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Abuba neck swimming ring for Babies

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Fit for Fun
Swimming has long been recognized as being beneficial forphysical and psychological development of babies but baby swimming is not easily accessible.
Abuba neck swimming rings allow practicing freestyle baby swiming both at home and outside promoting baby fitness in a fun way.
This is a real bonding experience that both the babies and parents look forward to.
Suitable 1-18 Months

.My baby loved the sensation of the water as she floated around in the bath and was able to kick her legs and swimming around. She especially liked watching the balls inside the tube move around. 

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AquaPlane Swimming Aid

1 - Sunwear Clothing AquaPlane Multi-Functional Swimming Aid 
The revolutionary AquaPlane multi-functional swimming aid is designed to enhance the swimming journey.The AquaPlane swimming aid is designed to help children learn to swim at every step of their development.Step 1, WEAR IT: At the beginning of your child's swimming journey. Developing confidence when introduced to the water. Giving support when the child is swimming on their back.Step 2, HOLD IT: By removing the straps the AquaPlane is used as a training aid and stroke development tool to enhance all four strokes.Step 3, DEVELOP WITH IT: AquaPlane is used in the final stage of a child’s swimming development as a performance tool. Used as a kick board to increase and improve stamina and strength in the water.Features:Revolutionary Multi-functional design used throughout the swimmers journeyDevelops water confidenceImproves techniqueMost suitable for children 15-30 kgs and ages 3 upwardsAvailable in 4 bright vibrant coloursWARNING(S)To be used under constant direct adult supervisionNot Suitable for under 15kg or under 3 years age
Available in Blue Surf, Lime Fizz, Orange Sunburst & Power Purple

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2018 Swimming Aid Category 
 I really cannot fault this product. I had been so well designed and I love that when they no longer need it on their backs it can be used as a float to improve swimming technique.I am so pleased we were asked to review this item; I will be recommending it to all my friends and family as I feel it’s invaluable to any swimming trip. We had lots of compliments and questions about the item when we were using it and people were very positive in their comments about it. I could not rate it any higher.

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Go Splash Swim Vest

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Ideal for travel, the Go Splash Swim Vest is slim, compact and lightweight. It packs flat in a suitcase yet it has been technically designed to be robust and deliver the levels of buoyancy required to provide a safe, learn-to-swim experience for children aged 1-6years. With daily practice children advance their swimming skills quickly on holiday, this Swim Vest ensures children aren’t restricted by armbands or reliant on holding onto floats, they have more freedom of movement in water and are in a natural learn-to-swim position.  At £17.99 the Swim Vest offers unprecedented value-for-money; made from high quality, quick drying durable neoprene. This soft flexible jacket offers UPF50+, the highest sun protection found in fabric. It conforms to CE European Standards, has a chunky secure safety zip and the non-removable, puncture proof foam floats have been ergonomically designed to ensure a slim, comfortable, but safe fit for children.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Swimming Aids Category 
I would definitely recommend this item.Very happy with the product. Always great when your 3 year old enjoys wearing something and it looks great too. 

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Konfidence Float Suits

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For those who prefer the more traditional swimsuit, we created the ever-so cute Konfidence Floatsuits. They work on the same principle as The Original Konfidence Jacket, providing adjustable buoyancy for the wearer and freedom of movement through eight removable floats worn in outer pockets.Constructed from quick drying close-knit Lycra, the all-in-one swimsuit design offers a number of benefits:Adjustable buoyancy allows you to tailor it to your child's weight to ensure that they are not under- or over-supported in the water 30+ UPF sun protection for sun protection on all covered areas when worn outside. Quick-drying stretchy Lycra provides both comfort and convenience T-shirt top design on selected Konfidence Floatsuits offers 50+ UPF sun protection and additional protection across the shoulders and upper arms. The swimsuit design gives carers confidence and security in knowing that their little ones will always have the buoyancy they need

This product does exactly as it said in the product description. Perfect experience, no problems at all with the float suit. My son loved the fact that he could move round the pool on his own, without me holding onto him. He was so excited, which made me very happy. 

