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Our unique Snuggle Sleeves will keep your baby's arms cosy and comfortable when temperatures dip. We've even added cosy cuffs to stop scratching too. Our unique Snuggle Sleeves are designed to fit perfectly with your baby sleep bags they will help your baby (and you!) get a restful night's sleep.We've a range of gorgeous colours for you to choose from and our sizes start from newborn all the way up to 18 months.

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Product Tested By Amy Singleton – Joshua 11 Months

Amy Awarded The Snuggle Sleeves 4.4/5

I got offered to test the product to review, and I thought it would be great as it would cover my son’s arms. Fantastic design, as sleeping bags don’t have arms so therefore it covers the arms so they don’t get cold. , kind of practical, not all babies this age uses sleeping bags so therefore it wouldn’t be any use to toddlers. Fantastic quality, warm and snuggly, and thick material. It looks very comfortable and warm. No irritation caused by the Snuggle Sleeves and fit was good but will be tight on my son’s arm soon as he has quite chunky arms. Value for money would depend on how long it'll fit your child for; it wouldn’t last long with mine so it’s not really worth the money. But if your child isn’t too chunky it would be definitely worth the money. I would definitely recommend it’s great if your child uses sleeping bags to keep snug and keep their arms warm. It was fantastic for short term use as my son is chunky, but not for long term as he would grow out of this one and I would require a larger size.Amy Singleton – Joshua 11 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Watt – Harley 8 Months

Sarah Awarded The Snuggle Sleeves 4.4/5

Looked good quality when arrived. Liked the style and the packaging. This is a nice simp0le design and very easy to use. It was practical for me and my baby and easy to get on and off. The material is good quality nice and soft. Harley never showed any signs of discomfort and was very happy wearing this. No irritation caused and I think they would easily fit him through to 12 months. Washed well and air dried quickly. I wouldn't pay 19.99 I'd happily pay up to 15.00 though. I would purchase as a gift and especially if I saw it on offer. I would recommend and good quality product and kept my son nice and warm. A good quality practical easy to use baby friendly product. Sarah Watt – Harley 8 Months

Product Tested By Suzanne Davies – Benjamin 12 Months

Suzanne Awarded The Snuggle Sleeves 4.2/5

I love the idea of this product. I couldn’t wait to test it out and thought it was a fabulous and simple idea. The design is simple but brilliant. The Snuggle sleeves are well made and excellent quality. I especially like the added scratchmits on them. I like the fact that they are made from a lovely quality white fabric but with a choice of coloured edges. I try to keep my children in sleeping bags until they are at least one year old so these are perfect with their sizes ranging from 0-12 months. The Snuggle sleeves are made from a lovely thick and soft material. I had no problem putting these on Benjamin at bedtime; he didn’t even seem to notice! He was comfortable and warm. I was given two different sizes of the sleeves to test. As Benjamin is 12 months old I first put the 6-12 month size on him but he seemed to be able to slide his arms out and was left with the material attached at the top of his sleeping bag. The next night I tried the smaller size of 3-6 months which fitted perfectly! They stayed in place during the night and did their job! They are very easy to launder, I put them in the washing machine with all the other baby grows and line dried them along with everything else. I think they would work out costly if you intended to buy them in a few sizes. I would recommend Snuggle Sleeves especially for a winter baby or a second baby as babies can be born in different seasons you might not have thicker items for bedtime, these are brilliant for adding the extra layer. I think this product is a brilliant idea and lovely quality but could get expensive if you buy one size and realise they don’t fit!! I would check when purchasing that you are buying the right size for your baby. Benjamin is by no means small for his age yet he fits the 3-6 month sleeves a lot better. Suzanne Davies – Benjamin 12 Months



BizzieBaby 2014-15 BRONZE Award Amy Awarded The Snuggle Sleeves 4.4/5

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