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Nom Nom Kids 140ml Animal Reusable food pouch x 4

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Packaged in an eco-friendly card box our Reusable food pouch 4 packs are a great purchase for your own little ones or as a present for friends and family.Each Animal pouch holds upto 140ml/4.5oz of thick liquid food (i.e. purees, yogurts, puddings). This size is perfect for baby weaning and toddler snacks.All our products are:BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free Easy Clean Easy Fill Freezer Safe Dishwasher Safe
Dimensions excluding spout = 108mm x 140mmDimensions including spout = 108mm x 165mm

£10.00 Available online www.nomnomkids.co.uk and Amazon

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Product Tested By Lyndsay Hammond – Harvey 10 Months

Lyndsay Awarded The 140ml Animal Reusable food pouch (pack 4) 4.4/5

They seemed OK, they seemed like they would be nice and easy to fill and clean, which they were. Packaging arrived in nice and bright but the end of the package was popped open, it could have used some sellotape on the end to keep it sealed. Instructions easy to understand and nice and clear. Good quality, hard wearing no fading to pouches etc. after cleaning didn't stain either even though they had orange/red foods in. Designed so that they are easy to use and refill. I would be interested to see how pouches that fill at the bottom compare. Nice and easy. There's a good sized opening to fill, so you’re not trying to squeeze food into a tiny gap and making a big mess. Cleaning is as easy as it could be, obviously it's a little fiddly cleaning around the spout but that would be the same with any similar product. He's started feeding himself so was sucking his desserts out of it himself which he enjoyed. I think they're a little expensive, but that may be because I'm on a very tight budget at the minute so I may be biased into thinking most things are expensive. Compared to other similar products, it's a bit more expensive than some, but the quality is definitely there. I would buy these because my baby ate very well with them. I've already recommended it to my sister. Good product, easy to use and clean, better than carrying jars. Lyndsay Hammond – Harvey 10 Months

Product Tested By Zinath Ahmed – Dawoud 9 Months

Zinath Awarded The 140ml Animal Reusable food pouch (pack 4) 4/5

Looks very colourful with the print of animals and is not gender orientated. Nicely packaged and easy to open. I did feel the instructions did not really explain much, had to figure out how to open it. Is a very clever idea but doesn’t hold much food. My son is 9 months and requires two of the pouches to be enough for a meal. Quality was good as it hasn’t really scrunched up. Really colourful and especially like the fact it wasn’t gender orientated. Doesn’t fit much food in and if you over fill starts to pour out of the side. Cleaning was quick. Just soak it in warm soapy water and most of the food was gone, just had to scrub a few parts. My son prefers pouches as he is used to me giving him them when I’m out with him. These do offer good value for money as they are re-useable and I didn’t have to spend money on always buying them from the shops and then discard. Also the fact that you can put your own baby food in there is really handy. I would consider purchasing as saves me money and is very handy for on the go. I would also recommend. Is a little messy getting the food in and wiping off the excess, but overall is a money saver and a clever way to get your baby to have homemade food. Zinath Ahmed – Dawoud 9 Months

Product Tested By Karen Hudson – Rafferty 7 Months

Karen Awarded The 140ml Animal Reusable food pouch (pack 4) 4.2/5

Bright eye catching packaging. Compact and no excess packaging. Clear info on packaging saying exactly what to expect from the product. High quality. Packaging colourful and sturdy and informative. Good easy to follow instructions. High quality product. Sturdy seal to ensure the purée doesn't escape or pop open as the purée expands in freezer. The design of these is great although after I'd blitzed up the purées I'd stand the pouches on the side and they would fall over leading to spillage. I did find these difficult to fill and had quite a few spillages. Fairly easy to clean but some residue was left in the creases. More success with hand washing. For a weaning baby these are great. Squeezed straight into bowl. Handy to have 8 for testing but I wouldn't pay £20. Too expensive for me when the disposable ones are so cheap. I would probably recommend to first time mums who are trying to cook everything from scratch. A useful product but fiddly to use. Karen Hudson – Rafferty 7 Months





Lyndsay Awarded The 140ml Animal Reusable food pouch (pack 4) 4.4/5

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