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Baby BuBu Breastfeeding Cover

1 - Breast Feeding

Baby BuBu Classic Colours Collection -  Baby BuBu Breastfeeding Covers give you the freedom to breastfeed anywhere. Nursing in public needn't be a challenge, now you can breastfeed with confidence. Baby BuBu Nursing Covers are made from high quality 100% cotton ,the rigid neckline ensures that eye contact can be maintained with baby, whilst providing privacy for you and your baby. The Baby BuBu Classic Colours collection boasts a range of subtle shades guaranteed to compliment any outfit.

Available in Classic Colours £19.99 or Classic Prints £21.99


I felt it gave me much more confidence to feed in public. I would buy this product and I have already recommended it to my friends.

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Boob Nursing top Before & After

1 - Breast Feeding

Multifunctional nursing top for both pregnancy and nursing. The top has a rounded neck and long sleeves. The rouched sides give a flattering fit over the belly, both during and after pregnancy. 'Spare' length at the bottom. Soft knitted stretch fabric in 95% lyocell and 5% elastane. Machine washable, 40° C.

 I will be recommending it to others as its brilliant value for money, practical, stylish and discreet, what more could you want? It is great; it does what it says on the tin and looks nice while doing it.

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1 - Breast Feeding
breastvest is a unique piece of breastfeeding underwear, designed to be used in addition to your nursing bra, to provide a comfortable layer of support and coverage for your postnatal tummy.

Available in black and white and a steady stream of limited edition colours, breastvest comes in
XS, S, M, L and XL sizes and makes any top a breastfeeding top.

Invented, tested and approved breastfeeding mums, breastvest is shaped to sit comfortably just under your
nursing bra and is held in place by shoulder straps, specially designed not to interfere with your bra straps.
breastvest covers your postnatal tummy generously and discreetly, and allows to wear normal tops while breastfeeding your baby. All you have to do is unhook your nursing bra and lift your top up. Don't worry about exposing your postnatal tummy... breastvest has got you covered. And if you're pregnant, you don't have to wait for your baby to arrive to enjoy the benefits of breastvest. Lots of mums have told us how useful breastvest is during pregnancy, keeping your bump nicely covered when tops ride or are just that little bit too short - as we know they are prone to be! breastvest is made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane and is machine washable.
Winner of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2009, 2011/12,Gold award 2012/13  
Superb value for money and I would have paid more. I will certainly purchase and most definitely recommend. Body confidence through the roof. Feeling like I can breastfeed anywhere. 

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Cantaloop Pregnancy/Nursing Tank Top

1 - Breast Feeding

A seamless tank top with integrated nursing bra.
Integrated nursing bra offers greater comfort (tighter knit under the integrated bra gives extra support and

A comfortable easy to use breast feeding top that looks like an ordinary tank top.

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Chemeaze Casual: By L'Amuma

1 - Breast Feeding A fabulously flattering silky soft, flowing fabric. This shirt will change shape with you, through pregnancy and breast-feeding and back to your fabulous self. Versatile, chic and flattering, it is sure to become a wardrobe favourite. While breast feeding, this shirt can be ripped open with one hand thanks to two tiny hidden magnets. Goodbye to button acrobatics and jersey tug-of-war. The pretty patterns camouflage accidents when needed and we've made sure no cuffs or collars get in the way of being a super-mummy.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Breastfeeding Tops Category 
I would recommend it for breastfeeding as I did find the poppers very handy when breastfeeding as I was able to feed discreetly and close up the shirt very quickly after feeding my baby. A very comfortable nicely designed shirt that is easy to breastfeed in and is pretty too

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Comfy Kangaroo Tank

1 - Breast Feeding

Fashion meets versatility in the Comfy K Tank. This singular design offers a supportive detachable, inter-changeable bra, easy snap straps for minimal exposure nursing, built-in pockets to hold and conceal absorption pads and extended length for post-partum tummy coverage. Ultra soft, high quality fabric in chic colors demands looking and feeling great. Machine washable. The Comfy K Tank includes 1 tank, 1 detachable nursing bra and an extra pair of straps. Wear our tank with the bra, exchange tanks while using the same bra, wear our bra with another nursing shirt that holds absorption pads, or completely remove the bra and wear the tank alone.


It makes breastfeeding a breeze, there is no need to lift up your top, or fuss around getting your breast through a flap in your top!  All it takes is one click to undo your strap and you’re ready.

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1 - Breast Feeding
The versatile Seamless Nursing Tank is the ideal figure-hugging camisole, which can be worn under outerwear or as sleepwear, for full body support. A hidden in-built bra with fabric-moulded cups provides a secure profile and fit, which grows with your curves. Wear this for an extra layer of warmth and support, or casually with a pair of jeans!
Available in Small, Medium, Large & XL
I will continue to use this and will be buying another one. I would recommend it to others, I loved it.                 

