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Gro Anywhere Blind

1 - Bedtime

Gro Anywhere Blind - Designed with travel and versatility in mind. Blind is made of a lightweight, light-proof material which adjusts to any shaped window up to a maximum size of 130 x 200cm. If a larger window needs to be covered you could use multiple blinds. Fits directly to the glass it will fit almost any style of window and gives the closest possible fit to block out the daylight. Gro Anywhere Blind now even easier - suckers - that hold the blind on the window- are now permanently attached to the fabric, meaning that parents can use the Gro Anywhere Blind straight out of the box and don’t have to worry about losing any suckers on their travels.

Nicely presented and fast to put up giving your baby a dark room to sleep in when on holiday or visiting other peoples houses

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Lights out Blinds

1 - Bedtime

Why choose Lights Out?

-  Lightweight and portable, use at home or away

-  Allows window to be open whilst in use – no need to shut the window on hot summer nights

-  Simple attachment with one sucker applied to the centre of the window

-  No size adjustment necessary 

-  Put up / Take down in seconds. Lightweight zipped cover provided

-  Sticks to the middle of the window so no need to reach the top of the window

-  The cord and extension rod allows flexibility for use with recessed windows 

Who needs Lights Out?

-  They keep bedrooms dark and your chidren asleep for longer, especially in the summer months

    when the sun rises early and sets late.

-  They can help maintain your child's sleep routine on holiday

-  Shiftworkers or anyone else needing to sleep during the day

-  Partially shading conservatories

-  Just moved house and have not put curtains up yet

-  Living in temporary/rented accommodation where the curtains are not dark enough

-  Creating a peaceful mood/sensory room for baby, or in hospital/hospice etc.

-  Darkening a media room so the projector/television can be seen properly

They got Flo to sleep quicker which meant that Poppy could fall asleep in her own bed. Plus they were so much cheaper than the curtains I had been quoted for!

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Sunbuster Blackout Blinds

1 - Bedtime
The Sunbuster blind was designed by a mother and father of three children who had first hand experience of sleepless nights and the problems associated with traditional roller blinds.
So what's so great about the Sunbuster blind? Well it's designed with unrivalled safety, blackout coverage and energy efficiency in mind, it's the perfect solution for children and parents to get a good night sleep. 
After listening to Customers feedback Sunbuster Blinds now double fold exposing more of the window and you can read instructions online. 
Quality is great I pulled at the blind whilst it was still in my hands and it's a very sturdy material. This product does offer good value for money.

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