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Easy Breathe Baby Balm

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A gentle chest rub using natural healing oils of eucalyptus and lavender Settles baby when congested Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant and has strong antibacterial qualities Eucalyptus is very beneficial for providing natural relief in babies Helps maintain healthy respiration and lubricates dry mucous membranes to ensure healthy airways Lavender helps comfort and calm baby when they have a cold, promoting more restful sleep when a baby is congested

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Product Tested By Emma Dunger – Jamie 16 Months

Emma Awarded The Easy Breathe Baby Balm 4.6/5

On opening the product I thought it looked lovely, I liked the design and labelling. Love the packaging and look of the overall product and also the neutral colour. The instructions were fool proof and so easy to read, made using the product quick and simple. The quality is great; it feels nice to touch and was easy to put on my boy. It is a good size pot for the price and given the natural and organic ingredients after using the product I do think it is value for money. I would consider buying now I have used it, had I not the price might have put me off though. I would highly recommend this product to family and friends. Just dropping marks slightly from the score because of the price, as much as it is good for the money, it is still pricey for the day to day mummy on a budget. Easy to use product that has clear instructions. The overall ingredients are a plus with them being natural and organic. A very lovely product. Emma Dunger – Jamie 16 Months

Product Tested By Helen Stratton – Phoebe 14 Months

Helen Awarded The Easy Breathe Baby Balm 4.3/5

I quite liked it, it is presented well and I was interested to use it. The packaging was Effective, simple and appealing. Instructions Clear but should be on the pot as well as on the box. Seems a good quality product. The price seems a bit high but when you consider how long a pot will last its ok. I can’t imagine ever needing another pot as you get so much. This is a nice and effective product and I would recommend. It works well to ease my child’s breathing. I like the product a lot but you get such a large pot, I feel it’s probably too much. It has a very strong smell which is good as it helps clear the breathing, it works well. Though the best thing about it is probably the presentation. Helen Stratton – Phoebe 14 Months

Product Tested By Claire Squires – Isabelle 18 Months

Claire Awarded The Easy Breathe Baby Balm 4/5

A lovely product perfect for little people, easy to apply. The packaging reflects the product is organic in the colours and simplicity of the design; however I feel that if this was in a shop I might overlook this if looking for a vapour balm for my child as there isn’t much on the packaging to suggest this product can be used on babies/children until you read the box. Instructions Very clear and straight forward. I like how the benefits of the product are clearly listed such as no parabens. Overall very impressed, unlike some other brands the product itself applies well and doesn’t make a mess when being applied. I feel the price is a little high for the size of the product and although the product has a lot of benefits and attractive points such as the ingredients used I don’t think I would choose this if there was another brand available for half the price. I would consider buying this as was impressed with how the product went on when applied , however as previously mentioned the price puts me off a little. I would recommend as overall I was pleased with product. Overall I liked this product due to being organic and liking the simplicity of ingredients used. I also liked how easily the vapour rub applied without any mess. I do feel the packaging could be revised to catch the eyes of parents as I think it doesn’t stand out that it is a product for babies/children until you pick It up and read the box. Claire Squires – Isabelle 18 Months


BizzieBaby 2013-14 BRONZE Award

Emma Awarded The Easy Breathe Baby Balm 4.6/5

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