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A beautiful bracelet size 99.9% pure silver charm, in a shape of your choice with personalised prints and initals included. A name can be included if it is 5 characters or less. This size charm is ideal for a bracelet. You can also choose from a Thomas Sabo style fitting or a Pandora style fitting as an optional extra.Charm size approx. 20mmNote. An impression kit is included in the price of this gift. Once you have placed your order an impression kit will be sent to you, with full instructions so you can take the handprint or footprint very easily from home, it is not messy at all. Then just pop it back into the SAE and leave the rest to me.If you would like your child's drawing on the charm you can just scan the drawing and email it to me at Please ensure the drawing is quite simple as these work the best and use a sharp ordinary pencil, no colours or crayons.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2017 Keepsakes Category 

£55.00 Available

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Product Tested By Rachel Simons – Zander 11 Months

Rachel Awarded The Handprint, Footprint charm 5/5

When this arrived looked absolutely beautiful. Beautifully presented in a gift box with ribbon wrapped around it. Very pleasing to the eye. The instructions were very thorough, clear and easy to follow. I think the charm is amazing quality, it is thick and solid. I would pay the same price for a personalised charm so yes great value as I can imagine it takes time to shrink a footprint or handprint and get it in a stamp form. Was very easy to purchase online and I would purchase online again in the future. I would certainly recommend this company. We received an impression kit which had full instructions. We used the inkless wipe and applied it to Zander’s foot and then pressed his foot on the paper provided. We sent it off using the stamp addressed envelope provided and a couple of weeks later received our personalised charm, presented in a lovely gift box with ribbon wrapped around it. The charm is solid and really nice. As soon as it came I put in on a chain and it has been on my neck ever since. Rachel Simons – Zander 11 Months

Product Tested By Emma Ball – Toby 4 Months

Emma Awarded The Handprint, Footprint Charm 5/5

The product is absolutely beautiful a really lovely charm that is a lovely keepsake. The product came in envelope to start with, it came with clear instructions of what to do and the instructions were very easy to follow. The charm itself came in a beautiful box which was lovely and could make a lovely gift. The instructions were clear and well written and easy to follow (Although not that easy to get a 2 month old to hold still!). The product is absolutely lovely and I can’t speak highly enough of it, I have it on a necklace and I love it, everyone I have shown it to have said how lovely it is. Although the product isn’t cheap it does offer high quality so worth the money. This is beautiful and would certainly purchase online again in the future. I would recommend because it is so lovely. This is really is beautiful. The product is really lovely and something I will keep forever, it would make a lovely gift but I will be keeping mine for myself. I think that it is something that every new mum would love as they grow up so fast and I can keep this close to my heart forever! Emma Ball – Toby 4 Months

Product Tested By Laura Weller – Ellis John 10 Months

Laura Awarded The Handprint, Footprint Charm 5/5

It’s a beautiful and well-presented charm. The packaging and box added that special touch. Lovely packaging and comes in a nice box with a photo printed of my sons hand print inside too. Instructions were very easy to follow and came with a returns envelope. Great quality and options available for different charm links depending what you want it for. Really good value as its very unique and the service was excellent. No problems ordering online and I would like to order one for my other child. I have recommended to a friend as she really liked my charm. Love my charm and would certainly use this company again. Top marks from me! I had a really nice experience dealing with this company. My instructions on how to begin making my charm were very clear and easy. The print paper that I used to get my sons handprint was easy to use and mess free!The company gave me options of how I could have my charm and what links are available. Communicating with the company was easy and they kept me updated on when my charm would be ready. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my charm was received in a jewellery box with a personalised sticker on the inside of my son’s handprint and name. I would highly recommend x Laura Weller – Ellis John10 Months




BizzieBaby 2017 GOLD Award Rachel Awarded The Handprint, Footprint charm 5/5

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