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Konfidence T Shirt Top Float Suit

1 - Sunwear Clothing
New to the Konfidence range our Swim ... - T Shirt top design on Clownfish float suit
Available  Cyan Blue/Clownfish
Sizes Available: 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 4-5 years (sizing choice will depend on weight of child so check size guide online)

I love this product and very excited to be using it as my son is so much more confident in the water and so am I as he is completely  

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Octonauts - Captain Barnacles Konfidence Floatsuit

1 - Sunwear Clothing Fans of the popular CBeebies show Octonauts can now pretend to be their favourite Octonauts character while learning to swim. Based on our award winning designs, the new Octonauts-branded swimwear features two of the show’s most popular characters; a Captain Barnacles Swim Floatsuit and a Lieutenant Kwazii Original Konfidence Buoyancy Jacket. The Konfidence Floatsuit in nautical blue - the same colour as Captain Barnacles’ uniform - features our award winning eight removable float system for tailored buoyancy. The Lycra suit has 50+ UPF sun protection and also features the Octonauts logo, as well as yellow rear float chambers to imitate Barnacles’ boosterpack. Excellent swim suit would recommend to anyone whose child needs a little support in the water supporting their own weight. The Konfidence stylish Float Suit is excellent in every way. 

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Octonauts Lieutenant Kwazii Original Jacket

1 - Sunwear Clothing Fans of the popular CBeebies show Octonauts can now pretend to be their favourite Octonauts character while learning to swim. Based on our award winning designs, the new Octonauts-branded swimwear features two of the show’s most popular characters; a Captain Barnacles Swim Floatsuit and a Lieutenant Kwazii Original Konfidence Buoyancy Jacket.  The Kwazii themed Original Konfidence™ Jacket is bright orange to match the popular feline Octonauts character, and uses our world-renown removable eight-float system that allows buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs and ability.  The Jacket, which has blue lieutenant stripes on the shoulders, on the chest and an Octonauts zip pull, also features our signature bright yellow back, which provides hi-visibility for parents at the pool or on the beach – and offers 100% sun protection on all covered areas. I’ve already recommended it to all my friends and family with children that could use it. Brilliant product. Very high quality product with a child appealing design makes it an excellent buy. 

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Sevylor Puddle Jumpers

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Perfect for your summer holiday or a visit to your local swimming pool; Puddle Jumpers guarantee fun and safety in the water for kids. The ultra-comfortable fit with a no-chaff, soft fabric cover allows for natural movement and greater freedom, meaning children can swim and explore with maximum confidence.  Quick and stress-free for parents, your child can be strapped in safely in seconds thanks to the single adjustable buckle at the rear, no more struggling with an unhappy child at the water’s edge. Comfortable and self-balancing, the Puddle Jumper keeps your child’s head above water and allows freedom of movement to swim and play in the water whilst offering the level of safety and security normally only gained from wearing a life jacket. Your child will also find it easier to swim when wearing one compared to traditional armbands and rubber rings. With four fun animal designs to choose from, your child will love wearing a Puddle Jumper. Whichever bright colour they choose, you can rest assured that the Sevylor Puddle Jumper will keep your little swimmer safe in the water this summer.

To find out more about Puddle Jumpers visit

Key features:Super-stable: a confidence booster for little swimmers -Fully adjustable fitting: providing peace of mind for parents -Dries quickly-Durable-Easy to clean -Buoyant swimming device EN1318-1 -Fits children between 14 and 23 kg; approximately 2 - 6 years old

Gave my son & myself so much more confidence in the water, absolutely fantastic product. 

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Splash About Fings

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Our revolutionary new swimming aid, the Splash About Fings. Are they Wings or Fins - you decide! Made from unpunctuarble closed cell foam, Splash About  Fings, provide self adjusting buoyancy, which puts child and baby in the correct swim position, providing support and allowing arms and legs to move freely.  Fings are funky, fun and functional. Look the coolest kid in the pool.

Loved the fings, they supported my son in the water and helped his confidence but still had the fun factor that kept him interested in using them again and again

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Splash About Float Jacket with adjustable buoyancy

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Our Float Jacket has just about everything: warmth, buoyancy, protection from the sun, and sizes from one year to adult! Made of soft and flexible 3mm neoprene, with 16 easy-to-use removable floats, you can tailor the level of buoyancy to the needs of the wearer. Fully bound, tough nylon coated, and with a YKK zip. it has everything you would expect from a product made to last, perform and look great! As with all of our Water Buddies products, our Float Jacket comes with excellent instructions and advice on helping children and adults gain confidence in water and learn to swim. There are two floats per pocket so that buoyancy can be adjusted properly and without compromising size. On the other hand you can use it to make the jacket bigger and smaller when necessary and as desired.
Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2010/11 and Winner Bizziebaby Silver Award 2011/12

Great funky designs available for boys & girls. Certainly durable enough to see a small family through the early years of swimming - so don't let price compromise your child's safety in the water.

