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Back to Swim School? Giveaway

Get the best protection ever against unwelcome leaks in the pool with brand new Splash About swim nappies! Bizziebaby has 3 to giveaway!

One of the essentials for taking your baby swimming is a reliable, leak-proof swim nappy. Splash About’s New and Improved Happy Nappy is fully tested and approved by UK swim schools because it gives the best protection ever against unwelcome leaks in the pool.

Made from super soft neoprene the reusable Happy Nappy is uniquely designed with two back panels that gently cup baby’s bottom, these are secured by a fitted but flexible gusset. This is important because, no matter how hard baby kicks in the water, the nappy moves with him - there is no gaping so any faecal matter stays safely inside the nappy and
doesn’t leak into the water.

There’s also specialist fabric ribbing at the waist and legs – traditional areas where a swim nappy can gape - this provides a secure but comfortable seal to guarantee a leak-free, stress-free swim for you and your baby.

But what about toddlers, every parent knows that potty training is one of the important stages of growing up, so after toddlers have mastered it, wearing a swim nappy can feel like a backward step.
Statistics show that newly toilet trained toddlers are the biggest cause of unwelcome poo-in-the-pool accidents; not to undo any good work, Splash About has introduced brand new Splash Jammers. With all the protection and reassurance against faecal leaks that you get from its new Happy Nappy but in a more grown-up design!

The New and Improved Happy Nappy is suitable from birth to 2 years, then Splash Jammers bridge the gap from swim nappy to swimwear, with sizes starting from 2 – 4 years, with waist and leg measurement guidelines
for the best possible fit.

Available in a range of beautiful designs, the new improved Happy Nappy retails at £10.99 and Splash Jammers £14.99. For the full collection visit

Watch how the new and improved Happy Nappy works in the pool 

View the Splash Jammers on our short You Tube video 

Win a new Happy Nappy or Splash Jammers
Bizziebaby has three to give away

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Splash Jammers are designed for:

A) Babies
B) Potty training toddlers
C) School children

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*Ends Friday 22nd September 2017*

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