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breathease window cleaner contains a non irritant formula and an ‘asthma and allergy friendly fragrance’ to clean and remove surface and airborne allergens from your windows and glass surfaces leaving a gleaming streak free shine. conscious of harmful cleaners and seeking a safer clean?     

breathease formulations deliver safer effective cleaning for your home whilst ensuring it takes every precaution to minimise inhalant and allergenic reactions for you and your family whether or not they suffer from asthma and allergies.  breathease is for everyone.  clean with confidence and enjoy the results.don’t just clean, breathease clean!

£3.00 Available Tesco or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Lauren Engledow

Lauren Awarded The Breathease Window and Glass Cleaner 4.6/5

Looked good quality product when arrived. Liked the design of the packaging and easy to use. Instructions self-explanatory. The quality is excellent. Worked really well and cleaned all my window’s and mirrors with ease. Very effective cleaning product. The price is more than I would normally spend on this type of product but if we had allergies would definitely purchase this. Personally have no need for the Breathease as no allergies in the family. However, this is a very good cleaning product and didn’t have any inhalation troubles! Would purchase if I see this on offer. Definitely would recommend to friends who have allergies. Seemed a good product all round. Cleans very well, no smears or streaks left afterwards and a very clean fresh smell. Lauren Engledow

Product Tested By Sarah Kenney

Sarah Awarded The Breathease Window and Glass Cleaner 5/5

Looked good and simple and easy to use. God quality design and easy to use bottle. Instructions clear but not really needed. The quality of this is excellent. It cleaned brilliantly. In my opinion really good value for money. After using and seeing how well it works I would purchase again and recommend. Very easy to use and no smell to it.Sarah Kenney

Product Tested By Nikki James

Nikki Awarded The Breathease Window and Glass Cleaner 4.4/5

Nice looking fresh appealing packaging. Good packaging and would stand out. Instructions straight forward and easy to understand. Good quality although not keen on the smell as it smelled like chemicals. Left a lovey clean, streak clean surface. Very good value for money, would expect it to retail at a higher price. Now I have been using this product I would purchase again and would recommend. The product left my mirrors and windows lovely and clean and streak free. Nikki James




Lauren Awarded The Breathease Window and Glass Cleaner 4.6/5    

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