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Splash About NEW! Float Suit with Zip

1 - Sunwear Clothing
New easy change zip down the back
UPF 50+ sun protection
Contains the unique Splash About 16 piece adjustable system which promotes the correct learn to swim position
High quality durable chlorine resistant, fabrics.
Learn to swim with Splash About’s fantastic float suit, made with float technology invented by Splash About, this practical, durable and safe swim aid gives your toddler lots of freedom to move, swim and play without bulky and unreliable armbands. Remove the floats as they learn to swim, the floatsuit is designed to hold them in the perfect swim position. As with all Splash products, the floatsuit is also UFP50+ so provides sun protection, in addition to being a swim aid. A great holiday choice, Say Goodbye to arm bands and rubber rings and get on board with the experts choice, The Splash About float suit is the perfect way to enjoy playing in and out of water, by the pool or in the sea, join the float suit revolution with Splash About.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winner 2016 - Swimming Aids Category 
This is well designed, well made, practical for parents of young children and a company that I will buy from repeatedly as my daughter grows up. I had not heard of this company and their products before however now that I have thanks to bizziebaby I will continue to buy their products as my daughter grows up. It’s not often that a product truly extends expectations however this one did, from the seams being well stitched to the fun and funky designs available. This is an excellent product. 

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Splash About Short John Float Suit

1 - Sunwear Clothing

This gorgeous FloatSuit comes in stylish Breton stripes and funky prints. It has all the benefits of our classic FloatSuit, and has legs that come to just above the knee. It will help you teach your child to swim. Unlike armbands, it gives your child full use of their arms, while holding them in the correct position for swimming. Feeling fully supported, they will gain confidence in the water. The floats can also be gradually reduced until the wearer becomes independent. The Adjustable Buoyancy System "ABS" can be adjusted to suit anybody, with two floats per pocket so that buoyancy can be individually tailored to the wearer’s requirements. As with all of our Water Buddies products, the FloatSuit comes with excellent instructions and advice on helping children gain confidence in water and learn to swim. Select from our fabulous fabrics, and from our range of sizes – from one to six years

A really good product Great and we can’t wait to go swimming again! 

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Splash Pals Baby Swim and Teething Toys

1 - Sunwear Clothing Free from BPA, PVA and phthalates. Mould resistant, to protect against harmful spores. Helps to teach babies and young children about floating on their back. Helps to sooth sore gums and aids distraction for crying babies. Recommended by swim teachers, midwives and parents4 Splash Pals to collect

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2016 within Swimming Aids Category 
It's a great size to fit in the changing bag to take out and about and works well as teether. It's also very easy for baby to hold. Very lightweight also. I would definitely recommend it to others. The fact it is all natural really helps. Especially with parents of babies with allergies. It's also lots of fun.

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SpongeBob Ultra Soft Ear Plugs

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Water can be very damaging to the ears, leading to ear problemssuch as Swimmer’s Ear.
SpongeBob earplugs help to prevent Swimmer’s Ear by keeping water out of the ears while
swimming or bathing. The antimicrobial product protection keepsthe earplugsfree of microbes
which may lead to earplug degradation, and extend usage.

These ear also very effective as a snore blocker and protects the ears from other harsh noises.
Developed by Cirrus Healthcare Products LLC the makers of EarPlanes, these are the only soft silicone
earplug which use a powerful anti-microbial agent. Offers greater sound protection than other earplugs on the market.
*Does NOT prevent or treat ear infections
They look amazing, fiddly to start with but after a few attempts it's easier. They are good for a child and even a teenager.             

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Swim Fin

1 - Sunwear Clothing
Swim Fin child swimming aid is the modern day new swimming aid, tried and tested to assist children in learing how to swim.

The Swim Fin Child Swimming Aid is the only swimming aid endorsed by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association).The Swim Fin child swimming aid in black is the ultimate swimming aid.Unlike arm-bands and swimming-rings, which keep the body upright, the Swim Fin child swimming aid works in harmony with the body, helping to develop a better swimming position.Unlike kickboards and floats, the Swim Fin leaves the arms free to move, significantly speeding up the learning of front-crawl, breast-stroke, butterfly and even back-stroke.
 Brilliant Invention and I hope I can find a Swimming Class in the near future who already use Swim Fin in there Sessions.We are already thinking of purchasing the Swim Fin Backpack to go with it so that our little Man can look cool in and out of the pool!!

