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37 Degree Babygro

1 - Bedtime

37° is a company that was created from the need to solve the problem of temperature regulation for newborns. Using smart textiles, 37° has developed a new range of clothing to help maintain and regulate your baby’s body temperature by storing heat within the fibres, and then releasing it back when required. Tiny microcapsules are integrated into the fibres of the material and are completely safe. These microcapsules sense a fluctuation in temperature and absorb excess heat from the body, thus cooling it. They store this heat until a fluctuation downwards is sensed, and then the heat is slowly released. This continues. The fabric also holds an Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate which tests for harmful substances.

A very good, high quality product that is worth it especially for a long-term investment. It will stand the test of time! 

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37 Degree sleepsack

1 - Bedtime

37° is based on temperature regulation to help newborns and young children combat everyday fluctuations in ambient temperature and weather changes. The range is designed to be both functional and stylish.This product has been created by mothers who understand the problems and joys of a new baby and want to ease some of the most common worries – ‘is my child too hot?’, ‘is my child too cold?’
This is the first and only product using smart textiles for the benefit of the child.

I would purchase more and would certainly recommend as would make a lovely gift. Do I have a good baby or does the sleepsack work miracles? I will not stop using it so I will never know!! Thanks for letting me test a great product!

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37 Degrees Pyjama

1 - Bedtime

cool when warm & warm when cool!37° is based on temperature regulation to help newborns and young children combat everyday fluctuations in ambient temperature and weather changes. The range is designed to be both functional and stylish.This product has been created by mothers who understand the problems and joys of a new baby and want to ease some of the most common worries – ‘is my child too hot?’, ‘is my child too cold?’ This product uses smart textiles to help and benefit the child by reducing risk.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2010/11 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2013/14

I would purchase these and I would recommend. Lovely first impression of the Company and the pyjamas. The feel of the pyjamas made me believe that Lola would always be comfortable in them.

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aden + anais Cozy Sleeping Bag

1 - Bedtime
Mothers around the world have turned to natural muslin to care for their children for countless generations. The aden + anais® sleeping bags brings this lightweight fabric into the 21st century with colorful, stylish prints and an effortless design to keep a night’s rest safe, comfortable, and peaceful. Our cozy collection is available in four layers of muslin to keep baby comfortably warm during cold wintry nights.  
aden + anais cozy sleeping bags are four layers of muslin, making babies comfortably warm during cold, wintry nights.  aden + anais sleeping bags are designed to be worn over a baby’s pajamas, ensuring a safe night’s sleep by eliminating loose crib blankets, which can be dangerous. Muslin’s light, open weave allows a baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally helping to prevent overheating. aden + anais sleeping bags offer the ultimate in breathability and softness, as the more the more you wash them, the softer they get. Each sleeping bag zips from the bottom, making diaper changes easy, and a strip of muslin over the zipper by baby’s face provides extra comfort.
Available in sizes Small, Large and XL
A lovely product that we willcontinue to use for the colder nights during the winter.

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Babasac - Sleeping Bags for Babies

1 - Bedtime
Babasac® is a brand new range of sleeping bags for babies - with inner layers that easily zip out, creating a 2-in-1 multi tog baby sleeping bag.

Zip finishes at bottom for easy night changesSaves having to purchase summer weight and winter weight sleeping bags2.5 tog and 1.0 tog in one bagFully tested to British Safety standards BS8510:2009100% cotton outer and lining.

Available in 3 sizes

Award winning

 It offers excellent value for money and I would recommend it to friends on a budget. It is a great design and good quality.

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Baby Boum Newborn Sleeping Bag/Jumpsuit

1 - Bedtime The safest and most comfortable way for babies to sleep. Machine washable at 30 degrees and Tumble dry on a low heat. Two way zip mechanism so it can be used as both a sleeping bag and jumpsuit Cuffs in the bottom to pop little feet through so toddlers can walk safely in the jumpsuit format. All colours feature a different cute appliqué animal design I found my baby slept a lot better by using a sleeping bag as he didn’t need to use his mitts so his hands also stayed very warm.

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Baby Boum Sleeping Bag 0-9 Months

1 - Bedtime
Baby Boum 0-9 months Cotty Patchwork Sleeping Bags - Bubblegum Pink
● Stitched patchwork design with lovely hand stitch detail
● Bubblegum Pink in colour
● 0-9 months size features chest poppers and side zip
● Aperture to front and back for car seat, stroller or highchair harness.

