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By using Organyc Organic Baby Wipes you can be completely confident that your baby's bottom will be cleansed, protected from irritation and moisturised with each use.This is thanks to the soft and gentleness of the natural and organic ingredients, formulated especially for the delicate skin around your baby's nappy area. The Organic Baby Wipes are made from 100% organic cotton infused with organic Chamomile and organic Calendula. The wipes with its mild formulation can also be used on sensitive skin and the hands and face. Organic baby wipes are the best companion your baby can have when you are out and about.Organyc Organic Baby Wipes have been approved by ICEA (Ethical & Environmental Certification Institute)Organyc Organic Baby Wipes are dermatologically tested, ethyl alcohol free, chlorine free, paraben and SLS free

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Product Tested By Anna Ruby – Freya 8 Months

Anna Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Baby Wipes 4/5

I liked the look of the packaging, nice design and appealing. Easy enough wipes to use. These are quite good wipes, seem to work well enough and did not fall apart. Nice texture and nice aroma. Cleaned well. I am not overly worried about purchasing organic wipes for my daughter, just as long as they are gentle on her skin and work. These worked but I could not justify the price even though organic. If I saw them on special offer I might buy every so often but too expensive to purchase regularly. I would recommend as worked well enough and some of my friends would only buy organic. Nice quality wipes, gentle on my daughters skin and worked well enough. Just too pricey. Anna Ruby – Freya 8 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Griffiths – Evelyn 17 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Baby Wipes 3.7/5

I liked the packaging, wasn't sure what to expect as didn't think baby wipes could differ that much. There wasn't much need for instructions on the product but what was there was efficient. The wipes were a little thick and ripped easily. It is not really important to me items need to be organic. In terms of an organic product I think they do offer value for money. I personally would not purchase these wipes. As buying organic products is not important to me I feel that I wouldn't use these again. They served a purpose and we're gentle on my babies delicate skin. Kirsty Griffiths – Evelyn 17 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Thomas – Louie & Francesca – 5 & 2 Years

Sarah Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Baby Wipes 3/5

The wipes were organic in their appearance but did not appear particularly appealing. The packaging was not particularly appealing and would not stand out to me on a shelf in a shop. How to use is really self-explanatory. The wipes didn’t seem to be as soft as my usual brand and I really dis-liked the smell. I do not necessarily look for organic products and quite often they seem to be more expensive than other products. I would not pay £4.99 for a pack of wipes; I use Johnsons and usually purchase a box of 12 packets for £8 or £10 depending on the offer at the time. I would not personally purchase these wipes. The packaging did not appear particularly appealing to me but I would nonetheless purchase the wipes if I was happy with all other aspects, however I really disliked the smell and this would definitely prevent me from using these wipes again. They were also not as soft on the skin as my usual brand and at £4.99 are very expensive as I usually pay 60p or 80p a pack for Johnson’s multipack. Sarah Thomas – Louie & Francesca – 5 & 2 Years


Anna Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Baby Wipes 4/5

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