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USDA Certified Organic by Ceres GmbHWith Organic Bouquet of Calming Calendula, Chamomile and Rose Essential OilsMild and Gentle for Body and HairSoothes, cleanses and nourishes soft baby skin100% Natural, 99% Certified Organic, 100% Vegan, Paraben-free, GMO-free

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Product Tested By Hayley Forder – Millie & Joel 2 Years & 8 Months

Hayley Awarded The Alteya Organic Baby Wash 3.8/5

Looked pretty when arrived and I liked the style of the packaging. know that the product is organic which is great however personally I didn't like the product, it left a squeaky feel on the skin which I didn't like, it smelt floral, a mixture of roses which again isn't to my taste however I understand that this may appeal to others. Love organic products, it's nice to know what you are giving to your child. It's not hugely expensive for an organic product and even though the bottle is relatively small it does go a long way. Personally this product is not suitable for me and my family but might be ideal for others. If they liked floral smelling products I would recommend. It's great to have an organic product, knowing what you are putting on your child's skin is very important however I wasn't a fan of how this left a squeaky feel on the skin and I'm more of a fruity smelling product lover than a floral smelling product so for me this wasn't something I would buy in the future. Hayley Forder – Millie & Joel 2 Years & 8 Months

Product Tested By Maria Booth – Anastasia 9 Months

Maria Awarded The Alteya Organic Baby Wash 4.5/5

I liked the look of the bottle when it arrived nice style and would appeal to me. Really like pump action bottle as so much easier to use. This is a baby wash so you do not really need instructions. This is not too thick, easy to apply and kept my daughters skin nice and soft. We both liked the smell of this product too. I am very keen to buy organic products for my daughter means a lot to me. The quality is good and does a good job. Not badly priced compared to other organic products. I would purchase again and have mentioned to a few mummy friends who only buy organic. Left my daughter feeling lovely and clean, smelling gorgeous and skin felt lovely and soft. Maria Booth – Anastasia 9 Months

Product Tested By Nafisah Bhad – Leyla 9 Months

Nafisah Awarded The Alteya Organic Baby Wash 3/5

Looks a little smaller than body wash I would normally buy. A little small and a simple design but effective in getting you to notice it as an organic product. You do not really need instructions for this as a baby wash. Although I like the fact that it is organic, the product is very thin in consistency and doesn’t foam up as much as I would like so a little difficult to wash baby hair when it grows longer. I’ve recently starting buying organic as it contains less chemicals and is free of GM and other harmful pesticides. This product is a little higher in price compared to other similar organic baby products. I wasn’t fond of the smell of this product and the consistency was just too thin for me so I wouldn’t buy this. I like the bottle and pump as it is easier than a pour out bottle however the rest of the product left me unimpressed. The formula needs to be thicker so you use less of it. For me also I personally did not like the scent but that is a personal choice others may like it. Nafisah Bhad – Leyla 9 Months


Hayley Awarded The Alteya Organic Baby Wash 3.8/5

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