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery
It's great for the colder weather as unlike most other sleeping bags

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Baroo My Best Friends Sleeping Bag

1 - Bedtime
My Best Friend range is made of soft velour fabric with co-ordinating accessories. This beautiful range is the latest offering to the baroo collection.
Face fabric is 80% cotton and 20% polyesterFilling 100% polyester
Products includeCot/Cotbed Quilt 100x120cm
Cot/cotbed bumper 180x37cm
0-6 month sleeping bag 1 tog
6-18month sleeping bag 1 tog
Musical Mobile
Musical Cot Toy
Nappy Stacker/Pyjama Case
  Good quality, nice design and a little bit of luxury

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Bramble & Smudge Bed-e-Bag

1 - Bedtime

When one Bed-e-Bag just isn't enough. Baby can be snuggled up warm inside one while the other is in the wash or drying. Bed-e-Bags stylish and safe. They provide comfort and warmth without the need for additional bedding. Bramble bed-e-Bag features luxurious cord with soft velour and large embroidery of Bramble Bear. Product Details:100% Cotton-100% Polyester Filling - Size: 0-6 months. Please note, not suitable for babies less than 7lb. Popper fastening, side to bottom zip, makes nappy changing easier.Bed-e-Bags prevent the problem of covers being kicked off whilst sleeping. Approximately 2.5 Tog, suitable for all year round except for high summer. It is recommended that baby wears a long sleeved sleep suit in the Bed-e-Bag. This is always dependant upon the temperature of the nursery. Fully machine washable and tumble dry friendly.

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By Carla Little Birdie Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag

1 - Bedtime Little Birdie Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag - By Carla 2.5 tog sleeping bag with removable sleeves part of the Little Birdie range. 
sizing 0-6months & 6-18 months


The quality of this sleeping bag is lovely and I just loved the bird fabric design of it. Being able to remove the arms of this item enabled me to adjust the temperature for my baby slightly when she was wearing a long or short sleeve pyjama top.

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DreamGenii® Baby Twinkle Tog

1 - Bedtime

The dreamgenii® Baby Twinkle Tog is a wearable bedtime quilt that will keep your baby warm and snug during the night. It allows your baby to move around freely, naturally and unrestricted in their bed, and is perfect for babies that are beginning to crawl. With a gorgeously soft jersey outer layer and a soft jersey lining, the suit is luxuriously cosy and comfortable, ensuring that your baby is snug from head to toe.The dreamgenii® Baby Twinkle Tog allows babies to change into their night time covers before they go to bed, and is perfect for travelling in the car during the evening, as it allows your baby to be unstrapped easily from their car seat and transferred to bed without unnecessary disturbance. It is sleeveless with covered legs and feet. The unique dreamgenii® Baby Twinkle Tog is also completely practical, suitable for machine washing, and all the demands of everyday use. Its longer length zip design allows babies’ nappies to be changed with the minimum of fuss and disturbance. Available in gorgeous starfish and ditsy birds designs, team it up with one of our beautiful sleepsuits for a magical night's sleep for your baby. 

I am already considering buying the next size up for the summer. I have already recommended it to others. It’s an excellent sleeping bag, warm, cosy and enables an active child to move easily.

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DreamGenii® Toddler Twinkle Tog

1 - Bedtime

The dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog is a cosy, wearable bedtime quilt. Drawing upon all of the benefits of the sleeping bag it allows your toddler to move around freely, naturally and unrestricted in their bed, avoiding those upsetting tumbles as they try to get out of bed when their legs are trapped in a sleeping bag. The Twinkle Tog allows you to change your child into their night time covers before they go to bed. If you travel in the car during the evening the dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog allows your toddler to be unstrapped easily from their car seat and transferred to bed without unnecessary disturbance. Made from 100% cotton and with a soft jersey lining, the Twinkle Tog is designed to keep your toddler warm and cosy at a vital stage for their development and independence. The dreamgenii® Twinkle Tog will ensure that your toddler has a comfortable, undisturbed and cosy night - quite simply A Magical Night's Sleep

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2013/14 

I would, and have, recommended this product to other mums, and I believe the price to be good for the product. Love this product, and wouldn't be without it now! Thank you :)

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ergoCocoon Hybrid Swaddle/Sleeping

1 - Bedtime ergoPouch has developed a style of sleeping bag that is designed to keep your baby in perfect comfort, reducing the number of times your baby wakes in the night due to fluctuations in body temperature or from kicking off blankets or duvets. If you are not sure whether to swaddle or not, then the Hybrid is the perfect option, a sleeping bag with swaddle feature. From chest up it's a 1 Tog swaddle - with organic stretch fabric and poppers in the arms to allow swaddling. From chest down it's a 2.5 Tog organic cotton sleeping bag filled with organic cotton. It can be used from birth as a sleeping bag, or from 3 months as a swaddle (this is because baby needs to be large enough not to slip through the neck opening, which is not an issue if used as a sleeping bag as baby's arms stop this from happening). Double ended zipper for easy nappy access with material safety flap to cover zipper access.

ergoPouch products are strictly compliant with all safety regulations. Their sleeping bags are fitted correctly around the arms and neck to ensure the baby won’t slip through. With the slim fit ergonomic design, there is no risk of loose fabric covering the face. The Hybrid measures 80cm in length, suitable up to 12kgs.

