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The Wonder Weeks Book

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The Wonder Weeks Book
Updated and Revised
Gives insight in baby’s 10 major mental developmental leaps. Explains the fussy phases every child experiences. Shows when new skills can appear. Gives parents tools to help their baby through all phases. Offers parents support. New Research on Sleep and Leaps

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Parental Books Category 

£11.89 Available Amazon, Waterstones and online

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Product Tested By Sarah Bosson – Harrison 2 Months

Sarah Awarded The Wonder Weeks Book 5/5

My initial impression is very good. The book looks nice and clear and has plenty of detail. Its theories are well backed up and the language used is easy to understand and informative.The cover is clear, clean and modern. It doesn’t specifically suggest anything to do with leaps or weeks (other than in the title!) but it’s clearly a modern baby book suitable for parents of newborns.I’ve found the whole concept of the leaps very interesting and to be fairly true to life so far! My son is now 2 months old and his first 2 leaps have been spot on!The sections on fussy phases helped me realise that these periods are both normal and fleeting! They help me remember that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that these phases will pass, at a time when the sleepless nights and cluster feeding seem like they will never end. It’s a good reminder that it’s all normal! The book has been great for helping me realise that certain things my son is doing are normal and actually good signs of his development. It’s also shown me when I can expect him to be able to do certain things and plot out how the next year might look for us. As he’s my first child and I knew very little about the early development of babies before having him, it was helpful to find out a little more about the first 20 months.I particularly liked the clear layout and explanations, the way that it’s broken down into the weeks/ages, and the way it made me feel like I wasn’t the only person experiencing any fussiness from my son!Nice quality book and cover. I much prefer paperback books. I do think the product offers good value for money. It’s certainly been more useful than any of the other books we’ve been bought! I’ve also bought the app. I would certainly recommend the book or the app. My overall experience of the product is a good one. The format, content and quality of the book were all good. I found it easy to understand and think most other readers would also enjoy it. I’ve found myself going back and checking the book, and referencing certain points, over the last two months as my son has developed and will continue to use both the book and the app as he grows. Sarah Bosson – Harrison 2 Months

Product Tested By Georgina Perry – Hunter 8 Weeks

Georgina Awarded The Wonder Weeks Book 5/5

First impression what are ‘wonder weeks’?The cover was appealing. The book stood out to me. It had enough information on to tell me what it had to offer but not too much which made me want to read more inside. The book has helped me understand my son’s mental development so far. I’ve also read what’s in store in the months to come and also gives an insight into knowing the signs of leaps. , I particularly like the pages where it says what other parents were going through. I felt like I related to a lot of other parents. I felt that as a mom of a boy I didn't agree with ‘The Gender Gap’ section of the book. I also think many moms of boy would also disagree with this section. It made me feel like ‘oh am I not doing enough’. This book was helpful. I think it gives parents a very good insight of what to expect in future months. It’s also good to keep referring back to the book when baby starts getting fussy, or when baby is having an ‘off’ day to see if baby is at the start of a leap. The charts are what I liked most about the book. It was easy to follow and quick to understand. I made me think ‘I'm this far into the leap; I’ve got this long to go’. And I would go to the chart first and then the leap further in the book. Excellent quality product. Doesn't feel cheap, feels like a lot of effort has gone into choosing the quality of the paper etc. Really good value as the quality of the product is excellent; I also think the content of the book offers value for money because as a parent it’s also good to read something that you can relate to.If there wasn’t The Wonder Weeks app (£2.99) that I discovered after reading the wonder weeks book then I would buy the book. Although I would recommend the book to any of my friends who didn't have access to the app. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that could access the app. I think for £2.99 and to have constant access to the app through your phone that’s also personal to your child and goes through the leaps with you. I would recommend the app more than the book. Overall from the cover, to the quality of the product I would give The Wonder Weeks 5/5. It’s really helped me understand what my baby is going through and also helped me to help him go through the leap transition easier. I think that based on the fact that 99% of parents have access to ‘apps’ on their phone I would and have already recommended the app to many of my mom friends. Who have used it and are still using it on a daily basis. I think putting things like ‘the gender gap’ in there may (like me) make other parents think they aren’t doing enough. The leaps that babies go through are a tough time for both baby and parents. If I hadn’t of read the book this book I would have maybe looked at things differently. But now I think he’s going through a leap so this is what’s changing in his life. I also say this to all of my mom friends if their baby is showing signs of ‘the 3 C’s’ and that’s how I get onto recommending the book/app. Georgina Perry – Hunter 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Helen Cawley – Heidi 7 Months

Helen Awarded The Wonder Weeks Book 4/5

Inviting cover, however first browse over book felt a little daunting as there was lots of small text with not much to grab your attention. The front cover detailed a d portrayed what the book was about. However I feel that it could have been a little more inviting. It wouldn't have grabbed my attention in a bookshop shelf. I thought the book was thorough and detailed and was full of relevant and interesting information on babies development. I didn't really have the book long enough to have sought advice over tricky periods and as a 5th time mother I am used to dips and peaks of baby s developments but as a first time mum it would have been a very useful book to have to hand. I didn't really have the book long enough to have sought advice over tricky periods and as a 5th time mother I am used to dips and peaks of baby s developments but as a first time mum it would have been a very useful book to have to hand. It is a really helpful guide to the leaps and bounds of a baby s development with bits of relevant and useful info and tips. I thought the amount of content was good and the relevance of the information was on top form. Really good quality product. Good value for money especially as a first time mum. I feel it is suited to a first time mum. As a mum of 5 I found a lot of the information was already known or experienced. I would certainly recommend this book to my first time mum friends or family or mum's who are struggling with baby s development. I felt I'm general that the book is fantastic. It's full of informative and relevant information and if I had read it as a first time or newly pregnant mum I would have found it invaluable. It's a great quality. I would say that maybe it could be a bit hard going to read in as much as there is a lot of information per page which may not down the reader. Maybe it could have been separated into chunks or more graphics or maybe some colour to break up the info. And maybe make the front cover more visually enticing to make it stand out on a bookshop shelf. But as regards to offering advice on a baby s development I think it does the job for which it is intended and I would recommend it to my first time mum friends, however as a mum of 5 young children, I didn't feel it offered me much in the way of new information. Helen Cawley – Heidi 7 Months





BizzieBaby 2018 SILVER Award Sarah Awarded The Wonder Weeks Book 5/5

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