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Superhero Lotto Game

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A matching and memory game featuring superheroes with special powers. The game is played similarly to all our other lotto games...use your memory skills to match your superheroes' power tiles and complete your board! Items on the tiles range from kites to umbrellas and can be used to encourage discussion about the different items.The game features four different child superheroes, including one who can fly and one who can talk to animals. Children can get creative and have fun inventing superhero stories about the characters! There are also superhero fact files on the reverse of the boards for children to find out more information about their chosen superhero.
Double sided boards mean the game can be played in two ways, using illustrated or blank tiles for a more challenging level of play.Contents:24 item cards4 superhero boards1 instruction leaflet
Suitable for ages 3-7

Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2018  Pre-School Toys Category 

£7.75 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Lorna Grant – Jack 3 Years

Lorna Awarded The Superhero Lotto Game 5/5

It looked colourful, appealing and good fun. It was just the right amount of difficulty to open, I could manage easily but my 3yr old couldn’t, which is great for not losing pieces!The instructions were concise and easy to understand, skimmed over once and we were able to play the game loads. It was lots of fun, my little guy loved looking for the pictures he needed, even his big brother, who’s 9 had to join in. The contents are perfect, we had more than 4 play as we took the game to grannies house and we turned it into a shared/turn taking game, which all of the children loved. After playing once or twice my three year old knew the object and rules of the game. This game was educational, my little guy was listening to the words and descriptions of each of the pictures, then trying to repeat them and since the first play I’ve noticed him using the words again.My 3yr old boy wasn’t interested at all in the facts, but my 5, 6, 7 year old nieces were, and they were all desperate to choose the best superheros. This certainly kept my little guy entertained. After a few weeks the novelty hasn’t worn off which in itself is a novelty! He still brings it to me and asks to play! I do think this game is appropriate for my son, but with any game its child specific related, I have a very intelligent 2yr old niece and she was able to do it, so I’d say 3-7 is perfect for the game. This game was played with friends and we even took it to grannies to play with the many, many cousins! This game was played almost daily, sometimes twice a day. This is the perfect game to take on holiday. It is small and compact enough to fit in bag, case, and car so ideal to take on your travels. Great quality, sturdy game pieces. Great value because of the quality, but more importantly for me, because my child wants to play it! I loved the whole concept, the "luck of the draw” when choosing your cards, the colourful stimulating pictures. My boys just adored it! I would definitely buy for friends and family as gifts too. I would recommend as it is such a good game. It was an attractive and fun game; from the minute it arrives I had my 3yr old son, jumping around me like a spaniel desperate to play it. From the first game till the most recent he enjoys it, he likes to announce the picture cards, the superhero names, everything. He has learnt a lot of descriptive words and his short term memory is improving. I love the game as much as he does. Lorna Grant – Jack 3 Years

Product Tested By Emma Daley – Daughter 3 Years 10 Months

Emma Awarded The Superhero Lotto Game 5/5

When this arrived it was colourful and appealing to children. The packaging was sturdy which is a bonus when children are playing with it. Instructions very informative and easy to read. Loved it. It was a good learning game for my children. As soon as I read them the rules they understood the game. This is most definitely educational; it taught them to really concentrate on the game in order to win. My eldest son is massive into superheros at the moment so the facts of the back of the card were ideal for him and it was nice for the game to cater to both my children's needs. This did keep them both entertained for quite some time as they liked using different boards each time. This is age appropriate as the pieces are nice and big so takes the safety issues away. They played this game with myself, my husband and their grandparents. We would play this quite often as they really enjoyed the game. This is definitely a great game to take on holiday with you.It is easy to pack away and the packaging is sturdy enough to withstand travel but at the same time not too big to fit in to luggage. Very good quality as the pieces are made out of thick card so can withstand how children play. Yes this is good value and I would have been happy to have paid more. I really liked the fact this is a game that the whole family can play together. I would purchase this as I feel its great value for money and also a good game to bring the family together. I would recommend for the same reasons. Fun, easy to understand, easy to use, durable and great value for money. Emma Daley – Daughter 3 Years 10 Months

Product Tested By Patricia Savage Robinson – Kristian 5 Years

Patricia Awarded The Superhero Lotto Game 4.8/5

Very pleased with the initial product when it arrived. It was also very well packaged and well protected. Instructions were very easy to understand. I thought the concept of the game was good. The contents of the game were good quality and well made. My 5 year old found it very easy to play.This game is very educational for children as it gets them thinking and good for the memory. To be honest my little on was not really interested in the Superhero Fact files on the reverse of the boards, he just wanted to get on and play the game. This did keep him entertained for short periods only. I think this game is more for 3 - 5 year olds as my 2 nephews age 7 were not interested after 1 game. We all played this game together and my son also played with his cousins. My son would play this game most days. I think it would be great to take on holidays to keep them entertained for short periods at a time. The quality of this game is excellent. Also it is excellent value for money. My 5 year old says it’s the colours he liked most and he had to put his thinking cap on. I have already purchased this for my little niece. I would also highly recommend. This game is colourful, excellent value for money and educational too. Patricia Savage Robinson – Kristian 5 Years


BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Lorna Awarded The Superhero Lotto Game 5/5

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