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History Heroes Explorers Card Game

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Explorers – History Heroes: Our pack of Explorers contains individual cards of History Heroes’ forty greatest Explorers. Each card is fantastically illustrated to represent the individual Explorer Hero and shows the explorer’s dates, their flag of birthplace and seven gripping facts about them.Our Explorer Heroes stretch back in time to Pytheas in the first century BCE and cover land, marine, submarine and lunar exploration from then until the present day. Neil Armstrong ‘rubs shoulders’ with Roald Amundsen and Ibn Battuta; Ranulph Fiennes with Leif Erikson and Yuri Gagarin; Amelia Earhart with Sir Francis Drake and Sylvia Earle;  James Cameron with Pedro Cabral and Christopher Columbus to name a few.There are many different ways of playing the game – and you can make up your own rules, as long as everyone playing agrees to them! – but the aim is simple: you take it in turns to test each other on the facts, and/or image, and if you know the facts and can name the explorer, you win the card(s).There are seven gripping facts for each explorer: six range in difficulty from green, easiest, to red, most difficult. If you choose, you can use the seventh, the Joker Fact, to overrule them all!

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Product Tested By Tara Chick – Alfie 8 Years

Tara Awarded The History Heroes Explorers Card Game 4.6/5

The packaging was attractive; excellent quality packaging. The card felt good quality. The images were fun and attractive to children. I had a good first impression of the game. The colour is vibrant and the illustrations attractive to children. The packaging clearly represents the contents. The game is easy to understand, although I think you would need a child who is already interested in the subjects in order to engage their interest in the game. My child was fully engaged in the game. However, he is really keen on history and he knew a lot about the characters already from school. The game did keep my child’s interest. He was happy playing it many times and asked to take it on holiday for the car journey. This game works alongside the key stage two curriculum. My son was familiar with some of the characters from his school work and he enjoyed discovering some new characters from history. My son was able to play this without losing interest. The cards are well designed and suitable for the target audience. The illustrations are colourful, fun and engaging. I think it is value for money if your child is interested in history. I would consider buying this game as a gift for other children that I know. The quality is good and I would recommend the game to others. This game is engaging, fun; a brain stimulating game. Tara Chick – Alfie 8 Years

Product Tested By Laura McClure – Paul 6 Years 6 Months

Laura Awarded The History Heroes Explorers Card Game 4.6/5

This game looks interesting and I was excited to find out what it’s about. The packaging was adequate sturdy packaging for holding cards. The box is bright and colourful. There is just enough information on it to promote interest and give you the desire to purchase the product. The concept of the game is really good; the methods to play were well explained. I liked having instructions on a ‘card’ rather than on a piece of paper (less likely to get lost). The instructions were understood easily. The concept of the game was understood by my child. The ‘traffic light’ colour coding system was familiar to my son and was easily grasped. We played this as a family. My son needed help at first to fully understand the concept of the game (but this was to be expected). He is a good reader and was able to read most of the facts himself but required some help with the Proper Nouns (Names of people and places). I feel that this game may be more suitable for older children (age 8?) as there is a lot of reading involved and some difficult words. This is very educational! My son was learning about Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and other explorers in history. This game would consolidate some of the learning that he is doing in school regarding ‘World History’. After it was initially explained and the game got going my son was very interested and really seemed to enjoy learning about the different ‘Explorers’. He enjoys learning about history though. I think it’s up to the adults to be motivated and excited about the game too. The quality is adequate for a card game. The cards are flexible and can be bent slightly without creating a huge crease in the card. Any thicker and the cards would get badly creased when bent. It is a little pricey perhaps for ‘cards’. £6.99 may be more realistic but worth it for the educational content. I would consider buying this; I like the educational aspect. I would recommend this game to others especially if the child is interested in history and is perhaps studying ‘Explorers’ at school in primary history. This is an extremely enjoyable educational game for all the family to enjoy and share together! Laura McClure – Paul 6 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Elaine Brown – Darren and Dylan - tested out on ages 9-15 year old

Elaine Awarded The History Heroes Explorers Card Game 4.6/5

I was very impressed with this game when I first saw it. The packaging was very good and very compact. The game concept was very easy to understand and follow. The children who played this game understood the concept very well. This game kept us all going for a long time. It helps with turn taking and needing to pay attention to what is said to remember for the next time the card comes out again. It is simple and easy to play without them losing interest. I think it is great and kept the kids amused for a long time. I really did like this game but think maybe it is a little bit expensive for a pack of cards. I would still recommend it to others. This game was something different for us all to enjoy; it was a good laugh. Elaine Brown – Darren and Dylan - tested out on ages 9-15 year old


BizzieBaby 2013-14 SILVER Teen Award Tara Awarded The History Heroes Explorers Card Game 4.6/5

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