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A beautiful bracelet size 99.9% pure silver charm, in a shape of your choice with personalised prints and initals included. A name can be included if it is 5 characters or less. This size charm is ideal for a bracelet. You can also choose from a Thomas Sabo style fitting or a Pandora style fitting as an optional extra.Charm size approx. 20mmNote. An impression kit is included in the price of this gift. Once you have placed your order an impression kit will be sent to you, with full instructions so you can take the handprint or footprint very easily from home, it is not messy at all. Then just pop it back into the SAE and leave the rest to me.If you would like your child's drawing on the charm you can just scan the drawing and email it to me at [email protected] Please ensure the drawing is quite simple as these work the best and use a sharp ordinary pencil, no colours or crayons.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2017 and Bizziebaby GOLD AWARD WINNERS 2018

£55.00 Available

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Product Tested By Kristen Barrett –Bee 3

Kris Awarded The Personalised silver charm with handprint footprint or drawing 5/5

I was so excited at the idea of having a personalised charm. There is a wide range of charms to choose from; Natasha sent me the brochure with the imprint pack. The only difficulty is deciding which of the lovely charms to choose! This was incredibly easy; I chose to have a handprint from each of my daughters on a round disc charm. The special paper and wipe were simple to use and we got a clear print from each first time. I asked that their names be added beside the handprint and Natasha was happy to oblige. Natasha welcomed me to the experience of creating a silver keepsake and then kept me updated on the process. There was simply nothing that couldhave been improved in any way. From the ribbon to the box to the paper insert showcasing the personalised design we created to the charm itself, everything was exceptional. I chose a simple disc as I wanted a classic design that wouldnot become dated as the years go by. Many to choose from but this was elegant and stylish. A thicker disc than I was imagining, how lovely to have something arrive being better quality than I thought it would be. A wonderful surprise. It’s hard to think of just one thing but I was so impressed by the ability to make this heirloom piece of jewellery look exactly the way I wanted it to. I wear it every day and it is everything I hoped it would be. The flexibility must surely be the greatest part as you can't help but create the perfect keepsake. Without question, this is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I will leave it to my daughters to pass on to future generations. This is something that commemorates a time in my family tree and if my children have children I will commission one of these to commemorate them becoming mothers. I would willingly purchase again. It seemed to take forever to arrive but that was simply my enthusiasm and in no way anything that Natasha did. I intend to buy my daughters a charm each if they have children in the future. It absolutely does offer value for money; I treasure this in the same way as I treasure my engagement and wedding rings. I already have recommended. I think that I have shown half the staff at work as well as complete strangers in the baby aisle at the supermarket. It can be rare these days that something exceeds our expectations however for me every part of this process was easy and enjoyable. I have a beautiful keepsake for all time that reminds me of this time in our lives. I have never been keen on personalised keyring, necklaces (thinking Carrie's name necklace in Sex and the City) etc. as they seemed passé yet this is simply elegant and the most perfect moment captured for all time. My only concern is that now I am going to want to create a hand 3D casting of the entire family. These are beautiful pieces that you want to keep and give to loved ones. Kristen Barrett –Bee 3

Product Tested By Karly Jones – Henry 7 Months

Karly Awarded The Personalised silver charm with handprint footprint or drawing 5/5

I think it is a beautiful idea that makes for a lovely sentimental gift. The instructions were easy enough to follow although there was no way of telling who the print was from once they received it back. There was no order number etc. that I could see, so I wrote down separately my name and address to go inside the stamped address envelope so they knew who the print was from. The process of printing my son’s foot on to the paper was pretty easy. And you can send more than one print so they can then pick the best one for the charm. Communication was great between myself and the company. They replied quickly and always kept me updated of my order. It was beautifully packaged lots of care had been taken on presentation. I thought the style was perfect; they had a great selection to choose from.The actual charm and footprint quality are amazing. love the style and the sentimental value the charm has to me. Each charm is unique and beautiful. The care taken with the presentation and wrapping was also lovely. Yes I definitely agree this is special and unique. No one else has a charm like mine with my son’s footprint on it. They are one of a kind gifts. I now have a reminder of my son as a baby and what we went through to get him. I would purchase again as ordering was easy and the choice is incredible! This is ideal to purchase as a gift as it would be just such a lovely gift to give. Definitely good value as they are very reasonably prices and a great quality. I would recommend this product as they are great gift idea. The quality of the product is good, the footprint is very clear and the standard of customer service is great. Overall this charm is beautiful and the print is clear and perfect on the charm. The styles they have to offer are lovely and customer service is really good. My overall experience is very positive, I am extremely happy with the outcome and I am already recommending friends to them. It is something I will always be able to wear and keep. Communication was good and the instructions on how to gain the print were very easy to follow. Everything is provided for you. Karly Jones – Henry 7 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Roberts – Rhys & Jessica – 2 Years & 4 Months

Gemma Awarded The Personalised silver charm with handprint footprint or drawing 4.4/5

