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The Healing of the 1lb Baby by Marie Delanote

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The bond between mother and child is one without equal in the history of sentient life. It encompasses avenues of connection which, to this day, have yet to be fully understood. But for Marie Delanote, the outermost shrouds of that bond were briefly lifted when her daughter Elouisa entered our world following a mere twenty-four-week pregnancy. The infant weighed little more than a pound, and in the ensuing fight for survival, hidden spiritual ties between Marie and Elouisa became increasingly manifest. Together they uncovered the chakras, mental triggers, and resultant physical events that once led to the crippling nightmare of premature birth, but would now serve as the only tools by which they could survive and outlast the shared threat to their lives. The Healing of the 1lb Baby is the true story of that which lies beyond the simple sight of man; it is the true story of physical effects wrought by unbridled energies; but above all else, it is the true story of a mother and daughter who lifted one another from the very depths of mortality in order to claim a second chance at life.
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Product Tested By Jade Heath

Jade Awarded The Healing of the 1lb Baby Book 4.9/5

I found the book very touching; it makes you closer to the writer from just reading her book. The quality of the book is very good and the cover design draws you to the book. I have not seen any other books like this one or covering this subject. I really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written out and not too long. This did make me feel hopeful for the future. Also it certainly opened my eyes in a positive way. I found this book enlightening, made me feel more confident about my own life and made me look deeper into my own strength and power to make a difference. I will certainly try the mind healing as I never knew about this until I read this book. Good value for money and I would purchase and would certainly recommend. I really enjoyed reading this book; it really opened my eyes to people’s different circumstances. Jade Heath

Product Tested By Vickie Tier

Vickie Awarded The Healing of the 1lb Baby Book 4/5

When this arrived thought it had an attractive cover and interesting title. The cover was appealing and made me want to read the book. I haven't read any similar books; it was refreshing to read such a positive and uplifting story for once.I did, although I found some of the technical terms and explanations (r.g chakras) quite hard to follow - I understand that they needed to be there to make the story make sense, and that they therefore needed to be explained for people who are unfamiliar but I found this part quite hard to read. This meant the book didn’t flow for me, and I read it much slower than I may have otherwise. This is purely personal though, people with a greater understanding or interest in chakras (or possibly with more sleep!) may have found this perfectly easy to follow. The book is really interesting, and in some ways controversial. The section about the nicu nurse's negative affect on the babies is thought provoking - although if I had a baby in the nicu I may have thought differently about this. I could imagine some people being really upset/offended if they have personal experience of this. It is a very emotive subject. I am unsure as to whether this book gave me hope for the future. I wasn’t left with a strong feeling either way. It’s made me more aware of alternative thoughts and ideas; I'm interested in finding out more about these. In some ways yes I did find it enlightening, I had no previous knowledge of the subject. There were aspects that I could really relate to and that made me reflect on my personal life.It has definitely made me think about what the human psyche is capable of, and want to learn more about this.The mind healing process is something I would like to explore further. I think the price is good especially given the further thinking it inspires. I would like to read the book again, to see if I can understand it better.I enjoyed the book despite finding some parts quite slow, and it has sparked an interest in me that I'm looking forward to learning more about.Vickie Tier

Product Tested By Lillian Adams

Lillian Awarded The Healing of the 1lb Baby Book 4.6/5

It was an interesting cover and a very controversial subject. I was intrigued and looking forward to reading this trued story. The book is full of amazing happenings in the lives of the mother and her daughter and it captivated my interest. A really moving heart felt story and opened my eyes up to other alternative ways to look at life. The cover design does catch your eye, but I would not have picked this up in a store, but so glad I had the opportunity to read. I have not seen another book on this subject previously. This book is moving, makes you assess your life and future and is well written. A really worthwhile book to pick up and read as it will change your life. It gives you hope for the future. It is very enlightening and makes you analyse the way you live your life too. I had never heard of mind healing previously but will certainly try this out now. This is an excellent book, very moving and opens your eyes to the fact there is more out in the world and miracles can happen. I would highly recommend this book. Well worth picking up and reading as it will help you look at things more positively in the future. Lillian Adams


BizzieBaby 2014-15 BRONZE Award Jade Awarded The Healing of the 1lb Baby Book 4.9/5

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