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Sucup®Toddler -Suitable for all ages from 10 + months
Your increasingly independent child will love Sucup Toddler - and so will you!It's larger 150ml capacity and the ability of Sucup Toddler to take textured, lumpier food make it a 'must have' in every home with young children.As your child becomes more grown-up Sucup Toddler can be used without the mouth-piece.
Advantages of Sucup Toddler over other feeding options.  Wide top - easy fill.  Cleaner - virtually spill-proof and cannot be accidentally squeezed by child.  Food can be seen in Sucup making it easy to monitor how much has been eaten.  Wide straw allows for lumps and therefore more menu variety.  Zero waste - due to vacuum technology.  Easy to clean - all parts can be put in dishwasher (top rack)  Baby-friendly mouth-piece.

£9.99 Available to purchase online www.sucup.com

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Product Tested By Rachel Keys – Daniel 16 months

Rachel Awarded The Sucup Toddler 4.9/5

It looked like an interesting concept aid for helping children to self-feed. This was of particular interest to me as Daniel had just started refusing to be fed. Sucup is just packaged in minimal cardboard packaging. Says everything it needs to without bulky unnecessary boxes and plastic. Instructions Clear pictorial diagrams which were very easy to follow. The plastic is hard wearing and can be put in a dishwasher and the included small bottle brush is extremely useful for cleaning the straw. The only complaint I have is that the straw easily becomes detached from the plunger if your child holds/tries to carry the cup by the straw. Then it becomes very messy to fix it back on as you need to take the lid off. Good value as its reusable and you can fill with your own food rather than buying expensive pre-made food when you’re out and about. I would definitely purchase more as it saves on a lot of clothes washing! It saves a lot of mess if your baby/toddle refused to be fed and is great and is also brilliant for taking out of the house. I wish I’d known about it when Daniel was still on smooth/slightly lumpy food. Maybe then he would have used it for savoury food as well as fruit/yoghurt! It’s probably useful for soup too but I had no joy trying to get Daniel to take meals from it but at least I increased his fruit consumption! Just a minor reduction for the design that lets the straw to be easily pulled off (great for washing up but not so good when child is feeding.). This is a brilliant product and a must for anyone with a strong willed baby/toddler who wants to self-feed. I found it great to use for yoghurt and porridge and Daniel uses it at every meal. The only thing that got stuck in the straw was strawberry yoghurt that contained fruit pieces so just used it for smooth foods. Rachel Keys – Daniel 16 months

Product Tested By Vicky French – Lia 2 years

Vicky Awarded The Sucup Toddler 4/5

The product appeared sturdy and well designed. Good quality packaging and colourful. Clear and easy to understand instructions making first use simple. A very sturdy product of a good quality. Personally I do feel this item is a little bit expensive. I would recommend for slightly younger children. A bit expensive compared to similar cup style products but good quality and design. Leia took to the cup really well and it did prevent spills in the car. I thought the product was sturdy and look great. The packaging was minimal and the instructions were clear and easy to understand. We used it with a variety of different liquids and the cup didn’t taint with tastes or smells. Would be ideal for a slightly younger child who is getting used to using a straw. Vicky French – Lia 2 years

Product Tested By Liza Carrick – Sonia 17 months

Liza Awarded The Sucup Toddler 4.5/5

Looked a brightly coloured feeding cup. This comes in bright packaging with good information on the pack as tells you how to use product. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Good concept as helps your child to learn to feed themselves. The quality is good, made of strong durable plastic and can be popped in the dishwasher. You also get a small bottle brush which is handy to use to clean the straw. This is ideal to use when travelling as Sonia found it easy to feed herself and not so messy as spoon and bowl. I initially thought this was expensive but we have used this a lot and Sonia found it easy enough to use and it has lasted well, so I would say a good investment. Ideal to use for a variety of foods, and fruit. Sometimes bits do get stuck in the straw but this is expected and easily rectified. We enjoyed using this and made feeding on the go hassle free for us. Liza Carrick – Sonia 17 months




BizzieBaby 2013-14 BRONZE Award Rachel Awarded The Sucup Toddler 4.9/5

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