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The Rockabilly Kids aims to make the lives of mothers and fathers easier by providing a toothbrush that children actually want to use. Watching my aunt reduced to tears as she chased round my cousin round the house, oral b in hand was, although comical, painful to watch; and resultantly sparked my interest for doing something about it. I hope you agree that our brush is something utterly unique in an otherwise quite stagnant market place!

Probably the world most hygienic toothbrush"The NSF ( National Science Foundation) in the USA rated the toothbrush holder the 3rd dirtiest item within an average household. They found an average of 30 % more coliform bacteria ( a family relative to both E.Coli and Salmonella ) when compared to a typical toilet seat! The Rockabilly Kids do not require a toothbrush holder as they ' Stand Up ' on their own.How often have you seen your kiddy just drop their toothbrush willy nilly when they finally finish that 'choice-less' task of cleaning ones teeth! Leaving it on sink edges... dropping it on the floor, you know, in typical contempt, the old fashioned toothbrush gets treated with little respect! Not only are they unlikeltto treat our little fellows quite so nonchalantly but if 'by accident' this does happen… The Rockabilly Kids avoid these germs by always righting itself back up again!!The Rockabilly Kids is the first in what will hopefully be an expanding and all encompassing range... Fully supporting parents in terms of dental perfection as they bring up their children!

£6.99 Available to purchase online Boots.com or click online www.therockabillykids.com to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Louise McCann – Millie 4 years

Louise Awarded The Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush 5/5

It looks appealing to the eye, fun and well made. The packaging is suitable, appropriate and enticing to children. It is an innovative design for a toothbrush. I liked the idea that children could pick their favourite character. The product is of good quality. Our toothbrush was pink with a little printed motif of a lady chef. The print has lasted well and shows absolutely no signs of wear. Initially the price surprised me but when you consider this toothbrush comes with 4 brush heads its actually pretty good value for money. I have paid much less for toothbrushes but then they have worn down quickly. This toothbrush is exceptionally good in that respect. I would consider buying this product. I would recommend this product. This product is unusual and one would expect it to be an electric toothbrush because of the way it looks and feels. It appeals to me because the brush head seems to offer a longevity that I have not experienced with the slightly cheaper children’s toothbrushes. The bulbous handle is ideal for a child to hold. Also replacing just the head is beneficial from a ‘green’ prospective rather than throwing the whole unit away. Louise McCann – Millie 4 years

Product Tested By Claire Evans – Paighton 6 Years

Claire Awarded The Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush 5/5

It is a very attractive product. Paighton found it very funny the way it wobbles. Packaging very good and secure and fab that the extra heads come in an extra packet. Eye catching too if it was on the shelf. The toothbrush has a good grip area. The heads are soft enough that Paighton does not have any discomfort when using the toothbrush. The colour is really good and the extra heads that come with it make it worth the money. I would say this is good quality and the brush will last. It is good value for money as it is well made, sturdy, and the extra heads means that it will be cheaper than buying 4 separate toothbrushes when the heads need changing. I would purchase this and most definitely recommend. This toothbrush is very attractive and the fact that it wobbles and does not fall is not only practical in terms of keeping the head clean but also amuses the children. Claire Evans – Paighton 6 Years

Product Tested By Kim Asher – Ian 4 Years

Kim Awarded The Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush 5/5

Wow what a great looking toothbrush and Ian was delighted and keen to try it out. It is colourful, appealing and packaging would certainly catch you eye in stores. A really great design and Ian loved the fact it wobbled. The quality is superb. It is really good value for money as you get one very unique toothbrush with 4 heads so saves heaps and will last a long while. It was so easy for Ian to use and the wobble effect means it stays upright protecting the brush head. I have never seen anything like this before and would definitely purchase another one for my daughter. I would highly recommend. This is a fun toothbrush, really easy to use, cleans teeth well and keeps children entertained. We just love it. Kim Asher – Ian 4 Years


BizzieBaby 2013-14 GOLD Award Louise Awarded The Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush 5/5

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