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Incredibly strong and compact baby carrier, designed for an extra secure and close cuddle for baby.
Select your size based on height and chest meausrement, contact us if you need any extra info.

£42.00 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Caroline Lowndes – Jayden 8 Months

Caroline Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.7/5

First impression was how compact, lightweight and stylish it is. Super strong, very nice weave/pattern to the material. Very stretchy. Superb quality. Instructions nice and simple. Not a buckle in sight and I love that! Really easy to put on. You just put it around your neck like a scarf, pop one arm through the neck hole, pop baby in and you’re ready. In summer it would be a clear 5/5. What I have found is if baby is wearing a snow suit or we are both wearing winter coats, then it can be a bit difficult to navigate baby into position. I do feel my baby is secure in this sling. One thing I felt was that it could benefit from a crotch strap of some kind, as sometimes (especially when wriggling/kicking} baby slipped down a little. Carrying on with daily chores using this sling depends whether it’s a 2 handed task or one. One arm/hand had to constantly support baby due to back support and nothing holding baby in underneath, e.g., a crotch support. I have used a conventional sling which I had to stop using at 4 months as it really pulled the bottom of my back. This however was so comfortable! It’s more comfortable to hold baby with the sling on than without! The weight is distributed evenly so there isn’t any pressure point. I had a c section so my back is still tender from the spinal. My son was happy and content taking in the world around him. He was also happy as he got extra mummy snuggles than being stuck in his pram. He felt secure. It is so lightweight and tiny! It fits in your pocket. I wear it as a scarf when not using it as a sling. Very stylish too. Regarding value for money - At first I would have said no due to the size of it, but having used it and felt the benefits of it then yes, also it is a key wardrobe accessory when baby has long outgrown it! I will continue to use this, it will be invaluable on the school run or nipping in a shop, especially when Jayden is out of his infant carrier, and it will save time and energy getting the pram in and out of the boot. Ideal for busy mums, no faffing with back pack style clips and straps. I already have recommended to my sister in laws. One is due next year and the other has a baby a few months younger than Jayden. I certainly will to any friends and family that have babies in the future. This product is stylish, small, practical, versatile and secure. I do feel however that it needs something to support the crotch area, just to give that bit of extra support to baby. I have had a very positive experience with this product. I have 5 children so my life is very hectic. The sling saves a lot of time and energy faffing with a buggy, its small and light weight, so storing it in a changing bag or wearing it as a scarf does not hinder in anyway at all. I am able to hold my baby with one hand as oppose to two, freeing me up a little to shop, hold the other children’s hands etc. It is a brilliant product which we have enjoyed testing which I am sure will last a very long time due to the strength and quality of the material. The most important factor was that my baby was safe and secure, which he was, he was comfortable and I found it to be quite bonding, I didn’t feel restricted as I have done in other slings, I felt relaxed and able to cuddle my baby. Thank you. Caroline Lowndes – Jayden 8 Months

Product Tested By Carly Peters – Simone 7 Months

Carly Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.6/5

Loved the look of this as had checked out online and as a first time mum was eager to try out this sling. The material used for this is great, very strong, versatile and easy to care for. Instructions very easy to follow and understand. I was surprised how easy this was to put on and was ready to go in no time. Was easy enough to place my daughter in this sling. I felt my daughter was safe and snug in this sling and it will be coming away with us this spring for our holiday to Spain. You can keep this sling on and do some of the daily chores, not all of them though but nice to have Simone close to me. This is very comfortable to wear and never caused any discomfort or back ache. My daughter loves being in this as she just loves to be close to me and my hubby has tried it out too. This is very easy to take anywhere with you as can just pop in your bag or changing bag. This is great value as not only is it a versatile sling once you have finished using as a sling it is a stylish warm scarf, great idea. I will continue to use this and have already recommended to my mummy group. This is a lovely versatile sling that I will be using for a long time and then will use as fashion accessory. Loved it. Carly Peters – Simone 7 Months

Product Tested By Carys Rumsey – Spencer 9 Months

Carys Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.2/5

It is good quality material and is nice to look at. The material is stretchy and good quality. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It is really easy to get the sling in the perfect position ready for the baby. It also looks good as a scarf for when the baby isn’t in it. It takes a bit of manoeuvring to get the baby in to the sling. My son was secure in the sling but also had some room to move around. When he has been clingy it has been easy to carry on with day to day tasks as he is supported in the sling. Once I had the sling in a larger size it was very comfortable to wear. In the smaller size it was uncomfortable on my arm. He loves being in the sling as he is being carried and is close to me. This sling is very easy to transport as it is easy to slip into the changing bag. I haven’t previously used a sling or looked to purchase one. For me this seemed a little pricey for what it is but I also haven’t looked to see what else there is available. Now I have tried this I would purchase and recommend. Having not looked in to using a sling previously I was surprised that I have enjoyed using this product. I will be continuing to use it. The only downside is that the sizing could be clearer. I ordered the size as per the guide and had to return for a larger size. The sling has little give so I couldn’t see how I would be able to carry the baby comfortably. That said once I got the sling in a larger size I found it very easy to use and will be continuing to use it. Carys Rumsey – Spencer 9 Months


BizzieBaby 2014-15 BRONZE Award Caroline Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.7/5

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