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Babyway Newborn Bath Seat

1 - Bath Time

The Babyway Newborn Bath seat allows you to use your own bath when bathing your newborn. The Newborn Bath Seat sits in the middle of your bath in which you fill to a level advised by your midwife. From here you can safely place your baby and wash them. The design of the newborn bath seat allows you to bath your baby without having to balance them in your hand.

  • Perfect shape to hold your newborn baby in the bath
  • Gentle curved edges
  • Rubber feet for a secure hold on the bath tub
  • Smooth angle to hold your baby when bathing
  • Has been invaluable to bath baby ‘hands free’, has made it much easier to have two kids bathing together

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    Babyway Toddler Bath Seat

    1 - Bath Time

    The Babyway Toddler Bath seat allows you to safely secure your child in an adult bath tub. The ergonomically designed soft and hard seat allows your baby to sit securely and comfortably enabling you to bathe your child easily. There are four suction pads on the base ensuring stability and security of the bath seat.

    • Suitable from 6 – 12 months
    • Easy to clean.
    • 235 x 340 x 350mm
    • Weight 580g
    It is easy to clean and although looks quite a simple design when you see the seat angle and flexible surround you realise how much thought and design has gone into it.

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    Mi 1st Bath Buddy

    1 - Bath Time

    Mi 1st Bath Buddy is a cushioned baby bath support, essential to ensuring baby's bath safe and pleasurable, from your newborn's very first splash! Our soft-touch Bath Buddy provides a warm and safe environment for baby's bath time. It securely nestles your infant's body while supporting their head safely out of the water

     It definitely makes bath time fun!

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    Moby SoftSpot Sink Bather

    1 - Bath Time Perfectly sized to cradle newborns and infants, our plush and supportive sink bather is a must-have for your baby’s first baths. With a soft terry surface and a padded whale tail to protect baby’s head, the cushioned design fits in bathroom and kitchen sinks to cradle infants for comfy and convenient bathing. The mesh bottom drains water quickly and the Velcro® strap makes it easy to hang dry. Overall I think the product was an excellent product with simple yet practical features very comfortable easy setup no hassle instruction machine washable making this product accessible to be used in many different locations canal boats caravans flats rooms etc. 

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