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On-Music BRIO Speaker

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On-Music Brio Loudspeaker - Mini Portable Music Speaker Portable Deluxe Bluetooth Version
Model Number :  DS08 - Bluetooth Connection with your Music DevicesMusic In  - from Music Devices e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smart Phones, MP3 Players etc. with 3.5mm Audio Plug Input 40 mm Speaker
Speaker Skin : Union Jack (Hand Painting)Other Speaker Skin & Colour available

$63 - £41.93 Available online www.nta-store.com or click onto www.on-music.net to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Davina Fox – Chloe, Abbie & Aaron – 13, 10 and 4 years

Davina Awarded The On-Music BRIO Speaker 5/5

Smaller than I imagined, but very smart looking. I think the packaging doesn't do the product any justice, I think it is quite boring looking. Makes the item appear to be cheap. Instructions easy to follow and understand. It is of good quality and very stylish. The only issue I had was when the cable was plugged in from the speaker to the phone (music device) if moved while plugged in it made a loose connection sound (kind of a glitchy sound). Very impressive sound quality was amazed how good the sound is though a little speaker. I have to say when I was selected and told it was going to be orange and I think black I had looked the speaker up on the internet and had seen the union Jack one and thought wished the one I will be testing was that design, then to my surprise when it turned up it was in a Union Jack design. Love the fact that it is re-chargeable via an usb lead which is supplied. It is great the way you can skip tracks using the volume button on the side of it. I think this a great product, it seems a bit pricey but I think it is worth it for the sound quality. I would purchase as a gift and certainly recommend. I give the product a 5/5 I think that maybe I was just unlucky to get one that the cable connection to listen to the music direct to the speaker has maybe a loose wire. I love the design of this speaker and the way it goes even smaller than it already is! It comes with a cloth bag to protect it, and a cable to charge it though. I have to admit I was worried about the whole idea of connecting it up via Bluetooth as sometimes it can be a nightmare, I turned the speaker switch to the Bluetooth setting then searched for the device on my phone and hey presto it connected straight away I had the control of the music like skipping songs etc. using just the speaker. This will make a great companion when we go away camping soon. Davina Fox – Chloe, Abbie & Aaron – 13, 10 and 4 years

Product Tested By Emma Ryder – Teya 10 years

Emma Awarded The On-Music BRIO Speaker 5/5

Nice looking product and well packaged. Arrived in good quality sturdy packaging. The instructions are pretty easy to understand but text extremely small. The quality is very good. The sound is far superior to that of the IPhone speaker kits. The design is great and the Union Jack style is really funky. Great product and good value. I would buy this as the speaker is fabulous. Would highly recommend. I cannot find any fault with this product it is excellent. This is a speaker, works really well, funky design, robust and would make a great gift. Emma Ryder – Teya 10 years

Product Tested By Cheryl Nagati – Lilia 10 years

Cherly Awarded The On-Music BRIO Speaker 3.9/5

Very nice design, looks good and looks like an interesting gadget. Looks small and neat too. No unnecessary packaging to tear open. The packaging is the same neat small size as the speaker. Was very easy to open and unpack. Box was a nice design although maybe some eye catching colours would be better. Instructions were clear. Daughter has experience with charging phones etc. so she knew what she needed to do. If you don’t have a computer to charge the speaker you would need to purchase the plug part to charge it via the mains. This could be annoying if you don’t have a plug, although it’s specifically designed for mobiles so in theory you would have a plug kicking around. But you wouldn’t be able to charge your mobile at the same time. The quality seems very good and straight forward to use. Sound isn’t too bad, but not the best. However it’s only a small speaker but my ten year old noticed the difference in the sound quality. I like the design. The British theme on it is very quirky. It feels soft to touch. You can close it by pushing down on it as it has a middle part that is squishy, I don’t really know what this is for or its purpose? However I love the design as it’s funky to look at. For £42 I don’t think the sound quality is good enough for the price. I personally have a different make and paid £25 and the sound quality is much better and it charges the phone at the same time. It’s also a small one that you can take on holiday. I wouldn’t buy it. The sound quality isn’t good enough and it doesn’t charge my phone at the same time. Easy to open and unpack. Visually it looks stunning. Instructions are relatively clear to understand. It was easy to set up and use. Shame the sound is poor. Cheryl Nagati – Lilia 10 years


BizzieBaby 2014-15 SILVER Men's Award Davina Awarded The On-Music BRIO Speaker 5/5

On-Music BRIO Speaker Stockist Information

WEB: www.on-music.net
EMAIL: onmusic@nta.com.hk
TEL: (852) 2797 8898
On-Music Loudspeakers ( NTA group of companies ) Fanta Company Limited Unit A, 5/F., Wong's Building, 33 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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