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Micro Scooter

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It is a proud moment when as a Mum or a Dad you see your toddler master and indeed perfect the skills of a fully grown surfer. But believe us that is what happens within days, when you give your child a Mini Micro! Developed with the help of Swiss medical experts, the Mini Micro scooter gives young children independence whilst helping to develop their critical balance and co-ordination skills.

My daughter loved riding it, and my son wanted to ride it in the house and take it to bed

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Mini Micro 3 in 1 Scooter

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Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter Blue with Seat and O-Bar Handle
Toddlers need no longer envy their older brothers’ and sisters’ ®Mini Micro scooter. This clever 3in1 design is a sturdy seat that clips into a ®Mini Micro scooter allowing small children to surf the playroom floor with ease. Better still the seat grows in stages so that a child can use it as ride on, then a small scooter and finally a ®Mini Micro - making it fantastic value.The seat is easily attached to a sturdy plastic stem featuring a rounded handle which is then locked into the ®Mini Micro three-wheeled deck. As your child grows and becomes steadier on their feet, the seat can be removed to create My First ®Mini Micro scooter. When they are ready to pick up the pace, the plastic stem is simply swapped for a traditional Mini Micro T-bar and off they will go.

Overall the scooter is a good investment when you have a young child or children of different ages. It is very versatile and well made.

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Mookie Stride Scooter

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The stride scooter from the Urban X range is a revolutionary new scooter featuring a patented new way to ride. Cruising is a blast with the stride scooter's unique yet intuitive pedal propulsion system. Just step on, step up and GO!!

Durable steel frame complete with eight inch rugged PVC back wheels for gripping the road. Complete with mountain bike inspired hand braking system to ensure maximum user safety, the cable break system will ensure a quick stop.

 Overall, a real top product that is great fun and good for fitness for the whole family.

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Ozbozz My First Scooter

1 - Bikes/Scooters My First Scooter by Ozbozz is a terrific pre-school 3 in 1 trainer scooter, specifically designed with the younger child in mind. This excellent scooter is a wonderful way to encourage learning through active play. This clever and sturdy little My First Scooter grows with the child. The large 4 wheels provide extra support for the little ones as they learn to develops coordination and balance. As the little ones become a bit more confident the My First Scooter can be changed easily to become a 3 wheel scooter and then onto 2 wheels when the child is ready. It's so easy and comes with a small tool kit and detailed easy to follow instructions. The My First Scooter can be folded down when not in use and has been designed in cute, brite girls colours with co-ordinating soft grab hand grips. The My First Scooter is recommended for children aged 2 years+ and comes with an Ozbozz spare parts warranty.

Fantastic product! Love the way you can change the wheel alignment as the child grows! Brilliant for all aspects of development!

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R1 Tri Scooter

1 - Bikes/Scooters R1 Tri-Scooter
The R1 quickly transforms into a push along trike scooter once your child has mastered the sit down trike and is ready to push along with one foot on the deck.
My son enjoyed both and we received several positive comments while out and about from parents asking where it was from. We used the product in the woods, on pavement, grass and at the seaside and it held up well on all surfaces. All in all, we love it!

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Smart Trike All In One Stage 2

1 - Bikes/Scooters Smart Trike All In One is a one of a kind innovation, especially designed to meet the multi-functional nees of the child at a very young age.  This modular product is used for home and outdoor use and consists of 6 stages.  Initially the product starts as a rocking cradle, proceeds to a push along and a push along ride-on, then advances to an independent ride on and finally transfors to a scooter.  It includes a washable quality seat cover and is available in a variety of colours.  Suitable 6 Months - 2 Years Plus. A really great product from Smart Trike.

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Smart Trike T1 Scooter

1 - Bikes/Scooters Watch as your little one becomes a scooter master with the smarTrike® T1 3 stage scooter.
Features and benefits for Smart Trike T1 Scooter 
TPR rubber surface footplateEVA Foam seatElastomer mechanism designT-lock systemSoft-touch rubber grip handlesEasy-reach back foot brakeTrain and ride in more complex locationsSwiss designRecommended for ages 15m+Meets safety requirementsDimensions: H68 x W 26.5 x D 59.5 cm
Want To Know More?Fitted with a height adjustable seat, rubber foot board and hand grips, the Swiss designed scooter with a spring steel brake offers a smooth and secure riding experience for your little one. Suitable for children 15 months and up, the T1 possesses 3 adaptable stages that allow your child to gradually gain the confidence and skills to become a scooter expert. Stage 1: Sitting mode position Child rides easily while seated. Stage 2: Practising and gaining confidence T-lock function is enabled, preventing the handlebars from tilting allowing your child to feel secure while they learn how to ride, allowing them to gain the confidence they need to become a scooter master! Stage 3: Freestyle Riding Turn the T-lock to engage the tilting mechanism allowing your child to ride freestyle, and show off their new skills!Suitable from 15 months
It's an overall amazing product that we will enjoy for years to come that I couldn't recommend enough. Overall I had a great experience with this product; it's nice and compact making it easy to take out on days out. It's hard wearing, attractive looking, easy to use. Really it's everything I would've looked for in a scooter for my child. It's comfortable to ride for hours-literally (it's been hard to get her off it). She never gets bored of it and goes back to it time and time again for so much enjoyment, that's just what you want in a toy. I can't imagine taking her to the park or on a walk without it now.

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Smart Trike T3 Scooter

1 - Bikes/Scooters With patented 2 stage riding, this Smart Trike scooter is perfect for beginner scooters, and ideal for more confident riders.
Features and benefits for Smart Trike T3 Scooter 
Patented 2 stage ridingStage 1 upright forward ridingStage 2- more complex riding with limited tiltingTPR rubber footplateTilting HandlebarSoft touch rubber grips with handlesEasy reach back foot brake
Want To Know More?With soft touch rubber grips and a rubber footplate, your little one will love to scoot on this Smart Trike T3 Scooter. Begin with the scooter in Stage 1 which is upright forward riding, which allows children to concentrate on learning the basics, then as they get more confident switch your T3 scooter to Stage 2 which gives more complex riding with limited tilting.The perfect scooter for years of active fun as your child grows, this Smart Trike Scooter features an easy reach back foot brake.Suitable for children from 2 years.Don't Forget......we have safety sets to help protect your little one as they scooot, pedal and skate.
What's in the box:
1 x scooter, booklet and assembly instructions
A feature I particularly like is the way that it can be collapsed down if needed for storage as so much of his toy take up so much space. I found the design pleasing and the two large front wheels gave it excellent stability when he is using it. It has helped with his co-ordination and the fact you can lock and unlock the lean of the wheels is an excellent feature.

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Vtriker Elite

1 - Bikes/Scooters
The Vtriker Elite is the great new way to keep kids active while having fun! We all know an active child is an happy child. With the new Vtriker your child will be active due to the movements of the body to make the Vtriker an exciting pedal and battery free ride. We have all grown up and seen scooters, bikes, roller blades, skate boards and the list goes on, many of which have made great come backs time and time again. Could this be because no one as brought out anything new or as exciting as the Vtriker Elite?
comes in FOUR different colours - Black, Pink, Blue and Green! ...So whatever your taste, there's a Vtriker Elite for you! With the unique design of the Vtriker, you have far more than just another scooter. And it's not just another V Shape scooter that moves from side to side - the Vtriker's unique design lets the user simply push their feet together and apart. Your feet stay on the platforms and away the Vtriker goes!     
I think it is a great scooter that is easy to use, fun and a great way to keep children active. I have just asked Cameron what he thinks about it and he said "I love it Mom”.                

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