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Jacqui Jackson 6 week Post Natal Fitness Course

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There is so much pressure on mums these days, not only to be successful career women and Supermums all at the same time - but also to look Instagram ready even when you pop to the shops for a pint of milk. It's just too much pressure and we are suffering for it. We need time to regain our strength, reconnect with our core and pelvic floor muscles, understand what we need to eat to help our body recover as well as time to relax and be still (even for a moment!).I know from having two little ones myself the impact children can have on your physical and emotional well-being. The key is not to give up hope. Whatever issue you want to tackle, whether it's to keep fit and strong during pregnancy, regain your strength after having your baby, improve your energy levels, understand what to eat to help you recover, keep those hormones in check, reconnect with your pelvic floor or just to grab some much needed 'me time', there is a solution. And I can help.TrainingI am run a collection of Pre & Post Natal courses, classes and 1-2-1 training sessions in Bedford.My approach to Pre & Post Natal Fitness focuses wholly on what you, the mum, needs. Time is taken to rebuild you from the inside out - focusing on the positive steps to get you where you want to be.So whether you are pregnant, a new (or not so new) mum or someone who believes they have a weak pelvic floor then get in touch to see how I can help you during this time.After all, the best gift you can give a baby is a happy and healthy mum!

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6 week Course £80.00 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Elisa Miles – Oliver 2 Years

Elisa Awarded The Jacqui Jackson 6 week Post Natal Fitness Course 5/5

My initial impression was that it is a great idea to get women back into, or just into, fitness after having their baby. Also, to get on top of those issues that comes with having had a baby. I had not really been thinking about exercise programme to be honest but I didn’t really do exercise before I fell pregnant. But when I got asked I thought it was a great idea. The pre-screening process was really helpful. I am also disabled so it was great to sit down and have a chat to get reassurance and some tips on how to get around the issues I have to still make full use of the course. The online exercise class was very easy to follow. It is all on screen so very easy to copy and do the exercises. I did make tome to complete the routine each week. Sometimes it was harder than others but that comes with life with a toddler. But, the great thing is you can do it at any point because you just click on the link. It was easy to do it with Oliver in the room and sometimes he even tried to join in. It can be done any time day or night so can always find time eventually. I was very sick for 1 week so just continued the next week which is the great thing about this course. It took about 3 weeks before I started to notice a difference. I started noticing less leakage and it easier to do more of the video in one go. The 10 minute homework videos were great. These were ideal to just top up in between and only being 10 mins long it was easy to fit in somewhere in a day even whist dinner was cooking or Oliver had just gone to bed. The free goody bag of equipment was very useful. I wouldn’t have had the equipment to help me do the exercises without it and the bag is very handy for shopping. Some of the nutritional guide was helpful. We are fairly picky eaters in this house but a few we did try and really enjoyed them. I enjoyed trying to fit in the regular tips and ideas on self-care as and when I could. The massage was a bit out of reach so didn’t manage that one unfortunately. Regarding the ‘Love your Core support group’ on Facebook, not a lot was posted whist I was doing the course but if you scroll back there are some helpful tip and food suggestions to try. This course has really helped my post natal recovery. My bladder leakage was my main concern and this has pretty much disappeared so that alone has been a major success. It has also helped me become a bit more mobile as well with other issues I have with my joints. This course was effective and easy to fit into my daily routine. This is due to the nature of it being on line it means you can fit it totally around your schedule no matter what that is. You can do it in sections if baby wakes up early for a nap or needs changing etc. Also you can do it at any time and not set to a time and day if you’re to go to a set place for a course. Given that it is aimed at mum's with families it works incredibly well. I loved the way you can do it as and when you want to. Because I am disabled I was also able to tailor it to me as well. If there was an exercise I was unable to do I would just repeat the one before that I could do or one that targeted my main issues. I could do the hour one in several chunks rather than all in one go but the chunks did get longer as I went through the weeks which was fantastic. I think its spot on for what it is and does what it says on the tin. Very easy to follow instructions that are explained and showed very well. The videos are very clear and well done.I believe it does offer value for money. For all that you get with it and able to do it at home and any time you want to. Also you have access for 12 months so can go over it all again and continue for the whole year and not just the 6 weeks. You also don’t loose a week if your poorly you just start again when you’re well enough rather than missing a week if it was a set course somewhere. Having access to the course for 12 months is helpful. I am planning on going over them again and continue to try and build up my strength a little more. I would purchase this course. I have been totally happy with the results and how flexible it is and you can do it in your own home without going out but also without having to find and rely on someone to baby sit. I would informally recommend it to anyone who has had a child in the last few years.I found this course fantastic for the money and the totally flexibility it bring with it being online. It doesn’t take up loads of time and not even every day which I also liked. If disabled (mainly arthritis in knees) then I found it great as I could do it when my joints were slightly less painful and do it in chunks rather than all in one go. You can then build up on the times as you got through the course. It will fit in around any family as it is available any time of the day or night, it can be paused or stopped and can even be done with little one in the room with you. Oliver even attempted to join in. I would recommend it to anyone and is worth the money. I even enjoyed doing exercise which I would have never thought I would hear myself say. Although you are welcome to call or email at any point I would have liked a mid course call just to check up but other than that it’s great. Elisa Miles – Oliver 2 Years

