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Horace and Hattie hedgehog are the very best of friends. There are so many things they like to do together but there is one thing they can’t do… they cannot hug! They are just too spiky! This very cute book by husband and wife team, Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper is sure to be a bedtime favourite.  Lucy, created the characters and backgrounds using old baby clothes and it seemed obvious that a story was needed for these two loveable hedgehogs.

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Product Tested By Joanne Cawthra – Joshua 3 Years

Joanne Awarded The Hedge Hugs Book 4.7/5

I didn’t really have much of a first impression of this product until I read it as he has loads of books. It is a good quality book, been read a few times now and still in perfect condition. Joshua loves this book, the pictures throughout keep him entertained. He made his own version of events up with the pictures. This book has been read over and over and he never gets bored of it. He didn’t really understand the story line and made his own version up with the pictures. When he starts reading I’m sure he will be more into it. My overall impression now is very good; good pictures. Due to the amount of time spent reading this it has been very good value for money. I would buy this book and recommend it to family and friends. I feel that if Joshua was learning to read this would be more suited. He did however love all the pictures and enjoy listening to me read this to him. Joshua loves this book, he enjoys spending the time with me to read it and loves making up his own story to go along with the pictures. I think we will enjoy it more once he starts reading. Joanne Cawthra – Joshua 3 Years

Product Tested By Leah Rose - Elissa 2 Years 5 Months and Isaac 3 Years 4 Months

Leah Awarded The Hedge Hugs Book 5/5

This book looks good, bright and colourful. The quality is great and not easily broken by the kids. They both liked the look and wanted to read it. The both loved the illustrations; both children were picking out the characters. The story held their imaginations long enough. They both participated in the story and wanted to read it again; they got really involved. It is a lovely looking book and good story line. It offers great value for money and would buy more in the range definitely. Kids and parents all loved it. It gets my vote. Leah Rose - Elissa 2 Years 5 Months and Isaac 3 Years 4 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Stratton – Davin 4 Years

Fiona Awarded The Hedge Hugs Book 5/5

When I first saw this book I thought it looked high quality; a beautifully illustrated book. We read this twice in a row on its arrival. It is still a popular choice but has a lot of competitors. My son loved the illustrations, the characters and the story; we have had re-read requests. He found the book really enjoyable. It is stimulating for him. It’s basically a problem solving exercise, with lovely illustrations of the stars, the season’s etc. so lots of potential talking points as well as a lovely story. It is a lovely, attractive book that you want to open and read. It offers excellent value for money. I would buy this book and recommend it to others. This was a book that my son wanted us to read again and again. It is perfect for an enjoyable book sharing experience. Fiona Stratton – Davin 4 Years



BizzieBaby 2013-14 GOLD Teen Award

Joanne Awarded The Hedge Hugs Book 4.7/5

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