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Crazy Soap BATH GOO

1 - Toiletries
Thick scoopable bath gel. PH balanced formula to gently cleanse and moisturise. Thick long lasting foam bubbles. Paraben free1 x 250ml Tub
Suitable for children 3 years Plus
 Loved testing this product, my children loved playing with it and it smells amazing               

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Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar

1 - Toiletries Specially formulated to cleanse and moisturise without irritating sensitive skin.

A soap free alternative that restores normal pH balance of the skin. Suitable for people prone to symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry itchy skin and those with sensitive skin conditions. Gentle enough to use on the face and bodies of babies, infants, children and adults. 100% free from perfumes, No sodium laurel sulphate, No artificial colours. The cleansing bar is also a perfect alternative to soap for maintaining healthy skin as well. The Hope's Relief Cleansing Bar is an integral part of the Hope's Relief Therapeutic Skincare range. The Cleansing Bar has been formulated to work with the Hope's Relief Therapeutic cream. To obtain maximum benefits for your skin it is recommended that they are used together as part of your skincare regime.

No 'nasties' -No Sodium Laurel Sulphate,  No parabens, No coal tar,  No artificial colours or fragrances, No petrochemicals.

Will definitelyrecommend this product as we saw an improvement in the skin condition, and considering that are all natural ingredients couldn't harm. I'll strongly recommend trying as all skins are different & may not work for everyone.

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Mustela No-rinse cleansing water

1 - Toiletries PhysiObébé becomes No-rinse cleansing waterGentle no-rinse cleansing water for baby and child, face and diaper area, from birth on(1) (micellar water for baby or child's daily care).Thoroughly and gently cleanses all impurities.
• Softens newborn(1), baby and child's skin.
Guaranteed safety from birth on :
Tested under dermatological and pediatric control.
High skin and eye tolerance.
Hypoallergenic - Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
0% paraben, 0% phthalate, 0% phenoxyethanol*.
The product has a nice smell and has been nice to use on baby’s face to help his skin.

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Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

1 - Toiletries 100% soap and alkali free, the Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar is suitable for delicate baby skin and adults with very sensitive or dry skin. It is suitable for whole body cleansing and supports the development and stabilization of the skin’s natural protective acid mantle, leaving skin hydrated and soothed.   I really liked it. It had quite a milky feeling and gentle on my eyes; which I was pleased about as when I've used another product on myself it stung; which meant it must've been the same for my daughter.                

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Squid Soap

1 - Toiletries SquidSoap is a fun soap dispenser designed for teaching children healthy hand washing habits. Our motto is simple ‘Training Tomorrow’s Great Hand Washers.
why is hand hygiene the most important part of your day?
Squeaky Clean Hands Every Time!Hand hygiene is important for little hands, not only will they be sparkly clean but you will stop dead some really common bugs including Flu and Diarrhoea. Washing for 20 seconds with Squid Soap will also prevent the spread of Salmonella, MRSA and Campylobacter which causes food poisoning.See The NHS’s Advice on Handwashing.
remember it takes 20 seconds to wash hands properly!
Safe for little hands!Our soap is specially made for little hands, it is PH neutral and contains no nasties! The ink we use is commonly used in food, so completely safe for all the family. Perfect for keeping your families hands spotlessly clean and safely hygenic.
I was very pleased with this product; it is fun, colourful and stands apart from similar products. My son really enjoyed using this product. As soon as we opened the packaging he was instantly intrigued with the rubbery octopus and the colourful bottle. This product really encourages kids to wash their hands as it makes it fun! Every time my son used this he would wash his hands several times just because he enjoyed the green ink. A really good idea and so simple.

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