I loved the idea of having this personal piece of jewellery with such a real link to my children. Being made in silver means that I am confident it will last and will mean that I can always carry that little bit of my children with me. Time goes so fast these days that having a little 'freeze frame' of them at this age is something I will be very grateful for in the future. I think the process I went through was slightly different to what a normal customer would experience as I ordered my charm by email with the company. I received prompt responses to my emails and questions and it was very quick and easy to get the order placed and confirmed. I received the impression kit a few days after placing the order and the instructions were nice and clear as to how to go about producing as clear a print as possible and ensuring that it worked well when produced on the charm. This I found difficult to begin with as I was choosing one charm but I have two children so didn't want to choose between them! However, I discussedthis with the company and decided to have a fingerprint from each of my children on one charm so that I had a memory from both of them. The lady from the company explained that my daughter's fingerprint might not be as clear as she is still very young but I was happy with what she explained so we went ahead with that option. I really appreciated the advice received during this process as I have not purchased anything like this before! I was very impressed with the communication and service from the English Charm Company. My emails were answered clearly and promptly and suggestions were made which ensured I was able to get exactly what I wanted from the charm even if that wasn't what was initially advertised! I felt like the service was very personal and that they really wanted to make sure that I was happy with my selection. The charm was beautifully presented in a gift box with a ribbon and was well packaged so that it was unlikely to get damaged in the post. The sturdy gift box and packaging within it also ensured that the charm itself was clean and well protected.The charm is simple in design and has a real handmade feel to it. It doesn't have that 'factory produced' look to it which makes it feel all the more individual. The size of the charm is ideal, big enough to showcase the prints on it without feeling cumbersome. The choice of shapes available means that you are bound to find one to suit your tastes. The charm itself appears to be of good quality and has a nice weight to it. The fingerprints have come out well and I was pleased with the quality of them, especially that of my daughter given the warning I mentioned about the possible issues with clarity of fingerprints from young babies. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my children's names had been included on the back of the charm, something I hadn't expected given that I had two children represented on one charm and my daughter's name is longer than the 5 characters they advise on their website. It appears that these names were added by hand rather than by machine (I'm not sure what the usual process would be but had presumed letter stamps were used) which shows a dedication to pleasing the customer which you don't always find these days! The spacing of the names is consequently a little uneven but this is not an issue for me as it is a lovely addition and adds to the unique feel of the charm.I like the personal feel to the charm the best I think. The company worked with me to make sure I was happy with what was represented on the charm and because I know it is completely unique, it makes it so much more special. The inclusion of my children's names makes it even more personal and I know that it is something I can keep forever as a memento of when my children were small. I think this makes a lovely gift. These days it can be so difficult to find a baby gift which isn't duplicated or which will last a long time. This is something completely unique and, being made in sterling silver, will last a very long time. Using a hand, foot or finger print gives you such a physical link to your child, something which isn't usually found in a piece of jewellery. Due to the personalised nature of this product, it is quite costly. In my current position as a stay at home parent, this is not something I could ordinarily afford to buy myself. However, in other circumstances, I would indeed purchase this product again as I think it is such a lovely idea and well executed. The added option of having a child's drawing put on a charm means that you could capture another memory of your child as they grow older which makes a repeat purchase appealing. For me personally, it is more than I could afford to spend on a gift for most people but for a close family member or a special friend, yes, this is something I would consider buying as a gift. At first glance, £55 for a small silver charm seems like a lot of money but when you consider what it included for that price, it is actually quite reasonable! You get the impression kit which includes enough material to make 2 of each impression to ensure that a clear result is achieved, and then the labour which must go into transferring these impressions onto the charm and including names as well must be considerable. The charm itself is a decent size and is not in any way flimsy so the quality is there too. I would recommend this product. Not having seen or purchased anything similar before, I don't have anything to compare it against but I was impressed with the quality and feel of the product. Being a slightly chunkier design than some charms, it may not suit all tastes but I feel that it will work well on a charm bracelet and that the design and amount of material used adds to the longevity of the product. I was generally very impressed with this product. The quality appears to be high and the service received when deciding what to put on the charm was great. The flexibility offered was another plus and meant that the charm really was personal to me. The only reason I haven't given it full marks is because it doesn't quite have the polished feel of some other personalised jewellery I have had previously. Overall I am really pleased with the charm and look forward to treasuring it for a long time!One thing to be aware of when purchasing this product is the time needed for the whole process so make sure you order plenty in advance of when it is needed. The impression kit was sent out quickly but then needs posting back obviously and then you need to allow time for your charm to be produced. The whole process took about a month for me but I know the company had been particularly busy so this time may well vary. (It also took me a few days to sort the impressions as trying to get a print from ababy and a toddler is a two person job!). However, I was kept up to date throughout the process so I knew what stage we were at and had an idea of when I was likely to receive the charm. A great company to deal with and one I would be happy to use again. Gemma Roberts – Rhys & Jessica – 2 Years & 4 Months



BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Kris Awarded The Personalised silver charm with handprint footprint or drawing 5/5

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