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Flexi Holder

1 - Monitors Baby video monitors are a great way to watch your child whilst they are sleeping. But often the design is frustrating because you canít angle the monitor to properly see your baby.Do you struggle to find the best spot to place your baby monitor?Do you find yourself balancing the baby monitor on the arm of a chair or even the cot, but you only achieve a part view of your baby?Or put it on the window sill and try to tilt it downwards towards your cot?We have all been there, and itís so easy to forget the danger of the camera falling into the cot. Our Baby Camera Holder (The Flexi holder) is your safest and most flexible solution; itís an innovative device that will hold all baby cameras to show your baby in their cot from any angle. Overall I have enjoyed using the product and it has given me peace of mind watching my child. I would recommend this for any new parents, as mentioned it seems that it would last for many children. The flexibility of the product makes it easy to use both at home and travelling. 

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