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Ora has been designed to make using kitchen towels easier by layering single round sheets through an innovative stacking system. As there are no perforations, you simply lift off a sheet with one hand. Each stack contains the equivalent of two traditional kitchen towel rolls held in a waterproof card base rather than on a roll. Everyone wins: Ora’s space saving design and round shape means 20% less packaging, over 30% fewer trucks on the road and less space required in the supermarket and in the home. And less waste for our planet.     

£1.89 Available in Tesco Stores or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Iona McMillan – Eilidh 3 Years

Iona Awarded The Round Ora Kitchen Towel 4.9/5

It was all squashed when it arrived but apart from that it looked good. Definitely different from your regular kitchen towel. Packaging was adequate. I think mine just got squashed in the post and it would be different if buying in a shop. Very good quality, kitchen towel. The holder is perfectly adequate. Really is a different design and certainly good value for money.  I definitely would but this product. At first I thought it was a bit gimmicky but the towels are really good quality. Being able to grab a towel without having to use two hands is an unexpectedly excellent feature! I would highly recommend. My husband laughed at me ‘cos I love a gimmick but these kitchen towels really are good! Iona McMillan – Eilidh 3 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Grannan – Albert & Henry 10 Months & 3 Years

Sarah Awarded The Round Ora Kitchen Towel 4.9/5

We loved the look of it, really good quality. My son wouldn’t let me take the packaging off for ages –he thought it was the best rocket he had ever seen!! From my perspective, great to have it on the work bench. Fantastic, the cloths were big enough to be useful and thick enough to be tough. I really thought they were great. These are definitely good value for money. I was unsure at first but they lasted much longer than an average kitchen roll and were much easier to use. They worked better in the kitchen and on the things I wanted them to wipe up. I don’t buy kitchen roll often but would by this. Would definitely recommend these. A great toy for a 3 yr. old before its open and then a wonderful product there after! We used it all. Really handy, really good quality and a fantastic addition to my kitchen! Sarah Grannan – Albert & Henry 10 Months & 3 Years

Product Tested By Lydia Smith – Toni 4 years

Lydia Awarded The Round Ora Kitchen Towel 4.9/5

Looked very different to the normal kitchen towels I buy. Nice round shape and easier to store in the kitchen as did not take up as much room as our present ones. Packaging was suitable for kitchen towel. Loved the idea you could easily remove one towel from the top with ease. No trying to get the normal kitchen towels then tear off. These are all compacted into one roll and you just pull each one off the top as you need it. So easy and makes life just that little bit easier. I am always using kitchen towels, with messy kitchen, messy children and quite a few pets in the home they are an essential part of my weekly shopping list. I was surprised these were very effective too. Really is good value for money. They are strong, easy to access and do a good job. I will be purchasing more. I have recommended and a few people have seen them in my kitchen so been telling them all about these. Such a simple idea but makes a whole heap of difference. Lydia Smith – Toni 4 years




BizzieBaby 2012-13 GOLD Flower Award Iona Awarded The Round Ora Kitchen Towel 4.9/5     

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