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Babypotz Stage 2 Weaning Set

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Increasing Variety, Babypotz 3oz/90ml BPA free pots and lids are designed for a baby moving on with more texture and variety. Babypotz are designed to suit your child’s developmental stages. They are perfect for a lot of different uses – from freezing food portions for your little ones, to carrying snacks while you’re out and about. Our snap-on lid ensures there is no spillage. All our pots are BPA free and suitable for the freezer, dishwasher and sterilizer.Suitable for a baby who has moved on from a runny purée to a slightly thicker purée with no lumpsSafe (BPA free) reusable, pots and lidFreezer, Dishwasher and Microwave safeClip on lid so no spillage.Suitable for carrying snacks.This set contains:20 x 3oz/90ml Pots and lidsFeatures
Size: 3oz/90mlAge: 6-9mthsDimensions: LxBxHMaterial: Polypropylene PP – BPA FreeColour: Translucent (so you can see the food!)

£7.99 Available to purchase online Amazon and www.MummyCooks.co.uk

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Product Tested ByMegan Jones – Evie 8 Months

Megan Awarded The Babypotz Stage 2 Weaning Set 5/5

Amazing idea, very useful! The product came very well packaged. I found it very handy to have the pots as before I would cook too much and have to throw away the left overs as I had nowhere to store them. You get a lot for your money. The hard work is already done for you with regards to advising how much to feed baby, I found it difficult to know before if I was giving too much or too little. The website is great! Very easy to use and they provide recipes to try for your little one which I found it very handy as I quite often get stuck for ideas! Great value for money! I will be buying the next stage pots when the time comes. We will continue to use these and I would highly recommend. Amazing product. I found it very helpful, as a new mum who’s little one was having solids 3 times a day, to know that the pots could provide me with an idea on the portion sizes my baby should have. I use the pots when on the move so I’ve always got fresh food to give baby for when we are out and also use to keep snacks fresh! I’ve always got food ready for baby as I can make extra and then know that I’ve got suitable storage to put in the freezer. They don’t take up too much room and are available to use over and over again! Very handy that they can go in the dishwasher and in the microwave and that they can be put in the steriliser and they won’t melt!! (This has happened to me before with other products) I honestly have nothing bad to say about this product!! Megan Jones – Evie 8 Months

Product Tested By Ryan Thomas Morey – Jamie 8 Months

Ryan Awarded The Babypotz Stage 2 Weaning Set 4.2/5

Initially I was impressed by the packaging, the pots themselves seemed a little on the small side, however I was later proved wrong on this point. Good quality packaging. Ideal to use to portion baby food and freeze. Quality is good. Website very informative and helpful on how to use these pots. Reasonable value. We will continue to use and would recommend. My overall impression of the product was good, the portion sizes proved to be very adequate for the age of my son, personally I didn’t pay for this product and given the choice I would look for a slightly lower price for what you receive however that being said I was surprisingly impressed with the product. We used the pots mainly for days out. It made it very easy to ensure we took the right size portion with us, it also made it easy for re-heating, serving from and most of all kept the inside of our baby bag clean. Ryan Thomas Morey – Jamie 8 Months

Product Tested By Claire Sweter-Millar – Louisa 8 ½ Months

Claire Awarded The Babypotz Stage 2 Weaning Set 4.5/5

Good quality, very sturdy. Made of very hard plastic. Seems very durable. Easy to pour food into. Easy to scoop food out. The quality is good because the plastic is very durable so should last a long time. Very clear instructions and a good website. Good value as these are useful and will last. I would consider purchasing as good value and durable. I would recommend for these reasons. Very Good quality pots. Very durable pots. Dishwasher, microwave safe. Excellent value for money. Easy to pour food into. Claire Sweter-Millar – Louisa 8 ½ Months


BizzieBaby 2015-16 SILVER Award Megan Awarded The Babypotz Stage 2 Weaning Set 5/5

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