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Babypotz Stage 3 Weaning Set

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Minced and finely chopped foods, Babypotz 6oz/180ml BPA free pots and lids are designed for a baby moving on with more texture and variety. Babypotz are designed to suit your child’s developmental stages. They are perfect for a lot of different uses – from freezing food portions for your little ones, to carrying snacks while you’re out and about. Our snap-on lid ensures there is no spillage. All our pots are BPA free and suitable for the freezer, dishwasher and sterilizer.Suitable for a baby who has moved on minced and mashed and finely chopped foods.Safe (BPA free) reusable, pots and lidFreezer, Dishwasher and Microwave safeClip on lid so no spillage.Suitable for carrying snacks.This set contains:20 x 6oz/180ml Pots and Lids Features
Size: 6oz/180mlAge: 9-13mthsDimensions: LxBxHMaterial: Polypropylene PP – BPA FreeColour: Translucent (so you can see the food!)

£9.99 Available to purchase online Amazon and www.MummyCooks.co.uk

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Product Tested By Kerrie-Louise Goodman – Jess 13 Months

Kerrie-Louise Awarded The Babypotz Stage 3 Weaning set 4.6/5

Nice sturdy pots with good close fitting lids. Loved the packaging eye catching and would catch my eye in store. This is ideal to prepare right portion of food for my daughter and also ideal for freezing. I feel the quality is good and priced right. Great website, informative, easy to navigate and lots of great info and recipes. I would recommend as a good idea and work well enough. Good size pots with a very secure lid. Didn’t have problems with the lids coming off in my changing bag. They stack up nicely in the freezer and if not for the price I would definitely buy some more. Kerrie-Louise Goodman – Jess 13 Months

Product Tested ByJamie Hibbard – Ella 1 Year

Jamie Awarded The Babypotz Stage 3 Weaning set 4.1/5

Good, slightly cheap quality about them. Box was nice quality and eye catching. Totally suitable for portion sizing and freezing. Quality feels cheaper than price dictates. Instructions came in the box. Simple to use. You get a lot of pots but not as much quality as I would have liked. Felt a bit like containers you get Chinese takeaway in. Too many lids floating around the kitchen now. The product did exactly what it was intended for but I disliked the feel of them and the fact that although the pots stacked there were lids scattered everywhere. The product didn't discolour with tomato based food so much which was a plus. Jamie Hibbard – Ella 1 Year

Product Tested By Katy Palmer – Freddy 14 Months

Katy Awarded The Babypotz Stage 3 Weaning set 5/5

Looked like they would be very handy. Really nice packaging, colourful and shows the product clearly. Good selection of pots which enabled me to ideally portion what Freddy needed when off on days out and also for freezing meals too. When you first look at the pots you think quality is not brilliant, but they have worked really well and now I have been using them know they will last. The information on the pack is good and loved the website as very informative, good advice and lots on offer. Also very easy to get round too. Certainly good value for money. I would buy more and have already recommended. Ideal for so many things and great food and snack storage pots. These are great size pots, easy to use, clean and the lids are secure which is a big plus. Ideal to prepare food and store and great for days out.Katy Palmer – Freddy 14 Months



BizzieBaby 2015-16 SILVER Award Kerrie-Louise Awarded The Babypotz Stage 3 Weaning set 4.6/5

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