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Gobi Gear Presents - The hoboroll
The Hoboroll is the first luggage organizer that provides compression of items as well as multiple storage compartments.
The HOBOROLL™ is an essential stuff sack for every adventure, keeping items internally separated while on the go.
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to see the upgraded version for Spring 2015!

$27.99 Approx £16.50 sterling Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Gemma Finkill 

Gemma Awarded The Hoboroll 5/5

This was perfect for what we needed it for. Was a bit confused at first as to how to wear it but once we worked it out it was easy enough to use. The product was well packaged with nice labels attached. The instructions were easy to follow. The quality was excellent quality, very lightweight but durable as well as being waterproof. It definitely offers value for money. I would buy this again especially if they brought out a range of sizes. I would highly recommend it. Excellent quality product, we used it on our holiday to Disneyland Paris. We used it each day in the parks and it was surprising just how much it held and how light it was. The separate compartments made it really easy for us to get what we needed and when, e.g. Sun cream, drinks. We realised there were many different ways in which we could wear the product to make it more comfortable. Gemma Finkill – Charlie 4 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Cawthra

Joanne Awarded The Hoboroll 5/5

My first impression of this product was really good, smaller than I expected though. The product came well packaged. The instructions were very easy but item is self-explanatory anyway. This is a very good quality product. It offers excellent value for money. I would definitely buy this again as I found it so useful. I have already recommended it to others. This is a very useful item, saved a lot of space while we were away. Couldn’t believe how much stuff could be stored within this product. Will definitely be an item I use over and over again. Joanne Cawthra

Product Tested By Adam Jones

Adam Awarded The Hoboroll 5/5

This product looked really good. The packaging was great and the instructions were simple and easy enough to follow. The quality of this product is excellent and it offers excellent value for money. I would buy this again; it has been really useful for us when camping and going away. I have told friends about it who came away with us too. They looked keen to get one. I found this to be a very handy product to have; I have used it loads of times and will continue to do so. Adam Jones


BizzieBaby 2013-14 GOLD Men's Award

Gemma Awarded The Hoboroll 5/5

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