the tub, I was hit with a faint scent of peppermint, which was really lovely. I expected it to be quite strong, however I was wrong. The texture at first is a little grainy and oily, but once warmed up in my hands and applying to feet, it went very silky and smooth, making massaging my feet really easy. It feels slightly cooling, which has been perfect for me due to the warm weather and running around after my children, my feet sometimes tend to swell slightly due to the heat, but using this product every day stopped that happening… why? I do not know but it worked! After one use, my feet felt softer and dryness wasn’t as bad, after a week, there was a massive difference! The hard patches of skin were now soft and easy to file away with my Pedi, leaving new soft and supple skin. The dry parts of my feet were moisturised and no longer dry. The product absorbed after 20 minutes and felt soft all day long, or night… depending on when I used it. It soothes achy feet instantly and relieved of any soreness. Wish I had this whilst pregnant; I would have gone through loads! Absolutely wonderful and so glad I finally came across a product that works! Trust me, I spent a fortune trying to perfect my feet and nothing worked. The tub lasts absolutely ages, I am not even ¼ of the way through yet and been using every day for a month. Use sparingly as it is oily! Samantha Bresnahan

Product Tested By Louise Griffiths

Louise Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Balm 5/5

When this arrived I thought it smelt fabulous. Very simple instructions, no complex steps to follow. I love the smell. The gorgeous peppermint smell. Nothing to dislike about this product. It is a unique consistency. Gritty like an exfoliator, but goes on smooth and soaks in really fast. Great for someone like me that doesn’t like wearing socks in bed. Having tried the product I would happily pay the RRP. Without prior testing though I may hesitated in spending that amount without recommendations from peers. I would purchase and would highly recommend. Great for my pregnant feet; nice and soothing after a long day. I have been known to leave the lid off the cream just to spread the smell around a bit! Louise Griffiths



BizzieBaby 2014-15 GOLD Flower Award Amanda Awarded The Naturally Made for you Peppermint Foot Balm 4.5/5

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