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Bumfy - hygienic seat for highchairs

1 - Feeding
The bumfy is here! No more red marks! No more tears!
The bumfy provides a comfortable and hygienic seat for your baby and also offers some stability for babies just learning to sit up.
The bumfy is a cushioned seat designed for use in a shopping trolley, highchair or baby swing.
Babies love the brightly coloured, owl patterned material, which is made from soft, 100% Organic, Indian cotton and is machine washable.
It comes with its own shower-proof bag, complete with shoulder strap.
​It is easy to use, even when holding your baby!
For babies who can sit unaided.
The first time I used the bumfy, Juliet was in it less than thirty seconds when someone approached us to ask about it, and it's been the same since, it's not a product you think you need until you've seen it in action.

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Messy Me High Chair Cushions

1 - Feeding 2 part set – padded seat and padded back rest Very easy to fit and removePadded seat - Simply clip the 2 buckles under the seat to fit and unclip to removePadded back rest – Simply fasten / unfasten the Velcro to fit / remove No need to remove baby set / harness to fit or remove the covers Wipeable fabric and hems Simply wipe clean after use.
Made In Britain 
I could not be more impressed and happy with the messy me highchair cover. I had been looking for a product like this for a long time. The pattern choice would suit all tastes and are unisex. It is excellent value for money and saves me so much time every day not having to wash and dry the old cover we had.

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Messy Me Highchair Cover

1 - Feeding
Messy Me, home of the original oilcloth high chair cover and other beautiful oilcloth products. Designed for busy mums and messy little ones Messy Me is all about stylish products to help with the mess created by babies and toddlers. 

Stops food getting into all the high chair nooks and crannies - making clearing up after messy mealtimes quicker and easier. Fits easily over existing high chair seatsHas side flaps to protect both the seat and arm rests from feeding spills and splashesDesigned with no seams and can be laid flat so is quick and easy to wipe clean.
Made In Britain  
 The product did what it said, protected our highchair and made cleaning up easier.  

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Messy Me Ikea Antilop Cushion

1 - Feeding Keep Your Little One Snug And Well Supported With Our Ikea Antilop Cushion – A Soft And Comfy High Chair Cushion – Designed For The Ikea Antilop And Restaurant Style Wooden High Chairs
Supportive, well padded cushion to make mealtimes more comfortable for smaller babies in the Ikea Antilop high chair.Also fits restaurant / coffee shop style wooden high chairs – keeping little ones more comfortable when you’re out and aboutSimply wipe clean after use – no need to remove the cover to clean.Beautiful, soft yet hard wearing oilclothDimensions:Seat back – Height – 35cm, Width – 29cmSeat depth – 16cmArm side panels – Height – 14cm (front), 22cm (back)Our fabric meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100, is BPA and phthalate free

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Highchair  Cushion/covers Category 
I would recommend because it is comfortable and wipe clean and allows a smaller baby to sit in the Ikea highchair and restaurant ones. I love it as it has made a massive difference to our weaning journey with our son. Before we had the cushion he found it very difficult to sit in the Ikea highchair becausehe was so tiny in it. Now he loves his food! It's great that it's wipe clean and such good quality. 

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