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Our organic baby balm ‘Happy Baby’ is wonderful for nappy rash and cradle cap – we have had many happy testers tell us how good this product is for curing baby’s skin irritations. Can also be used for an all over pampering after a bath to protect, soothe and calm sensitive skin.

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Product Tested By Alicia Sonia Exon – Ellie Mai – 7.2 Months

Alicia Awarded The Happy Baby Nappy Rash Balm 4.5/5

The packaging is colourful and fits the product needs. Detailed information is on the label allowing the user to follow easily. Very simple and easy to follow instructions. The product its self is great and applies clearly onto baby’s skin. The only thing that I didn’t like was it was quite hard to get enough out the pot for simple use. My daughter has always suffered with bad nappy rash, but since using there has been a fast and noticeable difference with her skin. My daughter did not have cradle cap so did not use this product for this. A product being organic is not a major priority for me. Although this product is a little pricey, its lasts a long time and is of good quality. I would definitely purchase more. It’s the only cream which seems to clear up nappy rash quickly. My daughter also suffers from dry skin, and within 3 days it had all cleared up. I have recommended. My friend has already purchased this product and is also noticing a difference with her babies’ skin. This product is great. It does what is needed of it; my daughter’s skin has never been better since receiving the product. The pot its self lasts a very long time and only need the smallest bit to cover large areas. The product looks great from the outside and has a colourful effect. The only downfall is the Cream itself is quite difficult to get out the pot. Alicia Sonia Exon – Ellie Mai – 7.2 Months

Product Tested By Sophie Smith – Violet 7 Months

Sophie Awarded The Happy Baby Nappy Rash Balm 4.2/5

My initial impression of the product was that I liked the simple, lightweight plastic screw top tub, but thought the label was a bit outdated and could be modernised and perhaps marketed more for the target buyer in pastel colours or a bright, modern design with a more modern font used for the brand name. I thought the product smelt lovely when I opened the lid and I could see the texture of the balm was soft and buttery which I thought would make it easy to apply to my babies’ skin. I really like the light, plastic screw top tub the product comes in (less fiddly than in tubes), and it’s perfect for the semi-firm consistency of the balm. I carried this around in my changing bag, and had it by the side of my bag. The packaging is very convenient. I personally don’t like the dark green colour of the label, as this product is marketed for babies I think it would be nicer in either pastel colours or a bright, modern design without the slightly dated italic brand name. The product did not leak from the packaging, even when exposed to a warmer temperature. Easy to understand, it is good that the ingredients are listed clearly (as are its organic certificate) as this is an important factor of choosing a skin care product for a baby. I think more could be made of the multi-purpose aspect of this balm with examples listed of where to use the products (e.g. it can be used on bottom AND face!). High quality ingredients. Extremely gentle. Very pleasant gentle sweet smell, slightly vanillary which I loved, I much prefer this scent over other strong herbal smells which can be in natural and organic baby skin care products. Product did not separate or discolour with use. Yes, the product eased nappy rash, it’s very gentle and spreads easily without needing to be melted in your hand first, spreads onto baby’s skin with minimum rubbing, perfect for sore bottoms. Would use this as a protective balm for babies to prevent nappy rash or chaffing. My baby does not have cradle cap so was not able to test the product on this. I prefer to use organic products that have no nasty ingredients or artificial colours or preservatives on my baby’s skin, it can be difficult to find an oily-balm product in other organic skin care brands ranges. I personally think this product is expensive compared to other brands that market organic baby skin care products; however, this is a balm that you use sparingly so you would not run out quickly. I really liked this product, I liked the light, simple packaging, the gentle sweet smell and found it was effective on my daughters chaffed skin on her cheeks, nose and chin and helped to prevent nappy rash on her bottom. I like the fact that the product does not contain any nasty ingredients for her delicate skin. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural balm, particularly for a baby who has chapped skin on their cheeks from teething, dribbling and a cold, which is what we found the product most effective for. This product was perfect; the only negative aspect was the price, which I think would put off many mums from buying it. I really liked this product, and will continue to use it and repurchase it for my baby. The packaging is light weight, simple and convenient to carry around. The balm is soft and does not require scraping out of the pot and melting into the hands before applying it onto babies’ skin which is practical when trying to apply to a wiggling baby. It smells gently of vanilla. I have used it on my baby’s chapped skin on her face and it has reduced redness and chapping and helped to heal sore, dry patches. I have also used it on her bottom to prevent nappy rash. The product has remained as it was received with no leaking, separating, or fading of the natural colour. Sophie Smith – Violet 7 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Hobbs – Pixie 8 Months

Hayley Awarded The Happy Baby Nappy Rash Balm 3.5/5

Eye-catching colour, simple design - if sold in a supermarket would be easy to spot. Instructions clear. Nice thick consistency - Very similar to thickened Vaseline. It didn't ease nappy rash due to my daughter not having nappy rash to begin with. It did however keep nappy rash at bay. I did not use this product for Cradle cap. I am not really worried either way whether a product is organic or not. In comparison to the likes of Metanium this is very expensive. I would not purchase this product. It worked well enough but for me the cost would not be warranted. Hayley Hobbs – Pixie 8 Months










Alicia Awarded The Happy Baby Nappy Rash Balm 4.5/5



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