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Avant Baby Buggy Hooks

1 - Prams / Strollers
The Avant Baby "Buggy Hook” enables parents to keep their hands free whilst pushing the pram. No more trying to squeeze all your shopping bags into your prams basket or trying to get to your nappy bag in a hurry.Simply Velcro each hook onto the buggy’s handle bars, hang your shopping bags or changing bag and away you go.An ideal hook, designed to hold anything you need to hang from a stroller.Features a strong and lightweight aluminium hook that won't break.‘No clip’ system makes it easy to remove bags using only one hand.Deep U Shape can accommodate extra wide handles.Easy to attach to all shaped pushchairs using the Velcro strap.Rubbery base grips onto the bar and prevents it sliding down.Short hook, holds bags close to the stroller.Each hook can hold weight up to 5kgs.Two in one pack.

I have a bugaboo donkey pushchair for my twins which I love apart from the underneath basket is not very big at all so these hooks are a life saver, wish I had them sooner ;) top marks all round. 

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Baby Elegance Pram Hook

1 - Prams / Strollers
Pram hook that fits all buggies.  Perfect solution for holding bags on strollers.  Easy to fasten with long Velcro strap.  Can hold weight up to 10 kilograms

 Easy to use and good quality – feels secure and safe as long as you don't hang too much on it.

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Buggy Hook

1 - Prams / Strollers

 Bebelephant Buggy Hook - Holds handbags, nappy bags, shopping bags and more. Swivels 360 degrees, providing comfort and convenience. Great value. 2 hooks included. Versatile! Can also be used in nursery, bathroom, almost anywhere.

Does the job it was made for and worked well.  Love the product and could not do without it now.


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Goldbug Mummy Clip Single

1 - Prams / Strollers

The Mummy Clip by Goldbug is the only way to get around in ease with kids, any time, any place. It is the handy, convenient way to shop or travel with kids when you have lots to take along besides the tots! The Mummy Clip is lightweight, versatile, and easy to use. The secure clip opens and closes with one simple flick. It holds nappy bags, shopping bags, hand bags and groceries, so that your hands are free to shop and manage your child. The Mummy Clip fits a variety of stroller handles, and is perfect also for shopping carts, or just as a hand-held clutch to collect all your parcels on one clip, without putting strain on your hand. Just snap it on and you're set to go! You can even use The Mummy Clip by Goldbug to carry bags from your car to your home. Designed especially for Mummiesand Daddies, too!

Brilliant product, can't believe how easy it makes taking all the baby & toddler essentials without having to carry around a heavy bag all the time.

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Little Saints Buggyguard B-Hook

1 - Prams / Strollers

Buggyguard - B-Hook - the best hook for your bag and shopping
Unique features for this lock are:
- B-Hook Universal Fit for ALL strollers even those with a wide handle. - Non-Slip foam grip keeps hook in its place - Convenient Lock for securing valuables Hinge opens outward for easy access - Accommodates wide purses and shopping bag handles. - Strong lightweight aluminum construction


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My Buggy Buddy Clip

1 - Prams / Strollers
My Buggy Buddy Clips are the best way of hanging bags and shopping from the pram handle. The foam covering prevents any marking of the handle and stops the bags moving. Available in black, pink and blue these clips have achieved 2 recognised awards.
My Buggy Buddy Clip - A helping hand that will make life that little bit easier when out and about. Safe and unlike any other buggy clip on the market.


Gold Award Winners 2008 and 2010/11 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2011/12  

 It gave you peace of mind that someone could not just take your bags offyour handle without you noticing.  It was handy, it is a good invention and still easy to use at the same time.  

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My Buggy Buddy Large Clip

1 - Prams / Strollers The large clip is slightly bigger than the original My Buggy Buddy and is designed to fits buggies that have slightly larger handle bars such as the icandy or Stokke.   Fantastic product. I’ve loved this item, keeps a hand free to keep hold of 4 year old, saves straining to carry the shopping and when not in use my 4 year old likes to hold onto it instead of my hand. 

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My Buggy Buddy White Clip

1 - Prams / Strollers My Buggy Buddy award winning small clip for hanging shopping from the pram or buggy handle. Foam protection to prevent marking on the pram handle and stop the clip from moving. Safety and strength tested. Sold worldwide and now available in trendy white! It gives you the ability to carry that bit extra that won’t it under the buggy leaving your hands and shoulders free of additional baggage. Its simple design allows you to use it on a variety of prams and buggies and can either be left on the buggy or stored in the change bag when not in use.

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