Product Tested By Aimee Hall – Daisy 8 Months

Aimee Awarded The Jacqui Jackson 6 week Post Natal Fitness Course 5/5

I thought this was a great idea to help motivate you back into exercise. I had been thinking about exercising after having Daisy. The telephone call and pre-screening process was great and Jacqui make me feel at ease. I found the 1 hour online exercise class very easy to follow and the bundle of exercise equipment was a great idea. I did find time to fit this into my daily routine. Although I do feel that 2 sessions of half an hour each would have been better and easier to fit in. After the first few weeks I began to notice I had more energy. The 10 minute homework videos are great. This is an added bonus and I found myself doing them most days as it was an easy way to remain motivated. The goody bag of equipment was very useful. I personally did not try the recipes on the Nutrition guide as they were not to my taste.The regular tips and ideas on self-care are good and I found the pelvic floor exercises very helpful. I found some helpful tips on the ‘Love your Core support group’ on Facebook. I think it will be a great place when more people are signed up. This has certainly given me more energy. I found it effective but as said before an hour was hard to fit in. I loved the ease of being able to choose when you could exercise and in the privacy of your own home. Quality is great. Good value. I do think a larger variety of recopies would be good. I will continue to use these videos and I have been using the last few every week still. I would consider signing up to this course.I would recommend and I have already recommended it to a few friends. A great way for new mums to get back into exercise. Helpful, friendly and easy to follow routines. A relaxed way to get back into exercise. Aimee Hall – Daisy 8 Months

Product Tested ByEmma-Louise Kirkland – Alexander & Isla 23 Months & 11 Months

Emma-Louise Awarded The Jacqui Jackson 6 Week Post Natal Fitness Course 4/5

I thought this was expensive for a workout routine but was interested as there’s a lot of focus on pelvic floor muscles. I had not been thinking about exercising after having my children.I wasn’t happy with my body but didn’t see myself having the time with two small children in the house. Jacqui was very easy to talk to; made me feel really relaxed and explained why the questions were asked. I found the hourly online exercise class very easy to follow. You are talked through everything and there’s no distracting music so you don’t miss anything! It was difficult at times to fit this into my routine and would have preferred to do the exercises more. It took about 3-4 weeks for me to notice a difference in my body. The 10 minute homework video is good as easy to follow, but again would have liked to do them more. The free goody bag of equipment is ideal and I did not do the exercises without them. I didn’t really use the nutritional guide as we are all fussy eaters. The tips and ideas to fit self-care into your daily schedule are good. Good suggestions however finding time for everything is difficult. I did not realise the ‘Love your Core support group’ on Facebook was available. This course has helped me feel better, and feel a bit healthier.I found it very difficult to fit in; I never have a spare minute.I really like that it gives you motivation to work out when otherwise you wouldn’t. I loved it, very detailed and can be adjusted to suit anyone. I did think it was expensive but I think it’s worth it and it’s cheaper than joining a gym. I fully intend to use the videos over the next year when possible. I would buy it when I’m at the stage that I have more free time.I would recommend as I did see a difference and enjoyed doing it when I had the time. The only thing I can fault is the price. Emma-Louise Kirkland – Alexander & Isla 23 Months & 11 Months




BizzieBaby 2018 SILVER Award Elisa Awarded The Jacqui Jackson 6 week Post Natal Fitness Course 5/5

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