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In the early hours of most mornings I could be found crouched in the dark by my three-year-old son’s bed, trying to lull him back to sleep. The problem seemed to be his pillow and duvet, which kept falling off. He’d wake up, find it too difficult to wrestle the covers back on and call out for ‘Mummy’.I assumed this must be a common problem and went looking for solutions. Strangely I couldn’t find anything that worked. Motivated by 1,095 consecutive nights of broken sleep Tuck n’ Snug was born.I sketched the design, had prototypes made and ‘road tested’ them on the kids’ beds. Since then I’m delighted to report that I’ve never been wrenched from glorious slumber to locate pillows or pull up duvets. As a family, we are now catching up on years of broken sleep.And so, the Tuck n’ Snug journey began. We would love to hear customer feedback on the product, so please email us.The Tuck n’ Snug team – and their kids – wish you all a peaceful night.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 Bedding Category 

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Product Tested By Lynn Shepherd – Frankie 4 Years

Lynn Awarded The Tuck n' Snug 5/5

Great quality, easy step by step instructions to fit the sheets, packaged beautifully and it made me excited to try the product. Very expensive packaging actually thought it would look great as a gift. There was a lot of packaging though which maybewasn'tneeded. I did really like theinstructionsbut atfirst glance they made it look like the bed sheets were harder to fit than they actually were. I did wrestle with it the first time I put it on the bed but by the 2nd time it was easy to fit and made the bed look neater and better presented. The sheets seemed to help her keep cool a lot more easily as she normally kicks the sheets off after a while. I think the material of the sheets helped her sleep more than the actual tuck/flap. It washed really well and just took a little longer than her other sheets to dry but not a problem at all. The quality was I believe the best sheets she has ever had. They were breathable, fresh, high quality anddefiantly long lasting. I don'tbelievethe sheetwill bobble in the wash or lose its softness. I would purchase more and certainly recommend. Has really changed my mind on spending that bit extra for quality bedding to improve quality of sleep. A great product that could improve your Childs sleep. Also the clean white colour with the cute kitten was a nice touch and my daughter adored it!! Lynn Shepherd – Frankie 4 Years

Product Tested By Monika Kolodziej – Livia 4 Years

Monika Awarded The Tuck n' Snug 5/5

Looked very nice and practical. Instructions were very good. So easy to put on the bed. This certainly helped her get a better night’s sleep. This is very easy to wash and comes up great. Quality is really good. I would consider purchasing more and of course I would recommend. My daughter loves her Tuck n’ Snug. Very good product. So nice and soft to the touch, reliable and good price.Monika Kolodziej – Livia 4 Years

Product Tested By Rebecka Bow – Caleb 7 Years

Rebecka Awarded The Tuck n' Snug 3/5

It looked complicated. Decent packaging with logo visible. I did not find the instructions easy to follow and I still do not think I am using this correctly. I did not find this easy to put on the bed but might get easier over time. I do not think it has changed sleep pattern. Was very easy to launder. Material used is good quality, feels heavy and durable. Although being in white will show up stains more. If the instructions were easy to follow my view may have been different. Not something for us as found it too complicated to use. Rebecka Bow – Caleb 7 Years


BizzieBaby 2015-16 BRONZE Award Lynn Awarded The Tuck n' Snug 5/5

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