Excellent idea, really easy to use.                

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ergoCocoon Organic Zip-up Swaddle

1 - Bedtime The ergoCocoon helps babies sleep longer and better - When babies are born they like to feel snug and secure. They are born with a startle reflex which can easily jolt them awake, so the organic stretch cotton helps your baby move arms or legs into comfortable position without waking. With a TOG rating of 1.0 this swaddle is suitable for 20-24°C.Unique poppers in the arms mean you can use as a swaddle then transition in to a sleeping bag
- When your baby is ready to sleep arms free, its an easy transition. Start with one out first, then the other arm a week or so later.Made from organic stretch cotton with an inner layer of super soft stretch bamboo terry.It is simple to put on, just zip it up and you know that baby will stay swaddled throughout the night.No harmful chemicals are used in the cultivation of this material. Better for farmers, better for the environment and better for your baby.2 way zip for easy nappy access and car seat placement.Sizing guide: 3-12 months swaddle is 80cm long (suitable for 7-12kgs)
Why Swaddle? Studies have shown that swaddling:is a useful method help babies settle and sleep on their backcan have a calming and sleep-promoting effect on young babiespromotes more sustained sleep and reduce the frequency of spontaneous awakeningsis associated with a reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
I just wished we had used this when my son was first born. I would recommend.Soft, Snug & Versatile.

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Green Child Organic Baby Sleeping Bag

1 - Bedtime

Green Child organic babies sleeping bags for your baby or toddler . All Green Child organic baby sleeping bags and toddler sleeping bags are made using only the softest organic cotton and super cosy padding, which will keep your baby at the right temperature all year round. Each organic baby sleeping bag comes in 2 sizes for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 24 months, they have easy parent access built in, with zips and shoulder safety press studs. Each contemporary  design is exclusive to Green Child which means your little one will look great aswell as being safe and secure.

Lovely product, looks nice, feels nice and cosy for baby.

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1 - Bedtime A revolutionary New 2in1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag from safe sleep experts The Gro Company. The only bedding you will need for your newborn. This cute colourful spot pattern looks great on boys and girls.The Gro-snug enables you to swaddle arms in or out for a great night's sleep. Extremely easy to use with no folding needed and a long zip that opens from the bottom for nappy changes. Unique design creates space for hip healthy natural leg position. Perfectly transitions your baby in to their first Grobag.Made from supersoft and stretchy cotton, the Gro-snug is available in two different weights - Light and Cosy, for different room temperatures. Babies love it! I would recommend this. Great product with lots of ideas that do work well. I really loved the product it was easy to use and was easy to get to grips with. 

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1 - Bedtime grobag® baby sleeping bags come in a variety of soft fabrics. They are available in woven cotton, organic cotton, soft cotton jersey and luxurious velour.
  • 100% cotton on 0.5 tog and 2.5 tog
  • 100% cotton outer and 100% cotton woven flannel lining on 1.0 tog
  • Size 0-6 months has shoulder and underarm poppers  
  • A fantastic idea, prevents covers being kicked off and makes baby feel secure..a great buy!. 

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    Joey Pouch Swaddling Bag

    1 - Bedtime Swaddling made easy! This unique product swaddles baby and is similar to a baby sleeping bag. The Joey Pouch Swaddling Bag simulates the womb so baby can move their arms and legs - which is beneficial for their development and should make it easier to transition from swaddling to a Joey Swag sleeping bag. The Joey Pouch isn't intended to be a straight jacket! The Joey Pouch allows baby to move their arms and legs which is beneficial for their health and development. The Joey Pouch allows baby to sleep in their natural sleep position with their arms up helping them to self-soothe and settle back to sleep. The Joey Pouch Swaddling Bag prevents baby's startle reflex and also prevents bub scratching their face. Designed specifically for newborn babies. Made from a beautiful light-weight 100% knitted cotton waffle fabric and can be used all year round (refer to Temperature Guide).Machine washable.  Please ensure your Joey Pouch is zipped before washing.Safe Sleep!  Research suggests that swaddled babies sleep better and that swaddling a baby in the first few months of baby's life may help baby remain on their back which reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  The Joey Pouch should not be used once baby is able to roll from their back to their tummy. Bubbaroo supports SIDS safe sleeping recommendations and is committed to communicating the message on how to reduce the risk of SIDS.  
    I personally think this is a fantastic product. It's a great blanket and a happy baby that stayed asleep for that little longer.      

