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Clothies Baby Burp Cloths

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They are 100% Cotton on the front with a 100% Polyester super soft and absorbent micro fleece backing, offering comfort on delicate faces and absorbency for all those milky dribbles. A great modern alternative to muslin's. Compact enough to squeeze into your overflowing changing bag with eye catching designs to have draped over your shoulder. They can also be used underneath baby's chin when feeding and sat on your lap winding. They measure approx. 18cm x 48cm, are machine washable at 30C and fast drying for everyday constant use. 

These are available in a wide selection of designs just click online www.clothies.co.uk

Please note. Do not iron the fleece.  KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE. 
A fantastic stylish accessory for your new baby or as a lovely gift.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2014 and Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2016 

£14.99 Available to purchase online www.clothies.co.uk

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Product Tested By Michelle Millard – Jasmine 5 Months

Michelle Awarded The Clothies Baby Burp Cloths 5/5

Really nice and soft and pretty material. A good size too. Well-made with no unruly stitches. Modern and simple packaging with the cardboard being recyclable. I didn’t really look at the instructions as I felt the product was self-explanatory. There were nice designs and colours suitable for boys and girls. It is a product I had not used before but now I have it I use it all the time. Very fit for purpose and suitable for me and my baby. The product was made from very good fabric which was soft and perfect for babies to lean on. A little on the expensive side I thought initially but as I use them every day I do believe they are quite good value for money. They are an ideal gift for a new parent. I have shown the Clothies to my friends and recommended them. I love these burp cloths as they soft and very easy to use. The cloths also wash and dry very well and they are very pretty. Michelle Millard – Jasmine 5 Months

Product Tested By Diana Ryan – Willow 4 Months

Diana Awarded The Clothies Baby Burp Cloths 5/5

Lovely colours and soft fabric. Packaging was eye catching. Instructions were easy to read. The colours were really nice. Lovely shades of pink. These cloths can be used over the shoulder and also to put around baby for extra dribble protection. Very high quality material. Was very soft and felt lovely after washing. Certainly good value for money. I am considering purchasing these for a friend. I would recommend due to the quality of the fabric and the prints. I feel this product should be available in shops as people would see the product and would choose this as an everyday essential for their child. Diana Ryan – Willow 4 Months

Product Tested By Caty Kurtz – Zoe 5 Months

Caty Awarded The Clothies Baby Burp Cloths 4.6/5

Looked lovely and loved the colours and design. Packaging was very appealing. Instructions self-explanatory. Good to have washing and care instructions. Also noticed the quality of these was superb. I loved the wide range of designs on offer and have been looking at getting some more as gifts for a few baby showers I will be going too soon. These are ideal to use at home and when out and about. We have had some lovely comments about the designs. The quality is very good and they wash up like a dream. These cloths are lovely to use, lovely soft material and dry well. These look good when using and very durable due to the quality. I will be purchasing more and already recommended. I had never heard of these before but very impressed and will be purchasing more. Caty Kurtz – Zoe 5 Months


BizzieBaby 2015-16 GOLD Award Michelle Awarded The Clothies Baby Burp Cloths 5/5

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