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Swimbabes Monkey Swimmers Swimming Armbands

1 - Sunwear Clothing

Monkey swimmers swimming armbands are the world's slimmest adjustable armband and the safest and most comfortable swimming armbands ever.With a unique Award Wining design which is safety certified to fit kids aged 1-6 years. NEW Monkey Swimmers foam armbands are manufactured using the highest quality super soft foams, resulting in a kids swimming product that is chemical free and probably the safest and most comfortable armband ever invented. The superslim design means that kids are free to move their arms in the water whilst wearing armbands.This speeds up the learning to swim processA unique layered design to enable the parent to reduce buoyancy as the child gains more confidence and supplied with storybook and progress booklet.

Absolutely brilliant product!! It boosts confidence and gets results. Long term it subtly reduces dependency on the product rather than removing the aid in one go.

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1 - Sunwear Clothing
SwimFin is the first truly new development in the teaching of swimming for decades - tried and tested to assist anyone in learning to swim. Unlike arm-bands, noodles or other devices, SwimFin works in harmony with the body, helping to develop a better and more natural swimming position.SwimFin compensates for different abilities, providing as much support as the swimmer needs, yet giving confidence to even the most timid learner. Read more about how SwimFin works...SwimFin is also a flotation device that complies with international safety standards, providing enough buoyancy to keep an adult afloat. And after it has done it's job as a learning-aid, SwimFin will always find use as a fun water toy.
Great product, easy to use and fun for children. William loved using it and wouldn’t take it off even around the house! It’s gives good support and encourages proper alignment in the water and allows the arms to move freely. Only think I would change is packaging to a box ad it looks more professional and is biodegradable. 

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Swimseal Protective Eardrops

1 - Sunwear Clothing SwimSeal is a unique formulation containing Australian tea tree oil that is applied before exposure to water  Creates a waterproof coating in the ear canal.  Prevents ear discomfort and infections due to trapped water.  Leaves the ear naturally and should be reapplied as needed. Prevention is better than cure
Definitely would recommend to friends and family. An easy to use and compact product to pop into your swim bag. 

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1 - Sunwear Clothing
Swimming with your baby It is crucial that babies acquire different kinds of movements and physical abilities during their first year of life, in order to promote the development of higher functions of the brain.  Swimming gives babies free movement, meaning they can develop actions they wouldn't otherwise have had the opportunity to experience.Swimming is excellent for improving core muscle development and co-ordination.Regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns.  It's fun, socially stimulating (for both you and your baby!) and an excellent way to bond with your child.The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" can be used from only 3 months of age and gives children the necessary sense of security in the water during every stage of their development. Our highly innovative, patented design ensures early enjoyment in the water.

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" 3 months to 4 years, The red SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is used for adaptation to the water and for learning the correct leg movement, (frog movement).
This SWIMTRAINER "Classic" was designed for babies and toddlers with a weight of approx. 6 kg to 18 kg / 13 lbs – 40 lbs and is designated for beginners.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Swimming Aids Category 

It’s well designed and a good quality product!! I would definitely recommend it to any one with young children learning to swim! My overall experience has been 100% positive, I have really enjoyed using his product with my daughter and she has enjoyed using it too (as has my younger daughter) it has given my daughter confidence in the water and she is learning to kick her feet properly! It’s a great quality unique product!! 

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The Original Konfidence Jacket

1 - Sunwear Clothing
The Original Konfidence Jacket was first released in 1998. Since then it has become a best selling and firm favourite with parents and swimming teachers in over 25 countries world wide. Made from hi-grade soft neoprene offering superb lateral and longitudinal stretch allowing a snug, comfortable fit, the Jacket incorporates 8 internal float pockets which position the buoyancy around the wearer’s torso, and, most importantly, below the water line. This provides the stability to give the wearer confidence and freedom in the water, whilst crucially allowing their arms to be free and unencumbered, to learn and practice swimming strokes. As the wearer’s ability progresses, the floats can be removed in pairs, to reduce the buoyancy, and encourage further development. Eventually all floats are dispensed with and the user is a fully independent swimmer! It is the attention to detail that sets the Original Konfidence Jacket apart from its imitators and ensures you are purchasing the best available;- hi grade neoprene that provides the most snug and secure fit, and reduces the ability of the jacket to move independently of the wearer - soft Lycra binding throughout the Jacket to minimise possibility of chafing from rubbing - Chunky YKK zip to maximise security and parents’ confidence - High neck jacket design to maximise thermal properties and UV properties ( 100% UV Protective ) when worn outdoors. - Trademark Hi Visibility Yellow back as standard on all jackets to increase visibility on beaches or crowded pools.
Winner Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2011, 2013 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 

Overall the product is of brilliant quality that will last a long time.                                                                                                                                                                       

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