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Feed Me Mummy - Breastfeeding Vests

1 - Breast Feeding
Breastfeeding Vests - Our Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding Vests are available in black or white.  If you order a Black & White Combo you can save a few pounds!
A simple design with no extra clips to fiddle with, just lift the flap with one hand for easy access.Keeps your post-pregnancy tummy covered as well as your chest for discreet nursing.Use over your nursing bra and under your normal clothes. You can still breastfeed in style!Wear under your nightwear to keep warm for those chilly night feeds.Machine washable.95% Cotton, 5% Lycra

Overall it's an excellent product that is simple to use and does exactly as it is supposed to. 

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FEED® From Elderflower & Delilah

1 - Breast Feeding Awarded Mumsnet Best 2016, FEED® is a stylish breastfeeding garment that is designed to be worn over a scooped neck top or vest to breastfeed your baby wherever and whenever. The FEED® allows you to feed your baby with complete confidence in two novel ways, under the cleverly designed sleeve for easy/quick access or under one opened side of the garment for full cover allowing for less distraction for your feeding baby. One size fits all - FEED® can be adjusted to fit every body shape pre/post birth by adjusting the simple side ties FEED® comes with its own fabric bag, useful for storing other feeding accessories such as breast pads and can be attached to your buggy for quick access. Made in a beautifully soft micro modal fabric, chosen for its breathable and anti-crease qualities and flattering drape UV Protection Factor 50, the garment can also assist to shelter your baby from direct sunlight. Designed by breastfeeding mums for breastfeeding mums. I have recommended it to tonnes of my friends and will most certainly buy another top. Fantastic top, it’s made beautiful and all my friends have commented on what a lovely top it is (not realising it was a feeding top). It’s made me feel stylish and comfortable while feeding my baby and I absolutely love it! 

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Mammae Blouse/Top

1 - Breast Feeding An absolute must for all mamas.  This blouse/top is extremely versatile and fits any style. Chic with jacket and loose fitting trousers, casual on jeans or as cosy relaxing style with home-wear/pyjama trousers. The feminine cut ensures that you shine wherever you are.
Short sleeves.
Super-soft and elastic.
Gorgeous décolleté by the crossing-over pad– also beautiful with heavier breasts.
The belly remains covered during breastfeeding.
Typical Mammae opening – access to the breast via the discreet opening or via the turning.
The nursing access of the top is very convenient: you can tie the wrap, depending on what side your baby last nursed on. The side you closed last comes out on top and will automatically be the first you open again.
Available in: XS up to XXL
I will definitely continue to wear this. I would recommend as it is versatile, comfortable to wear and makes breastfeeding easier. This slimming top makes breastfeeding easy and is suitable for lots of occasions.

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Milla Grace Top

1 - Breast Feeding Milla's unique access design allows mother and baby a comfortable, fuss-free feeding experience. Our innovation is covered by a Design Right and its practicality is devised to make feeding easier for you. There are two discreet openings, one on each front seam, to provide access to either side and we recommend wearing a nursing bra to make feeding even more simple. Our integrated modesty bands, which provide coverage across the tummy, from the bra line to the bottom of the garment, ensure mothers feel comfortable and have full discretion at all times. Our access is so discreet and our designs so timeless that our garments can be worn long after the necessity to feed. (Many non-breastfeeding mothers have said that they wish they were feeding, just so that they can wear our tops!).

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 - Breastfeeding Tops Category 
I had never heard of this brand before and feel that friends and family would be interested to know of another place to buy breastfeeding friendly clothes. A practical, versatile, stylish top which is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. 

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Seren Nursing and Maternity Tunic

1 - Breast Feeding  New from Seren Maternity Designs this LBD will see you through all stages of pregnancy and beyond.Designed for maximum comfort and shape, the empire line gathering works with your bump throughout pregnancy and then offers some much-loved post-partum flattery when those lumps and bumps could potentially do with a bit of soft draping.With easy access breastfeeding, a flattering deep v neck-line, puff sleeves and the perfect length for tights, bare legs or trousers depending on the season, this dress really will see you through sick and thin...(From month one morning sickness to the third birthday party!)Dressed up with a furry shrug, tights and biker boots, or softened with a colourful pashmina and some pumps, this frock works for any occasion and all breastfeeding opportunities - you'll wonder how you managed without it!Breastfeeding is a doddle - simply draw aside the top layer on the front to access the nursing openings.Available in wardrobe staple Black.
Available in size 10,12,14 & 16

Overall, I was very happy I got to test the Seren nursing & maternity Tunic, it has been a pleasure to wear it as it has been so comfortable during the different stages of my pregnancy.  

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