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Here at Lilypod we have spent the last two years perfecting our bean bags. Our material has been tried and tested for quality and comfort. We only want mums to have the best for their babies. These incredibly wonderful bean bags are imaginative and stylish, giving mums a helping hand in the right direction. Our material is strong, sturdy and wipe able, and we offer strength and stability for your baby.Our bean bags help prevent plagiocephaly and brachycephaly (flat head syndrome), the polystyrene balls work with the baby to shape around babies head. The shape of the beanbag keeps baby in an upright position to help prevent reflux. Due to our two upper layers, you can adapt your bean bag to suit your babies age and development.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2016 

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Product Tested By Emily Green – Oliver 8 Months

Emily Awarded The Lilypod Baby bean bag 5/5

Good quality well-made product. Larger than I expected. Just came in a plastic bag not the most eye catching. However a very big item so probably isn't worth packaging. No instructions supplied with product however very self-explanatory. Amazing quality. Very well made. It sends my son to sleep. I would pay any amount of money to get a nap out of him. We love it. I would definitely consider purchasing this item especially if I had a not so great sleeper. Most certainly recommend. It's like it has magic sleeping dust. As soon as my son goes on it he's asleep within 5 mins. Bliss!The product is very well made I like the fact the outside is wipeable and can wash the covers. It must be comfy asleep it send my non sleeper to sleep. Is large and you need to have space to put it. Emily Green – Oliver 8 Months

Product Tested By Terri Cottom - Reeva Renée 8 Months

Terri Awarded The Lilypod Baby bean bag 4.4/5

Nice big well-made product. I loved the colour and the hard wearing material of the actual bean bag. The packaging was average. It came wrapped in cellophane. Nothing too exciting but well packaged and protected. It didn't come with any instructions or guidelines so I went on the website. I think the quality is superb. The sides are hard wearing but the seat is very soft for baby. I found that my daughter wasn't at the best age for this product as she had just started sitting up so she could tip it. I think it would be a godsend for a newborn and also for a toddler as a seat with the extra zip on panel that comes with the product. If I had another baby I would most definitely use the item from birth. I would recommend as the quality is really good. I would make sure it was for newborns - sitting age then toddlers who can sit safely. I enjoyed using the product but I only got about 10 days of use before my daughter started Sitting up and being able to tip herself to the side. From then we had to put it away. I can't wait to create a reading corner for her when she is a little older and able to sit safely. I really liked that it came with the zip on panel without the harness so you can get more use out of the product. I think it is really good value for money and seemed very comfy. Because you can move the beans around you can use it for naps lying down, feeding sat up, general sitting etc. Overall a fabulous product. Terri Cottom - Reeva Renée 8 Months

Product Tested By Sam Davies – Jacob 4 Months

Sam Awarded The Lilypod Baby bean bag 3.5/5

I really liked the size of the product but to be honest my first thought was how much it smelt of like an ink/chemical smell. The packaging was a basic bag. It did the job but there wasn’t any paperwork of any kind. I was expecting a leaflet or something. There weren’t any. I guess it was self-explanatory but I did think there would be a leaflet maybe explaining cleaning and upkeep of the beanbag. Some of the stitching wasn’t the greatest. I think it’s because the top fabric is very stretchy so it pulls on the stitching. Overall the quality is ok. I don’t think I would pay £39.99 for this product. Essentially it is just a beanbag. As much as my little boy likes being on it, I feel he gets more enjoyment out of being on his bouncing chair that has things above for him to play with and look at. We find it good for nap time. I did consider buying one before my little one was born. Having had one to try out I think it would have been a waste of money as my little boy seems to get fed up being on it for too long unless he’s due a nap and nods off. I’m not too sure if I would recommend this product. It is good in one respect as I was able to use it with a newborn and he is always snug in it/on it but I do think that it is a lot of money for what it is. I do think it is a lot for what it is but my little boy does like napping on it. The main thing that I didn’t like about this product was the small of it. When it arrived, there was an overbearing chemical/ink smell that was so overpowering that for the first week-10 days I didn’t use the beanbag and kept it outside to try and get rid of the smell. I wasn’t sure if it was safe to have my little boy on it as the smell was so strong. It took a long time for to get rid of the smell but once I felt it was ok to start using the beanbag my little boy enjoyed having his naps on it. I like how the shape of the bag moulds to hold my little boy in place. He loves being cuddled and I think he likes the beanbag as he can sink into it a bit and feels secure. Overall, I am glad I was given the opportunity to test this product out. Sam Davies – Jacob 4 Months




Emily Awarded The Lilypod Baby bean bag 5/5

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