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Easy Indian Supermeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family

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Written by a mum for mums Ė Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family is an easy read family cookbook containing delicious, fuss-free, nutrient-rich recipes suitable from weaning to one pot family meals.  Itís the UK's first Asian-themed weaning cookbook guiding parents on safely introducing aromatic flavours into their childís diet. With nutritionists recommending a reduction in the amount of salt and sugar children consume, cooking with aromatic spices acts a substitute, helping to broaden palates and add masses of flavour to meals - reducing fussy eating behaviours and allowing family mealtimes to be enjoyed. More than a cookbook, it includes valuable parenting advice in a friendly manner, encourages the use of a combination of feeding techniques and is packed with extensively researched nutritional information. Recipe influences range from Indian classics to British, Spanish, Italian and more, all with clever spice additions for oodles of taste and flavour, to help parents to raise a well-rounded, healthy eater.

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Product Tested By Charmaine Wegg Ė Rory 7 Months

Charmaine Awarded The Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family 5/5

Inviting colourful cover canít wait to get started. Healthy food and healthy meals what more can you ask for in a cook book. Recipes are great, really straight forward, and easy to follow recipes with delicious results. The recipes are so easy to make. Great pictures, colourful layout of the book and easy to follow. I especially liked the fact that the recipes ages were clearly marked at the top of each page; I did find the first few chapters helpful. . Health and nutrition advice was informative as I did initially worry about giving my baby different spices. Most defiantly inspired me to make more tasty meals for my baby. Great Quality, packed fully of recipes and ideas to keep the family happy. This is excellent value for money and I would have spent more. I would purchase this book. I have already recommended this to friends and family. 5/5 brilliant book nothing like it on the market. This book is fab. At the beginning of the book it explains which spices to buy and when these have been purchased the rest is easy. Delicious meals not only for baby but also me and hubby. My confidence in cooking has grown in the past few week so happy mummy and happy family. Charmaine Wegg Ė Rory 7 Months

Product Tested By Helen Todd Ė Emilie & Tara 16 Months & 10

Helen Awarded The Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family 4.9/5

Really inviting I couldn'twait to get started. The cover looks clean and simple as some cook books look busy. I think itís great as it gives you information ondietary,flavours, low down on all thedifferent spices, knowledge of normal foods, super also teaches thatIndianfoodsaren'tfull of hot spicesand you can cook many a dish from it. The recipes are lovely I think we have managed to cook most of the main meals for the whole family and the cookinginstructionsare laid out really well it clearly shows how muchingredientsyou need and itís all laid out in order of what you will be needing to use first. The recipes are easy to make, as I mentioned before itís all laid out in what you need and in the order you need with step by step instructions and I have found all the timings to be correct wehaven'tended up over or under cooking which can happensome time when followingrecipes. I like The bright pink in with the orange I think works well nice andcolorful, inviting not too fussy. It was great to have more knowledge on the different spices,super food's, andthedifferentfood groups; it would have been a fab book to have when I first started weaning my youngest. My youngest has gone past the young weaning stage but it has actually helped my 10 year old try different Indian foods as she can now see there not all hot and spicy and has been enjoying the dishes with the whole family. The pages are of a nicethicknessand have a little sheen to the pages so if anything dropped on it you can gently wipe it off without causing any damage. The fact itís a hard back is great as it stands nicely onthecookerybookshelf. I feel the price is good value as you have so much information which has widened my knowledge on certain things and the recipes are really rather tasty. I would purchase this book. I have already passed out some recipes to the family as they have enjoyedsome of the recipes I have prepared from the book. I am so pleased I was able to test this book as it has opened my eyes to different things I didn'tknow / understand about certain foods and spices and myeldest daughter nowunderstandsmore aboutspices and my youngest really enjoys all the dishes that I have cooked her. Itís something I shall be passing on to my friends who are having babies soon as this would be a brilliant first weaning book for them to start. Helen Todd Ė Emilie & Tara 16 Months & 10

Product Tested By Samantha Turnbull Ė Scarlett 15 Months

Samantha Awarded The Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family 5/5

As soon as I saw it I thought "I canít wait to get stuck into this!Ē It looks inviting, colourful, interesting and easy to read. Itís has a bold cover, catches your attention, sums it up in a few sentences what it is about and the little girl on the front is a real cutie pie. I think itís great. It aims to get people cooking healthy, interesting foods for their little ones that can also be adapted for the rest of the family. Recipes Very easy to follow clearly set out and I like how it goes through the ages so you could start using this book as soon as you begin to wean. Even inexperienced cooks should be able to follow most of these recipes as easy to prepare. Itís an easy read and you feel like the author is having a nice chat with you right there in the room. Her enthusiasm for cooking for her family really shines through in the book and its lovely how sheís included photos of her little girl making it quite personal as well as being informative. Iíve always been a fan of using spices in cooking but there were lots of facts I didnít know. Itís certainly inspired me to use even more spices in my daughterís food. The quality is lovely and is well made. Definitely excellent value for money. Itís aimed at babies from 7 months to children of 5 years but you could keep on making and adapting these recipes for years to come for the whole family. My husband and I are big fan of homemade Indian food but I was struggling to find recipes online suitable for my toddler, so I was very excited when I was given this book to review. I have recommended it already to lots of people! A fantastic cookbook which everyone with a family should own! Samantha Turnbull Ė Scarlett 15 Months


BizzieBaby 2013-14 GOLD Award Charmaine Awarded The Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family 5/5

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