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A truly tasty, chunky organic muesli made with fruit, rice and oat flakes.Growing up means moving closer to grown up food, exploring more adventurous tastes and texture challenges. So, at Organix, we’ve made a truly tasty muesli that combines chunky oats, soft fruit and crispy puffs that will get your baby’s mouth really chewing, and feeling new, exciting sensations.   

Bizziebaby Bronze Award winners 2014 and Bizziebaby Gold Award winners 2016 



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Product Tested By Ellie Lam – Aviana 14 Months

Ellie Awarded The Organix Raspberry and Banana Muesli 5/5

Colourful box looks easy to use and liked the two flavours. Clear, colourful and easy to open. It would be nice to have the packet re-sealable. We’re regular purchasers of Organix and have purchased their finger foods in the past. Very easy to prepare. I think this is what makes these very appealing for time strapped parents who have a few breakfasts to prepare in the morning. She has been a bit fussy with bananas lately, but she seems to find no problem with this. Maybe with the mixture of another fruit, she liked the unique taste together. She was more than happy to spoon feed herself without any problem. She’s a very fussy eater so this is a bonus for us that the bowl didn’t end up on the floor. I did not try this as I personally do not eat Muesli. I have a few prepared foods for "emergencies”. I did when she was weaning but now at this age, she usually has porridge, cheerio’s or Weetabix. Although this is very handy when you want to make something quick and also offer her something different. I find Organix always value for money. Also the muesli does last for a good couple of weeks. Maybe not for Aviana but I would consider this for my son when he’s old enough to eat it. I have always been happy with Organix products so would recommend not only this product for the brand itself. Easy to use and offers some unique combinations that I wouldn’t usually combine together. As mentioned before I’m very happy with the items received. We don’t usually buy muesli to eat for breakfast so it was nice to offer out little girl something different without having to commit to a large packet. Ellie Lam – Aviana 14 Months

Product Tested By Rita Kinder – Lizzy & Olaf – 12 Months & 2 years

Rita Awarded The Organix Raspberry and Banana Muesli 5/5

As a granny who looks after my grandchildren regularly I was really pleased to have the chance to review this. A lot different in my day! Packaging looked inviting, looked great ingredients and was keen to try out. I have not seen this brand personally but after trying it will be on my shopping list for the future for my grandchildren. Very easy to prepare. Got these all ready and both of them loved it, all gone in not time so a hit with my 2 little angels. Loved the fact it was two fruits in one muesli and giving them good quality ingredients so healthy for them. After using this and the success we had as they both loved it I do believe good value for money as the quality and ingredients are healthy. I will definitely be purchasing this again and looking to see if they do other flavours in the muesli. Have already recommended. A hit, lovely, tasty and certainly got the seal of approval from my 2 grandchildren. Rita Kinder – Lizzy & Olaf – 12 Months & 2 years

Product Tested By Michelle Jacques – Baby 13 Months

Michelle Awarded The Organix Raspberry and Banana Muesli 5/5

Nicely coloured packaging with clear information. Nicely coloured and informative on the front. Clearly stated ingredients on the packaging which is helpful as I always look at the ingredients. However, when I glimpsed at the picture I first thought it was flavoured baby porridge then realised it was muesli when I read it. Very familiar with the brand as it is stocked in most shops that cater for babies. This product was very easy to prepare, just add milk or your baby's usual milk. No concerns about ingredients used at all. When I first made up the muesli, my initial reaction was that my 12 month old son was not going to like it as he is used to smooth porridge for his breakfast and the texture of this was quite lumpy. I was very surprised even just after his first spoonful. He absolutely loved it and I ended up having to make him some more as he wasn’t happy that he had eaten it all. I didn’t taste it myself. I would only purchase prepared foods on occasions for days when I’m not at home or am in a rush. Good value as you can get quite a few bowls out of it. I would definitely buy some more. I would definitely recommend this product. This Muesli is a really good breakfast cereal for your baby. The ingredients are natural and clearly stated on the packaging and my baby absolutely loves the taste and texture of it. I also like the fact that you can mix it with either cow’s milk or baby milk instead of just water as giving them milk at the same time accounts for extra vitamins. Will definitely recommend and buy more for my 12 month old son. Michelle Jacques – Baby 13 Months


BizzieBaby 2015-16 GOLD Award

Ellie Awarded The Organix Raspberry and Banana Muesli 5/5

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