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Black EasyBelt for adults An ideal belt for those with limited hand coordination. Easybelts is velcro closing to allow easy securing of the belt. The materials used in our belt is a high quality soft webbing that is elasticated for comfort, EasyBelt is also adjustable in size to give comfort and flexibility.This belt is the ideal belt for smart or casual wear.With Easybelt you have a choice in D-Ring, We offer the standard size and a larger size D-Ring for those that struggle with limited hand coordination. Please select the size you require when orderingThe EasyBelts has a velcro strip which replaces the buckle-pin mechanism which many people find dificult to use. The velcro strip slips through the D shape buckle and is folded back upon itself, thereby securing the belt and ensuring that the belt stays securely fastenedFor more information on getting the correct size belt and D-Ring Please visit 

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Product Tested By Stuart Young Ė Scott 13 years

Stuart Awarded The Easybelt for Men 4.9/5

Wasnít sure what to expect as only ever used Leather Belts. No packaging but came in bag but adequate no fancy packaging is needed. Instructions clear and easy to follow. This belt is excellent quality. Easy to adjust took a little while to get used to adjusting the belt. This belt was much easier and not restricted by holes. Very good value. This belt is not for me as I prefer Leather Belt. My son however loves this belt and finds it more comfortable to wear than a leather one. My son loved this belt preferred it to a leather one as more comfortable for him. So he wears it to school on his trousers. Very good belt great value and easy to use especially if you had problems with your hands. Son liked it as it didnít look like you were wearing a belt under clothes. I have scored this from my sonís point of view as I prefer to wear a leather one. Stuart Young Ė Scott 13 Years

Product Tested By Steven Weaver

Steven Awarded The Easybelt for Men 5/5

This belt looked great. I really liked the concept of it. The packaging was fine. I found the instructions easy to read and follow. The quality is excellent. The size is great. It is easy to alter if needed. I have always struggled with other belts but this one was very easy to use. I much prefer this one to my usual one. It offers excellent value for money. I would definitely consider buying another one now that I have tried this. I have recommended these belts to quite a few people. I really like this product. It is a lot easier to use than my original belt. Steven Weaver

Product Tested By Brian Mond

Brian Awarded The Easybelt for Men 4.5/5

As I was already using a belt that was slightly elasticated I was dubious as I was unhappy with the one I had, as it was too stretchy and my trousers kept moving. The packaging is minimal. No waste. The instructions were really easy to follow. They did make me aware of the d-ring as I would have assumed the only way to adjust it would be to move along the Velcro strip. Itís a nice quality product, the design is nice and it isnít too stretchy. It could just do with being a bit wider. The adjustability is great. The belt I was previously using, although elasticated was a traditional buckle and could not be tightened any further than the final hole, however this has a great range of adjustability. Itís very easy to use. If I close the Velcro over the belt loops on my trousers it makes it really easy to get on and off. This is excellent value for money. A really good price point for a nice product. I would definitely buy another one, if I needed to get a different colour/lost it etc. I would certainly recommend this product. Iím really pleased with it. On the whole, Iím really, really pleased with this product. My usual belt was getting too stretchy and starting to let me down. I do just feel it could be a bit wider to make it perfect. Brian Mond







Stuart Awarded The Easybelt for Men 4.9/5

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