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Splash About introduces Splash Jammers!

Swimwear for potty-trained toddlers that bridges the gap from swim nappy to swimwear

Putting your child in a swim nappy once you are in the throws of potty training can seem like a backward step, but statistics show that newly potty-trained toddlers are the biggest cause of unwelcome faecal accidents in the pool. 

Not to undo any good work, Splash About introduces its Splash Jammers.  These unique sporty swim shorts have all the protection and reassurance of Splash About’s best-selling leak-proof Happy Nappy but in a more grown-up design.

Reusable and reliable, Splash Jammers have been fully tested and approved by UK swim-schools. Technically constructed from soft neoprene to prevent any gaping. The high rear tapered waist and longer leg with internal bands of silicone creates an effective seal on the thigh whilst the unique fitted gusset is designed to move as your child moves in water, providing the ultimate security against faecal pool accidents, however boisterous the water play.

“Splash About’s Happy Nappy has become the blueprint for the most effective protection against faecal leaks in the pool.  It’s insisted upon by swim schools in the UK and internationally, and recommended by British Standards guidelines for baby swimming. Splash Jammers benefit from the Happy Nappy’s technical design but uniquely they don’t look like a swim nappy.” Said Splash About’s CEO Bernadette Spofforth. 

“We’ve already have a fantastic response from parents who are potty training their children, rather than revert to a swim nappy, Splash Jammers are the next progressive step – they are the only product on the market that is swim school approved and bridges the gap between swim nappy and swimwear.” Bernadette concluded.

Splash Jammers are available now from RRP £14.99

Splash About, changing the world one bottom at a time

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