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Jack N' Jill Tooth & Gum Brush

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Soft Silicone Bristles. Gentle on tiny teeth and sensitive gums 100% Medical/Food Grade SiliconeBPA & PVC Free. Double Sided - cleans top & bottom, front & back at the same time!
Directions:  Wash thoroughly before and after use. Apply a small amount of Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste to brush. Gently slide brush over teeth with a forward/backward motion.
We know these look really weird, but they really work. Because they 'hug' the teeth, kids find them really easy to use, even on their own.
Use only under adult supervision. Do Not Chew! Safe For Infants!

£2.99 Available to purchase online www.jackandjillkids.com

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Product Tested By Natalie Underdown – Evie 2 Years

Natalie Awarded The Jack N’ Jill Tooth & Gum Brush 4.5/5

This is a well-made, good quality product. The packaging is good. It fits in with the product well. The instructions were simple and easy to read. The quality is excellent; it seems like a very well-made product. It didn’t seem ‘cheap’ like some products. It has been dropped by my daughter several times and shows no signs of damage or weakness. It is worth the money because of the good quality. I would buy it again and recommend it to others. It is something that would also make a nice gift too, as it looks good in the packaging. It is a very good product that is very well made. It was easy to use and my daughter likes to use it. Natalie Underdown – Evie 2 Years

Product Tested ByShanice Smith – Chase 17 Months

Shanice Awarded The Jack N’ Jill Tooth & Gum Brush 5/5

I loved the packaging with this product; very attractive and also looked expensive. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. The quality is excellent; very well-made. It offers excellent value for money; I was surprised how cheap it was. I would buy this product again. I would recommend it to family and friends too. It is a great product, excellent value for money and amazing packaging. It helped with my baby's gums and was easy for him to use himself as well. Shanice Smith – Chase 17 Months

Product Tested By Kate Crawshaw – Scarlett 2 Years

Kate Awarded The Jack N’ Jill Tooth & Gum Brush 3.3/5

This is a really unusual toothbrush that looked new and innovative. I really like the packaging and logo; nice colours. It had very clear and concise instructions which were easy to follow. I really liked the product at first but after the month of testing it some of the bristles have come off. When I first opened the product I thought it was strange and would be rubbish. But when I gave it to Scarlett she instantly started using it correctly without me having to say anything to her. She really liked the independence of brushing her own teeth and it encouraged her to use the correct action. We noticed however that it does not remove all food from the back teeth e.g. cereals, biscuits and we have to use a "normal” toothbrush to complete the job. We also noticed after a month of using it the bristles in some places have come off. I was really disappointed towards the end of the trial as I really like the product and the idea but it did not do the job it is made for. Kate Crawshaw – Scarlett 2 Years



Natalie Awarded The Jack N’ Jill Tooth & Gum Brush 4.5/5

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