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    Justafit Baby Sleepsuits

    1 - Bedtime No two babies are the same. One size doesn’t fit all. Some 12 month old babies need an 18-24 month size, others a 9-12 month size. A Justafit velcro sleepsuit adjusts to fit, is hard wearing and lasts longer. 
    SAFE - The adjustable ankle straps reduce the risk of trips and falls from sleepsuits being too long.
    HYGIENIC - The adjustable wrist straps prevent hands hiding in the sleeves giving full access to toys as well as preventing sleeves that are too long dipping into food.
    COMFORTABLE - Justafit sleepsuits are comfortable as they keep hands and feet where they should be. Children are less frustrated from sleeves and legs being too long.
    ECONOMICAL - Justafit sleepsuits adjust to your babies growth therefore last longer.    
    I would buy them again and recommend them to others. These sleep suits are easily the best ones I’ve ever tried. The adjustable fit of them is genius. I would happily buy more, and recommend them to anyone, especially if they have a child with shorter legs than average, like mine. 

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    Organic Cotton Newborn: Feather Sleepsuit

    1 - Bedtime A wonderfully soft and stylish welcome to the world. This 100% organic cotton onesie features gentle, floating feathers on fresh white. A first outfit for both boys and girls. The attached feet on the sleep suit ensure that the new world is as warm and snug as possible.

    Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Sleep Wear Category 
    We will continue to use until she grows out of it. I would recommend as a gift. A lovely luxury baby grow and really easy to use. 

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    Snuggle Sleeves

    1 - Bedtime
    Our unique Snuggle Sleeves will keep your baby's arms cosy and comfortable when temperatures dip. We've even added cosy cuffs to stop scratching too. Our unique Snuggle Sleeves are designed to fit perfectly with your baby sleep bags they will help your baby (and you!) get a restful night's sleep.We've a range of gorgeous colours for you to choose from and our sizes start from newborn all the way up to 18 months.

    I would definitely recommend it’s great if your child uses sleeping bags to keep snug and keep their arms warm. It was fantastic for short term use as my son is chunky, but not for long term as he would grow out of this one and I would require a larger size.

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    Spring Baby Sleepsuit

    1 - Bedtime long sleeved sleepsuit, made from 100% soft cotton providing the utmost comfort for your baby's skin. Envelope neckline and snap opening poppers between the legs for quick and easy changing. Designed with Patsy the pig character print on the front, this sleepsuit is must have for your little one or would make an ideal gift. Available sizes:
    0-3 months: Weight 6kg/13.2lb, Height 62cm/24.5in
    3-6 months: Weight 8kg/17.6lb, Height 68cm/27in
    6-12 months: Weight 10kg/22lb, Height 76cm/30in  
    My daughter looked very cute and comfortable in this.                

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    The Bag ® 4 Seasons from Puckababy

    1 - Bedtime
    The ideal baby and toddler sleeping bag for years of safe, pleasurable sleeping. Unique "4 in One" design with adjustable length. You can adapt to any season and it will last for years.
    Length is Adjustable and suitable from 7 Months - 2.5 Years

    The Bag can be used throughout the year. Warmth is always very important. The great thing about the Bag is that it can be adjusted to any circumstance and to the temperature of your child helping to gain a peaceful sleep. The Bag consists of different layers which can be used together or separately.

    Sleeping "too cold” will cause restlessness. The Bag in winter and autumn is nice and warm with mittens to protect the hands from getting cold

    It’s a lovely product and if you could make full use of it through the different seasons it would be good value.            

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    The Dream Bag - Travel Long Sleeve Baby Sleeping Bag

    1 - Bedtime Our travel baby sleeping bag is 100% cotton travel sleeping bag with removable arms. The design is trimmed with cream material and features a parrot and lion. The entire reverse of the sleeping bag is covered with the same stripey material as the removable arms.THE SLEEVES SHOULD BE REMOVED WHEN INSIDE/IN THE CAR AND WHEN CHILD IS PUT TO SLEEP. SLEEVES ARE FOR OUTSIDE USE ONLY.This 0-6 month travel sleeping bag is 70 cm in length and has a side zip with two poppers on each shoulder.Poppered removable arms.Our 1.0 Tog Dream Bag is suitable for summer months and warmer nurseries.Material Composition : 100% cotton outer, 100% cotton lining. I would highly recommend this product and have already recommended it to my family and friends. Top marks for an excellent product. Fantastic product I would highly recommend to all.

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    The Original ® Piep From Puckababy

    1 - Bedtime

    The unique first month sleeping bag for a healthy rhythm in sleeping and feeding; proven effective against crying, restlessness and poor sleeping. Not too tight, beautiful, safe and easy to use
    PIEP:  0-3 months
    MINI:  3-6 months (see under heading Mini)

    The Original ® Piep: the sleeping bag that stimulates a peaceful sleeping pattern. The Original® Piep consists of an outer bag and a special vest within in which your baby gets placed. By limiting the space around your baby for movement, your baby automatically finds more rest.

    No product can guarantee that my baby will sleep soundly but puckababy gave me a fighting chance!       

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