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Gaia Mama Bead with Sterling Silver plated Bead core.. Made by hand just for you using your mama milk. What a lovely way to always cherish these nurturing moments. The pendant inclusions are whatever you would like from various pigments, metallic leaf and real flowers- this will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 Momentos & Keepsakes Category 

£30.00 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Angela Chalkley – Tilly 2 Months

Angela Awarded The Gaia Mama Bead 5/5

Initial contact was very friendly and personalised. I found the kit supplied very simple to use. Full instructions were sent by email and also included in the sample pack along with containers and packaging required to send it back to the company. I have previously used a different company for a keepsake and they just asked you to send the sample in the post meaning further expense for the container and postage. I was very happy that this was all included! Erin contacted me to let me know what was going on at every stage, from when the sample pack was sent to when it was received and when the final bead was sent out which was very reassuring.As mentioned above, when I have ordered with another keepsake company, once the sample was sent, I had no idea how long the order would take and actually had to contact the business owner after 2 months as I was unsure how long it was going to be! So a big improvement this time!From ordering my kit, submitting my breast milk and the item arriving took about 2 weeks which is fantastic. It was beautiful! Very well made and exactly what I had requested.The packaging was so lovely. This looked lovely on too. It is something I will cherish always. Breast milk charms are a really lovely keepsake especially when you know it is going to be your last baby, as a momento of that amazing, close bond. Quality of the final necklace is excellent. Superb value for money. The service was friendly and helpful and the product was of an excellent quality. I would purchase again from this company. The experience was enjoyable and the product is exactly as I had expected. I would recommend for all the reasons above. This product is unique and special and I feel that the customer service that went with it reinforced this for me! Angela Chalkley – Tilly 2 Months

Product Tested By Shelley Townsend Paisley and Rueben – 2 years 6 Months & 3 Months

Shelley Awarded The Gaia Mama Bead 5/5

I was contacted by the company who gave me all the details about what I would be receiving and asked me in detail about what color I would like my bead!! The kit was really easy to use and easy instructions, only took me a few minutes to do!I felt really well looked after from start to finish! Was kept updated throughout the whole process. From ordering the kit, sending back and receiving my bead it took about 5 weeks. When the final product arrive it looked beautiful. It came packaged well and arrived to me safely! This looked really high quality.I firstly used this as on a necklace and them later placed on a bracelet and many people commented on it. I will always cherish this as I had a bit of a struggle on my short breast feeding journey!! It’s nice to have a keepsake. This is a beautiful bead and I love it however I felt like it was maybe missing something like a seal over it... its not very shiny and looks like it may chip easily. This is great value and I would recommend friends and family to order at such a great price! I love the fact it is personal to me and only me. If I wanted to have another keepsake I wouldn’t hesitate to order one! I would recommend as it is such a lovely keepsake, so would happily recommend to friends and family. Beautiful bead, great customer service and an overall lovely experience with this company! Fantastic company with great, friendly customer service... a beautiful bead I will cherish forever. Shelley Townsend Paisley and Rueben – 2 years 6 Months & 3 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Goobey – Liza 4 Months

Fiona Awarded The Gaia Mama Bead 5/5

My initial contact with the company was great, really helpful and advised me through every step of the process. They contacted me to organise delivery of my kit and also check the colour /pigment I preferred for my bead. The kit arrived quickly with easy to follow instructions and took no time to organise and send back. This company offers excellent service and kept me updated at all times with when kit received and when to expect my bead and emailed me to advise bead on way. Superb customer service could not ask for better. From ordering the kit to sending back and receiving bead it took about 5 weeks. This arrived in a lovely presented box and I was really pleased with how lovely it looked and could not wait to wear it. Quality, style, design all excellent. This looked great on as liked the way the bead was designed. I have this on a silver necklace and wear it every day. This is a really special item as they use your breast milk to create your very own special bead so unique to you and a one off. No one else will have anything like this made for you and it is a truly special item to be cherished always. A really lovely idea, a high quality bead which I enjoy wearing. I think this is superb value and the final product is truly beautiful. Definitely amazing value. I would buy more as I would now like one to go on my charm bracelet. I would recommend as the service is second to none and the final product is exquisite. If you have not had anything like this made for you before do go onto this website as the quality is excellent and it is personally designed just for you. Just love it. Fiona Goobey – Liza 4 Months


BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Angela Awarded The Gaia Mama Bead 5/5

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