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Storytime – the monthly magazine for kids filled with classic tales to read, love and share.
Rediscover and share the world's best-loved storiesEvery issue of Storytime is packed with beautifully illustrated stories, including fabulous fairy tales, monstrous myths, adventures from around the world, folk tales, fables and funny poems – all your favourites from childhood to share with your own children.

£3.99 Per Issue Available in WH Smiths, supermarkets and subscriptions can be purchased online

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Product Tested By Jen Birch – Abi 2 Years 11 Months

Jen Awarded The Storytime Magazine 4.5/5

The quality of this product is good quality, nicer than a "normal” magazine. Higher quality paper used gives it a nice feel. Abi picked it up straight away when the post arrived and wanted to sit and read it. We took it on holiday with us so it was well used, I think due to Abi’s age we didn’t get the full use of all the activities but overall really enjoyed it. All the stories held Abi’s attention, she is too young for some of the activities but I still think it would be worth having. Some of the activities are beyond her capabilities but I think give it another 6-12 months we would be able to do all of them. The illustrations are good; they are easy for Abi to pick out the key points and talk about what else we could see. I love the fact there’s no adverts or plastic toys in it. I would happily subscribe to the magazine in a few months when Abi could get the full use of the magazine. I think it offers great value for money. I would recommend it to others. I was really happy to have received this magazine, makes a welcome change from the corporate/branded led magazines available in the shops currently. Abi loved the different variety of stores and the activities giving her a chance to talk about the stories we’d read together. Jen Birch – Abi 2 Years 11 Months

Product Tested By Lola Graham – Jessica 4 Years

Lola Awarded The Storytime Magazine 4.8/5

This is a lovely looking magazine for children. The quality is excellent and I really liked that it was not full of adverts. The front cover is really good; it caught my daughter’s eye straightaway. We both really enjoyed reading this magazine together. She was really into the stories and liked all of the activities inside too. My daughter loved the images throughout the magazine too. Whilst I was reading it with her, she would point to the pictures. As mentioned above, I think it is great it does not have adverts inside or cheap plastic toys attached. My overall impression of this magazine is good; I was very impressed with the stories, images and the activities inside. I think it offers excellent value for money and a nice little treat for your child to receive through the post. I will definitely buy the subscription for her soon. I have recommended it to my sister for her little girl. This is a really nice treat for your child to receive through the post. Lola Graham – Jessica 4 Years

Product Tested By Andrea James – Kyra 5 Years

Andrea Awarded The Storytime Magazine 4.7/5

My first impression of this product was good. My daughter was with me when I opened it and she was attracted to it straightaway. The quality of the magazine is really good; the quality of the paper used seems loads better than other kid’s magazines on the market. The front cover is lovely. My daughter was very excited when she saw it. It was nice to sit with her and read through it. The stories were really good and Kyra loved doing the activities. We did all of these together. The illustrations are really good throughout; they kept Kyra entertained. I think it is a good thing that this magazine does not have adverts or plastic toys on the cover. I much prefer it this way. This is a great magazine for the price; I will be looking into getting her the full subscription. I would recommend this to family and friends; I have already done so with a few. My daughter really enjoyed reading and looking through this magazine. It is perfect for her age and we enjoyed looking through it together and doing the activities together too. Andrea James – Kyra 5 Years


BizzieBaby 2013-14 SILVER Award Jen Awarded The Storytime Magazine 4.5/5

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