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Honey Bee Quilt

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Honey Bee Quilts are handmade with 100% natural cotton and printed using only the best and safest Azo free/eco-friendly non-toxic paints. They have been designed by mums for mums and therefore will retain their fresh and rustic look, even after frequent washing. Dimensions:112 x 78 cm Fabric:100% Cotton Filling: Polyester 
Washing instructions: Gentle washing cycle (suggested 30 degrees)Wash separately for first wash -Warning:This item should only be used with children over one year of age.     

£45.00 for cot size available online

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Product Tested By Samantha Divine – Ethan 17 Months

Samantha Awarded The Amiya Honey Bee Quilt (cot) 4.4/5

The product looked of extremely good quality. I loved the fact that it came with its own wee cotton carry bag which was part of the packaging. I did however feel the quilt was very thin. I love that this product came with its own carry bag. Very clever. Instructions very clear. The quality is extremely good. The smell was also pleasant. As it is an all in one quilt there is no stitching/zips or buttons that could fall off. I love the fact that it is gender neutral and the design with the bees is very child friendly without being too babyish or over animated. Perfect. I have not had to wash this product yet. I felt the product is a little expensive as it is quite thin. I could find a thicker quilt and quilt cover which would do my son a lot longer but at the same price. Although the product looks amazing, is great quality and is organic, I feel I would only get use out of it for half of the year (Summer Months). Fabulous product but only for the warmer months. Samantha Divine – Ethan 17 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Millard – Ellis 23 Months

Michelle Awarded The Amiya Honey Bee Quilt (cot) 4.3/5

Lovely, well designed and snugly quilt. Suitable for boys or girls. Comes in a lovely little bag to match the quilt which is great if you need to take it anywhere out of the home. Instructions were sufficient. Very good quality. Nice stitching and seems soft and comfy for babies. Full of designs of bees, honey and beehives so lots for little eyes to look at. I am sure it would be easy to launder, but have not had to wash this yet. It is a lovely product and I have enjoyed using it with my little boy, but feel it is a bit pricy just for a cot quilt as it has a limited time for use. If it was a cot bed quilt I may feel differently as I could use it for more months/years. I would recommend as would make a lovely special gift, but would outline the price. Really nice, good quality product which my son and I enjoyed testing, but expensive to buy. Michelle Millard – Ellis 23 Months

Product Tested By Frances-Anne Lees - Lochlann 12 Months

Frances-Anne Awarded The Amiya Honey Bee Quilt (cot) 4.1/5

It arrived well packaged in a lovely fabric carry bag. Lovely colours and design. The packaging was lovely. Really pleasing to the eye and no hard edges or plastic to dispose of. The instructions were self explanatory. This is really well made and soft to touch. The bees and the honey pot designs on this quilt were lovely, suitable for either boy or girl. I have not washed this yet but I am sure it would be easy to care for. I would not personally purchase this as feel price is too high. I would however recommend. Most babies are put to sleep in sleeping bags these days so the need for a separate quilt is negated. Frances-Anne Lees – Lochlann 12 Months


Samantha Awarded The Amiya Honey Bee Quilt (cot) 4.4/5     

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