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The Real Easy is quite simply designed to be as easy to use as a disposable nappy. Easy on, easy change, easy wash.It comes in a range of sizes to give the best fit at each stage, and is constructed with a soft micro fleece lining to keep baby feeling comfy and dry. Behind this micro fleece lining is a sewn in microfibre soaker pad (2 layers) to quickly soak up wetness and wick it away from baby. A 3 layer organic cotton / hemp soaker sits behind this, and flaps out of the back of the nappy to allow efficient washing and quicker drying, remaining attached for quick and easy assembly – no more losing inserts. Durable popper fastenings mean no clogging in the wash – and are harder for inquisitive fingers to undo.Available in a range of UK-designed gender neutral prints, the generous size ranges mean there is a nappy to suit babies from low birth weight right up to hefty pre-schoolers who may not yet be dry at night. The result is a highly absorbent, comfortable nappy, super easy to change and wash. Real Easy!Coming soon to participating stockists and the Wonderoos Shop!

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Product Tested By Katherine Keane – Shona 7 Months

Katherine Awarded The Real Easy Prints 4.5/5

Good quality with a fun, bright, colourful design. The nappy arrived in a simple, colourful, eye-catching sleeve with straightforward instructions on the back – perfect! Having never used a reusable nappy before the instructions provided were very easy to follow and included a simple diagram explaining the key functions of the nappy. I also looked on the Wonderoos website where I found more information and a very useful FAQ section. The nappies are well made and the fleece lining is very soft and my baby seemed comfortable wearing them. The adjustable poppers are great and allows for a really good fit. On the occasions my baby wore the nappy it was very absorbent and we didn’t have any leaks, although I did sometimes find the fleece felt a little damp to touch. I didn’t manage to test the nappy at night as the instructions say not to use barrier creams with the nappy which I tend to do at night time so stuck with my usual disposable brand. As the nappy has an attached insert pad they were really simple to use and wash. They washed really well, with no stains and dried fairly quickly on the washing line outside and remained soft to touch. You can also tumble dry which is convenient and time saving. I think they are really good value and slightly cheaper than some other reusable brands. The initial cost of buying all the nappies you need is expensive (Wonderoos recommend 15-20) but in the long term this works out a lot cheaper than disposables and much friendlier on the environment, which is important. I would consider using these nappies on a part time basis while at home and on short trips out. I would still want to use disposables for long trips and night times as this is more convenient for my lifestyle. For someone who is looking to use a simple reusable nappy I would recommend giving these a go. I really liked the colourful design and quality of this nappy and was impressed with how easy they were to use. A great first experience of using a reusable nappy system. Katherine Keane – Shona 7 Months

Product Tested By Susan Wallace – Sylvie 9 Months

Susan Awarded The Real Easy Prints 4.2/5

Looked bright and colourful when arrived. Easy to understand instructions, easy to use, soft fabric, colourful pattern. The quality of this nappy is excellent. Value for money if using instead of disposable nappies. After using the product a few times I decided that my preference is to use disposable nappies rather than reusable choice. This is a personal choice rather than a reflection on the product itself. I would recommend to anyone wishing to use and invest in reusable nappies. Easy to use and easy to wash. Excellent quality and the fabric is soft on my baby’s skin. Excellent product if wanting to use reusable nappies. Susan Wallace – Sylvie 9 Months

Product Tested By Carbiera Grace – Prudence 6 Months

Carbiera Awarded The Real Easy Prints 4/5

Really bold interesting colours, fun for mummy to look at and fun for pru too. The lining feels very comfortable. I would have preferred a detachable liner. Packaging is simple, uncomplicated, easy to open, a nice alternative wild be recycled paper box/bag (biodegradable). Instructions very straight forward easily digested. Well made, washes well, sturdy press studs which are safer than pins and stronger than Velcro. I think these do offer value for money, but the price point may be slightly too high for some, as you need a number of them and therefore could be unachievable maybe 2 pairs for £18? I would definitely purchase more of these nappies. I have already recommended. Overall a brilliant product that suited me and prudence, I liked the patter, I liked the way they fastened and there were adjustable press studs, the only thing I think could enhance the product is a detachable liner, perhaps an avenue to go down to make them more accessible for people is to make washable liners, so you would take out 1 nappy with you and a hand full of washable liners and swap them in and out. Carbiera Grace – Prudence 6 Months


Katherine Awarded The Real Easy Prints 4.5/5

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