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Bloom Alma Crib

1 - Bedtime alma’s folding design makes it perfect for storing in smaller living spaces, transporting to second homes for the holiday break or setting up at grandma’s house and then storing away. it’s also ideal if parents or children are sharing a room, as it can be easily folded away to create space.
The all in one alma store is a customized protective storage bag that allows you to stow away alma and its bedding, providing extra portability and mobility through use of the castors provided with alma. made with commercial grade, robust and water resistant fabric, alma store is a durable carrier that protects your entire alma package against dirt and damage. with specialized compartments, this carrier neatly stows away all the components you need; base board, mattress, bedding and other essentials, so you can simply roll it all into storage, or into your car for those trips away. 
Dimensions: Folded 9 3/4"L x 19 1/2"W x 32 3/4" H - Open 19 1/2"W x 37 1/4"L x 32 3/4" H

This is a great, sturdy, funky colored crib that is excellent for using in the bedroom next to me at night and for then moving it to use in another room during the day.

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KUB Eco Cotbed

1 - Bedtime


  • Available as a cot or cotbed
  • Straight-edge design
  • Solid pine in whitewash finish
  • Three position bed base

Caroline seemed to sleep so much better in this than what she did when in her crib

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The Convertible Shanticot

1 - Bedtime At a time when money and space are both at a premium in the nursery or home, Shanticot offers a cost effective and space saving solution! Our many years spent working in the childcare sector has enabled us to design Shanticot Bunk Cots with consideration to both the parent and child in as practical a way as possible;  The lower level is an open access, self managed cotfor older independent children, and with our new range also has an interchangeable fixed rail for added security. The upper level cot gives plenty of opportunities for vital adult baby interaction, and reduces back strain for the parent or carer. Babies can fall asleep feeling secure and you can check on them, easily, as they sleep. Shanticot is space saving and so allows more room for children to be mobile and active in the nursery or bedroom. Shanticot is made from solid wood from sustainable forests – it is a product that is both durable and environmentally friendly And with our expanded range, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose which size or options you prefer!

I would absolutely recommend the Shanticot, and already have! For anyone with two young children, or babies, and just one room to house them in: then the Shanticot must be given serious consideration, if anyone can suggest a better solution to this spatial issue: I'd love to hear it! Baby x 2 + 1 bedroom = Shanticot…A realsolution to a real world problem.

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1 - Bedtime The Crib
It works like a dream. Designed to gently sway backwards and forwards to mimic being rocked to sleep in their parents’ arms, The Multy crib can also be gently tilted at varying angles to assist a baby sleeping with colic or reflux.At least 40 per cent of babies suffer from reflux and struggle to sleep for lengthy periods.Positioning and inclining the upper body of your baby is advised, and The Multy has been designed specifically to assist, locking in a number of tilted positions, from a gentle tilt to approximately 10 degrees.Benefits:
Turns from a crib into a high chair and storage unit without the need to buy additional parts or componentsIt locks and it rocks and can be locked in several angled positions, designed to lessen impact of reflux, colic, and the common coldRocks longitudinally, mimicking the natural cuddle of a parent (research has shown this is more comfortable especially for motion sensitive babies)Compact design to suit a position next to or at the bottom of the parents bedContemporary look, yet still maintaining a cute, baby feel

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2016 Bedtime Crib Category 
Very, very impressive. I would definitely recommend this product to my family. I have not seen anything so innovative in a long time. 

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