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Acosy Bumpers AB-JNR Double Pack + Extra Deep cot-bed sheet

1 - Bedtime
Acosy Bumpers AB-JNR Double Pack + Extra Deep cot-bed sheet - pack 3 £26.99 
Perfect for when you want to protect both sides of the mattress if a bed is not next to a wall. Using a Pack 3(x2 AB100) either side of the bed keeps your child from laying next to the cold hard walls. Can stop teddies, blankets, dummies and other night time comforts from falling out of the bed too!

I think the quality of the product is excellent. It offers excellent value for money; it does what you need it to do.

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Acosy Bumpers AW60 Cot/Cot-bed mattress elevation wedge

1 - Bedtime
Acosy Wedge is a specially designed Wedge of White COT SAFE FOAM that fits under your mattress. The purpose of the Wedge is to provide chest elevation for your child during periods of Colic, Reflux, Asthma, Chesty Coughs, Colds and General Congestion allowing better airflow to the chest and aiding drainage from nasal and ear passages.Adults can use the AW80 Wedge, particularly pregnant ladies who are suffering from heart burn. The Wedge can also be used as a foot elevator to help with circulation. We suggest that the Wedge, if being used by an adult can be placed directly under the sheet with their pillows over the top, this give better elevation for the upper body without affecting a partner if in a double bed.The Wedge can be used in conjunction with the Bumper as they work really well together.The foam can be sponged clean and dried at room temperature if it becomes soiled.It requires no fitting, it’s very lightweight, hygienic and non-allergenic and its COT SAFE….this means it is manufactured without using chemicals; ARSENIC, ANTIMONY or PHOSPHOROUS.Every Wedge is packed in its own storage bag and sealed with a clip.
We have 2 sizes of the Wedge
Purchased singly: Single Bed - AW80    80 x 45 x 10 x 4cm  £11.99 + P&P
Purchased singly: Junior bed /Cot - AW60    60 x 45 x 6 x 1cm    £8.99 + P&P

I used this product when my child had an awful cough; she was waking in the night from coughing. As soon as I used this product it really helped a great deal and eased her cough a lot. I would highly recommend this product to anybody. 

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Acosy Wall Wedge

1 - Bedtime Fed up with searching for dummies, blankets and other comforters under the cot or bed in the middle of the night?The Innovative Acosy Wall wedge has been designed to fill a gap between the bed and the cot, which is caused by skirting boards, radiators and chunky bed legs. Using one Acosy Wall Wedge will fill a gap up to 7cm, using two doubled up will fill a gap of 9cm. The gap will be replaced by the wedge giving an extension of your mattress right up to the wall edge so less interrupted sleep for you and your little one!
Sold as a pair2 x 60cm long x 21cm high x7cm x 2cms widthWashable, Breathable & OdourlessSupplied in a washable zipped coverCan be used in any bed next to a wallMeasure the gap first! – this should not exceed 7cm using 1 wedge & 9cm using 2 when doubled up.Versatile positioning
Overall, this product was very good – good quality but most of all an amazing new product. 

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Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers

1 - Bedtime

These innovative padded bumpers wrap individually around the bars of a cot. They soften hard edges and protect little ones from bangs and bumps, whilst still allowing air to circulate.

Made from 100% cotton outer and fire retardant polyester inner and with no dangerous ties or large expanses of fabric, Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers simply attach securely with Velcro( 3 strips per Bumpster). Active sleepers are often at risk from banging themselves; protecting against this can aid a better night’s sleep for both parent and child.

Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2010/11 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2014/15

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with babies and toddlers as its great for avoiding them bumps on the head when baby rolls around in the cot. Overall this product has been great and is completely fit for its purpose and they fitted very easy on to my son’s cot bars. Bumpsters have been great at protecting my sons head when he accidently bangs against the cot bars. They are soft and easy to fit to the cot bars. The design is lovely and matches in well with my son’s nursery. 

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The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper

1 - Bedtime
The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper provides the following:100cm Firm Foam Wedge*Safe Solution For ALL bedsEasy To Fit – No AssemblyFits Under Most Standard SheetsDiscreet, Cosy & SecureLightweight Bed Guard Ideal For TravelSafe To Sit On At Story Time.
Product Details
100cm (L) x 12.5cm (H) x 13.5cm (W)Protects 71% of the open side of a cotbed & 53% of a standard single bedMade of 100% new polyurethane foamFully safety tested and certified to meet all necessary UK Safety StandardsSupplied in re-usable high quality grey flexible plastic tubing. Perfect for product storage/transportationNon-slip texture keeps it in place all night longPale yellow colour which sits discreetly under all bed linen with no show-throughNo ‘baby-ish’ high sides on the bed meaning your little one really does feel ‘big’ nowStop duvets, dummies, teddies and all other bedtime ‘friends’ from falling on the floor*All non UK orders will be shipped in 50cm pieces

Overall, I think it is very basic but does the job and not too bulky either.

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